Monday, December 19, 2011

Multiple Blogs: Worth It?

Having a blog is fun, but it's also work. You have to try to keep up with your own schedule, find the time to write your posts, think of content, search for images and do research when necessary. You also must find the time to do your own blog surfing, visiting the blogs you enjoy reading, including those who have been nice enough to visit you.

I've been considering starting a second blog for awhile. It would have nothing to do with writing. Instead, it would talk about Colorado, both history and tourism, so to speak.

I like exploring and discovering the state I live in, and I've gained a new appreciation for Colorado since opening myself up to learning more about the area. This new love of my home really began when I was constantly faced with possibly having to move either out of state or out of country for my husband's job. While we've managed to stay here for this long, the message has been received that some day it might not be the best thing for us, and we'll have to consider moving. If that day comes, I want to be able to leave without the regret of knowing that I missed out on so many opportunities that I had constant access to. Unfortunately, I know that feeling well, as that's how I feel when I consider the year I lived in Oregon as an adult without exploring anywhere, because I was always working.

As it is, you get little tastes of my fascination with Colorado on [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday and occasionally other days, such as when I go on a "field trip." So why not make it permanent in another forum?

I look at those of you who have multiple blogs, though, and I wonder how exactly you do it while keeping up with the rest of your life. Are you able to keep up with writing, housekeeping, parenting, jobs and anything else you have to do? Is it stressful? Is it worth the stress? Do you regret making the decision to start a new blog?

I suspect I need to look at how often those of you with multiple blogs post on each. Whether you criss cross days or have specific days you post to each blog. Whether you ever share content between the two.

Those questions I can look at on my own, but I'd love to hear feedback and advice from those of you that have already ventured into this multi-blog world. Do each of your blogs address the same audience or different ones? What other advice might you offer someone pondering a second blog?

May you find your Muse.


  1. I've taken on a second blogging job besides my personal blog I write two posts a day, but I don't do any of the relationship building I do with my own blog and even that is a little overwhelming (I haven't written a single piece of fiction since I started) It is a commitment, but if you think you can do it more power to you!

  2. I had a personal blog for years, but once I started my writing blog, I couldn't keep up with both of them. It was a sad day when I deleted my personal blog, but it made my load lighter. Besides, writing is personal to me!

  3. I used to maintain a blog on my website. It covered all my writing from PB to young adult. But four weeks ago, I decided to split my blogs. The one on my website was going to focus on writing for kids 12 and under. The new blog was going to focus on YA and upper MG. After one week of double posting three times a week, I knew I was in over my head. Now my website operates as a website, and the blog there is strictly for news. In fact, I changed the page name to News. My YA&MG blog is where I now blog three times a week. It was too much work and I can't afford to lose that time when I could be writing and furthering my career.

  4. I do two blogs. One, linked here, is about writing, short story excerpts, writing & blogging tips. The other is about a specific mental disorder, co-dependence and recovery issues. After starting that one, and giving it much thought, felt I need to keep the two subjects separate.

    Currently, with my day job, and being mid-edit in my current novel, not posting a lot to either blog. 1-2 times a week for each blog.

    I do write ahead as much as possible, so if I am "in the groove" on one subject I write as many posts as I can. Then edit/add photos/release at timed intervals. (It helps to be single and not currently encumbered with children or partner, though I do have a demanding cat.)

  5. J.A., good point on the relationship building. Definitely something important to consider.

    Christine, it's personal to me, too! Good point.

    Kelly, that's what concerns me, having the time to write and work on my writing career.

    Beverly, haha, I've had a demanding cat. He thought he was a dog. Thanks for the blog feedback.

  6. The thought of starting a 2nd blog fractures my mind. I can barely keep up with one!

  7. To answer your question, I've got4 but only log on two. The one I try to blog two times a week and the other one is srtictly for my novel that I'm currently trying to ready for publication.

  8. I'd love for you to do that. I'm selfish that way :). On the other hand, having two blogs myself, it's hard. I have a hard time writing my novels let alone two blog posts a week (mostly because I'm lazy). I do love the collaboration aspect of the New Never News though. I've met so many great writers that way. *wink, wink*

  9. I have a second blog, linked to my pen name for horror. I blog 1-2 times a week on both. Not usually cross posting, although I did this week.

    The trouble is that I use the same google identity for both. So I get more traffic on my main blog. I really ought to consider getting a second id, so that when I comment on a horror blog, I can direct people to the right one.

  10. Andrew, I know! Mine, too!

    Shelly, thank you for the feedback!

    Julie, haha, I highly doubt you can qualify yourself as lazy! I'm so glad you have the New Never News! Otherwise, we may not have met!

    Deborah, that makes sense. Thank you for the information!

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