About Me

I'm a writer, reader, blogger, podcaster, hiker, amateur photographer, wife, mom, fan of frights and flights of fantasy, and more.

My guilty pleasures include cheesy horror comedies, Garden of the Gods, true crime podcasts, anything clown related, unsolved mysteries, sarcasm, the Wild West, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate. Specifically frozen chocolate in ice cream form, but I'm not picky.

Books & Movies That Have Stuck With Me: The Shining; George R.R. Martin's short story The Pear Shaped Man; Aliens; One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest; Ladyhawk; The Handmaid's Tale; The Odyssey; I, Robot; Michael McDowell's short story Halley's Passing; Scream; The Diary of Anne FrankRomancing the Stone; The Dark Tower; The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian; Anne of Green Gables; Goonies; The Highway Man (a poem, but I'm counting it); The Hanging Tree (since I already cheated and put another poem in the list); The Hobbit; Breakfast Club; five billion other things that would bore your pants off if I kept listing them.

10 Random Facts About Me:

1. I'm a mutt - German, Irish, Scottish, Cherokee, Patawomeck, English, and Dutch.

2. I've lived in California, Oregon, Maryland, and Colorado.

3. I've been in a cattle stampede.

4. I prefer writing short stories by hand, and novels on the computer.

5. I was nearly kidnapped multiple times as a child/teen.

6. I love the mountains and the ocean.

7. I'm a home body who wants to travel, but is always glad to be home.

8. I was in the car when a serial killer came after my mom in the 80s.

9. I've been chased by a shark.

10. Clowns don't scare me. People with no conscience or empathy do.

11. I'm autistic.

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Priscilla Bettis said...

I enjoyed reading your "About Me." Numbers 5, 8, and 9 are TERRIFYING, good heavens! Number 3 doesn't faze me because I've been in a caribou stampede. Surely they're similar!

It looks like we have similar taste in some things. I am currently reading Dan Simmon's A Winter Haunting, and today I watched the French horror movie Raw. Both are good.

You have a new subscriber!

LT said...

I lost you and now I found you - yeah!!!