Wednesday, December 5, 2012

IWSG & Linkies

Today's the Insecure Writer's Support Group, created by Alex J. Cavanaugh.

Do you ever feel like the only thing holding you in the publishing rigmarole is that you've put yourself out there and declared yourself a writer, so you feel like you have to go through with it?  

I love writing, so that isn't the issue.  But there are days where I look at all the work that goes into publication and wonder if it's worth it.  Do I want to jump through all these hoops?  Is publication that important to me?  Is this what I want?  Did I kill the joy of it?

Then I stumble across a blog where someone's posting that they've been accepted, agented, published or optioned.  Or I pick up a new book at the store and I get a tingle of excitement that starts in my gut, and I think "Some day this could be me."

And then I remember what I want and why, and I get excited and inspired all over again.

Really quickly, before we get to the links, I've posted over at the A-to-Z Challenge Blog asking for feedback on questions you'd like the A-to-Z co-hosts to answer during our introductions when the new A-to-Z "season" begins.  Let us know!


Accepting Submissions:

Assent Publishing is accepting submissions at various imprints.  See the tabs along the top to check out the different types of stories they are seeking. 


Konstanz Silverbow of No Thought 2 Small is running a giveaway for those who help her cheer up her friend by commenting on her blog, as well as other fun duties that will earn you additional entries.

Jeremy Bates is giving away 20 free Kindle copies of his book The Taste of Fear to celebrate the holidays.  Stop by and enter!


Savvy Authors has tons of awesome workshops/classes online.  They appear to average about $15-20 per class.  If there's something you're struggling with, chances are they've got a class in the next year to cover it.  Great option if you can't attend in-person workshops.  


Need help getting your social media organized and linked together?  RebelMouse looks like an easy and interesting way to do it.  I haven't tried it yet, though.

Pretty sure I've passed this website along before, but they've got great resources, so I'm doing it again.  At FundsforWriters you can find submissions being accepted, grants, active markets and contests.

Duotrope is switching to a paid service, due to not having the funds to continue providing the data for free.  If you don't know what Duotrope is, it's a phenomenal resource for open markets of all kinds.  There will be some data available free, I believe, but it will be limited.  Cost will be $5 per month or $50 annually.

Jodi Renner at Crime Fiction Collective put together a great resource for writer's conferences.  The Pikes Peak Writers Conference is in there!

Anything to pass along?  Anyone tried RebelMouse?  Have experience with FundsforWriters?  How do you feel about Duotrope going paid? What makes you insecure as a writer?

May you find your Muse.


  1. The inspiring posts make all the difference. I love hearing good news.

  2. Very inspiring post. Thank you and thanks for all these great resources.

  3. Insecure is my middle name. :)

    Love the links -- Funds for Writers is a great resource, but not all that she recommends is good. One publisher seeking manuscripts turned out to be two young people who couldn't write a book between them opening a 'new business'. On a lark? I don't know but it looked pretty iffy to me. So no matter what check it out first!

  4. Your post is exactly how I feel. I have asked myself these exact same questions from time to time. This really helps me. It really helps when I read when someone else feels the same way.

  5. Cool links - I'll have to check those out!
    And as for getting published and writing - well, I've gone back and forth too, but I want to have my book out there, and I've just decided to go for it with self-pubbing. I'm excited and terrified at the same time.

  6. I'm familiar with DuoTrope but none of the other services you listed. It sounds like a great collection though.

    And as for "Do you ever feel like the only thing holding you in the publishing rigmarole is that you've put yourself out there and declared yourself a writer, so you feel like you have to go through with it?"

    The answer is Yes. But then I have an experience like the ones you described and get all excited/inspired all over again too.

  7. I love browsing bookstores in part to feel that excitement all over again and remind myself why I would be willing to jump all those hoops.

    Great post and links. I love Duotrope and am not surprised that they are going that way- it's an amazing resource.

  8. I've had that feeling before and come to the same conclusion! Sometimes it's hard, but I know it's what I really want in the end.

  9. I hear you. There are even some days where I wish elves would just finish my rewrites. LOL

    Writing is hard path, but in the end its all worth it to see our babies out there in the world.

  10. I know about Duotrope and they've said for years, they need donations. More and more free services will be going this way. It seems to be the 'user pay' model is gaining in acceptance with bloggers who are curators.

    As for FFW, it's a good resource, but most of the listings are in the US only and many of the contests are as well. I follow Hope's blog, however.

    I'm having issues with Blogger, who wants to charge more since I use lots of photos...everyone wants a piece of the writer, don't they?

    Nice 'insecure' post, Shannon.

  11. That's awful about Duotrope, huh? I used to use them all the time when I was placing short stories, and they were the first I'd always suggest to other short story writers. Well, I guess there's still Ralan...
    Very helpful post - thanks! :-)

  12. It's a hard road that we walk but you're right, someday it could be you! And we never fail until we give up. Hang in there!

  13. Is this a post about thinking about switching lines? :P

    "Christmas on the Corner" -should- be out on Monday.

  14. Just keep your dream in front of you at all times!

  15. I go through some of the same things.

    And it really aggravates me when I read a book from a well-known publisher that doesn't pass muster. I think - what the heck? What am I striving for when they're turning out drivel like this and turning good books down. Grrr. Those are the days the self-publishing looks really, really good. :P

    IWSG #145 until Alex culls the list again. :)

  16. Well said, Alex!

    I too love reading success stories from other bloggers / authors.

    I sometimes love my tenacious personality. It's what keeps pushing me forward. Do I continue to write because I said I was a writer. Some days, yes. Other days, I write because I love it. Whatever gets the story on paper, works for me.

    Happy IWSG post day. :)

  17. I feel insecure as a writer when I see books that I consider less than wonderfully-written being published and winning awards. It's also a source of frustration to see how short so many books are these days, with many people acting like no book should ever be much over 400 pages. A lot of the writers I've met online seem more concerned with counting words than just telling their stories at the length needed.

  18. Shannon, I love your Wednesday posts.

  19. I haven't heard of Savvy Authors before. Thanks for the recommendation. To address your IWSG concern, I just want to say that one can certainly call themselves a writer and tell others that they write without being published. There are many unpublished authors out there.

  20. Miranda, that's good! It's a good way to talk something through and arrive at the solution.

    Karen, I'm glad, and no problem! I hope you can get some use out of them.

    Yolanda, thank you for that information, very helpful! It also reminds me I have been forgetting to put my disclaimer to remind people they should always always check anything out on their own.

    Dani, I'm so glad! The very same thing helps me, so your comment was wonderful. It's always good to know you're not alone.

    Tyrean, good luck with everything! Definitely exciting!

    M.J., thank goodness for the little inspirations!

    Lexie, it really is a great resource. I intend to pay this year. We'll see what happens after that.

    J.A., you're so right! It's easy to get deflated, but it's just as easy to be encouraged again, I think.

    Melissa, you're right, that will make it all worth it. If only elves would come handle my editing.

  21. D.G., blech at them trying to charge you more. You're right, DuoTrope has been posting for donations for awhile. You can only keep something going so long without the proper funding, and it's such a fantastic resource.

    Lexa, I will have to look into Ralan. Haven't heard of it before.

    Heather, definitely, I like that, and I have no intention of giving up.

    Andrew, oh fun! No, no switching going on here.

    Alex, yes! Well put, thank you.

    Melissa, oh, definitely! We work so hard, and then to see something that is very poor can be a hit.

    Candilynn, true, as long as I'm writing, that is good enough for me, whatever the reason.

    Carrie-Anne, that's true. I know that I've worried about my writing being too short before and thought I needed to fill something more in. It's so easy to get caught up in things that don't matter.

    Randy, thank you!

    Cynthia, that's a good point!

  22. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

    When I walked into Barnes and Noble in Waco and asked for Hart's book (excuse me, Elyse Carlson) and found it in this special rack of hot new books I got that chill thing, too. It was really fun because I'd been following that journey with her for a while. It gave me confidence.

    Like Alex, and Dory say...just keep reaching for your goals!
    Tina @ Life is Good

  23. Tina, that is exactly what gets me excited and rejuvenates my energy.

  24. Hearing good news on people's blogs always makes me feel happy. I have unshakeable belief that I will succeed, and I always expect other people have too :-)

  25. Shannon, thanks for sharing the list, will check them out. Blessings for the weekend.

  26. I'm taking on-line courses and it has helped me great deal. I'll take more and keep working hard. :)

  27. I love seeing success stories, too. It makes it all seem more achievable when you're sending out your work among an ocean of crap (let's face it, not all of it's good). And not even just with traditional acceptance. There's a lot of great success stories with Indie authors, too. That inspires me as well.

  28. Never give up!
    Sometimes it's not easy.
    But it's always worth it.

    Great links, too :)

  29. The writing journey is really difficult! I sometimes wonder, if I knew what it entailed, would I have ventured down the 'writerly' pathway? The answer always comes back as a yes!

  30. I love hearing good news and it always gives me hope.

    I've never heard of Duotrope, but I'll check out the link.

  31. I've always written for myself so I'd never quit either - but I know what you mean. There are a lot of hoops!! :)

  32. It's so much a matter of finding the right agent for you and not just any agent. And at some point in time, you get to decide if you'll be published or not. Good luck.

  33. Annalisa, I think that's a wonderful view! I'm an optimist, but I have my self-doubt times.

    Amanda, thank you! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Al, that's great to hear. I took online courses toward my Psychology degree (well, for most of it, the rest were in-class). It's a good way to do school, at least for me.

    ABftS, you're right, there are success stories on both sides and I love to read them, either way. Every success is proof that it can happen.

    Carol, thanks for the encouraging words!

    Michelle, same for me, always a yes! But it does make one pause to consider.

    Medeia, I think hope is such a powerful force to keep us going.

    Jemi, I think writing for the pleasure of it is the important part. If you write for yourself, it's easier to not get too discouraged.

    Donna, great advice, thank you!

  34. I know what you're saying about writing and publication. I'd love to get a deal with a decent size press, but self-publication of an eBook sounds like an enticing option.

    A Faraway View

  35. Lee, I agree. Part of me wants that affirmation from a publishing company, but I never take self-publishing off the table.

  36. When I pick up a great book, I get the same feeling:) Thanks for sharing the links - going to check them out now:)

  37. I know I want to be published, but all those hoops make it seem like a daunting proposition. I just know I can't give up because I love writing too much for that.

  38. I see each of your sentiments...and raise you a couple more! :)

    Thanks for the links!!

  39. I bet there isn't an author out there who doesn't connect with what you're going through. We've all been there. I remember wanting to be published so badly I ached. And then it happened and this huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. It's not exactly what you expect it to be, but there is a certain feeling of accomplishment, before all those other fears set in. Just know it'll happen, Shannon. It's not elusive. And I can remember other authors saying that to me and me thinking, Oh sure, easy for you to say. Now I get that they were right.

    Congrats in advance for your publication!

  40. Inspiring post! Some days I feel the same way. Thanks for the great links.

  41. Wow, you are a fountain of knowledge-thanks for all of the good links and tips for services. Hang in there, I think most of us feel the way you described at some point or other.

  42. It's so true that all the auxiliary tendrils of embracing the writing life can be overwhelming. Off to check the links.

  43. Tania, it's a great feeling, isn't it?

    LG, and that's the kicker there. Even if nothing ever gets published, I won't stop writing.

    DL, ooooh yeah?!

    Joylene, I appreciate the words and, believe me, I'm going to hold them tight! Thank you!

    Christine, thank you!

    Catherine, it definitely sounds like it!

    Leslie, yes, the writing itself is fantastic!