Wednesday, December 12, 2012

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Santa's Cog & Links

This weekend I took my kids and my nephew up the side of Pikes Peak on the Manitou Cog so they could visit Santa up on a really cold frozen mountain.  It's something we've pondered doing for years, so I finally sucked it up and forked out the big bucks.  Totally worth it!  They have a great crew working to insure the kids have a good time while they're up there, and a fabulous Santa and Mrs. Claus.

We got a nice snowfall the night before, which made it perfection.  Everything was frosted in white, and the elves had a snowball fight, which the boys loved watching.  It distracted my nephew from his frozen toes.

The cog station

The side of our train 

The front of the cog, wreath and all

Some festive decorations

Santa's place!

Some scrawny winter-bald aspens, surrounded by lush pines

More festive decorations.  Really, what's more fun that decorations in nature?

Before I go onto the links, I'd like to mention that I will be starting Friday posts, likely after the 1st of January.  After the last A-to-Z, in which I had tons of fun researching Wild West figures and outlaws, I had considered doing Friday historical posts, but I was so burned out that I ended up not doing it.  However, people seemed to enjoy them, and I know I enjoyed doing the research, so even if no one reads them, it will get me back doing something I love to do.  I may have to start it earlier just to make up for all the blog hops/fests I've been doing.

Also, Christine Rains will be visiting The Warrior Muse Thursday, December 20 for her 13th Floor Blog Tour, promoting her new book, The Marquis, the first in her 13th Floor series.  We've got a great giveaway and a little fun planned, so come visit next Thursday (and Monday and Wednesday, of course!).

Without further ado, the links!

Taking Submissions:

Electric Spec is taking submissions of speculative fiction.  They prefer science fiction, fantasy and the macabre.  Paying market.

Carina Press is accepting submissions in multiple arenas.  They pay 40-50% royalties, digital first, print maybe.

Sylvan Dell is open to submissions of creative and educational books for kids, primarily in earth and physical science.  Paying market.

Blog Hops/Fests/Contests/Events:

Brandon and Bryan of A Beer for the Shower are throwing the Party Like Slim Dyson Contest, wherein you describe a party their character Slim Dyson might like.  You can view Slim Dyson's story on their blog (Check the sidebar).  You can win a signed manuscript.  Make the party anything you want!  December 17.

The Gifts Aren't Only From Santa Event will occur on December 14 and 15.  You will find games, giveaways, free YA novels and discounted novels, which will benefit Children's Hospital.

Of Interest/Other:

Steve Rosenbaum posted about "How to De-Risk Book Publishing."  He talked about the changing publishing world and how to build a modern platform.

Random House is launching three new digital imprints.

Anything to share?  Ever heard of the cog?  Or similar?  Have you visited Santa this holiday season?  What would you ask for?

May you find your Muse.


  1. Great posting and definitely enjoyed the pics from Pikes Peak at Christmas Time. I tried getting my grandson on the Polar Express this year, but the tickets had already sold out, so we are hoping to go see Thomas. The Pikes Peak definitely looks festive this time of year! I definitely enjoyed your Outlaw postings in April!

  2. Well, I'm still on hiatus. The grandbaby is keeping me busy.

    Love your pics. It looks more like Christmas where you're at. It looks like beach weather where I am.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  3. This year I would ask Santa for a job, or a 3 book deal - preferably the latter!

    That looked like a fun day :)

  4. How long are Mr. and Mrs. Claus around? I think I'd like to take my kids when we go there for Christmas next year. So fun!

  5. I had no idea they did that up at Pikes Peak. That's really cool. "Get into a snowball fight with an elf" sounds like something worth adding to the ol' bucket list.

    Oh, and thanks for the shout out!

  6. I visited the North Pole at Pikes Peak for the first time last year, after making the drive all the way to the top. It was anticlimactic. (Har.)

  7. Bet your kids had a blast! Excited for Christine - she's an awesome writer.

  8. That looks like a fun trip up the mountain!! Glad it was worth it :)

  9. We've done that trip too, but in the dead heat of summer. So should have waited for Christmas! Thanks for sharing your great photos!

    Tina @ Life is Good

  10. Those are really beautiful pics. I've never seen the snow but in pics. Going to one of those places must be in my bucket list. :)

  11. Love the pics of the cog! It looks like such a fun place to visit!

  12. I have been to Colorado once in the winter and loved it. The night we got to Silverthorn it snowed several inches. Roaring fire and watching the snowfall in the moonlit sky was magic. The next morning early was a true winter wonderland. That was 20 years go! Thanks for bringing back that memory with this post!

  13. Nice pics! It does look like a winter wonderland, doesn't it! I also associate Pikes Peak with the location for this writers conference I've heard of...

  14. wow beautiful pictures of the snow

  15. Very nice pictures! I visited Pike's Peak way back in '92, when I was first in Colorado for my surviving uncle's wedding. I've only ever been to Colorado during the summer and haven't had a winter visit yet.

  16. Definitely do what you enjoy.

    The cog looks like an amazing experience. Glad you all enjoyed it. :-D

  17. Thanks for the shout-out! Wow, that trip looks like so much fun. I'd love to do something like that with my boy. We saw Santa at the mall. I asked for a quiet and stress-free holiday, and that's hopefully what we're getting. :)

  18. Beauitful pics! I don't get much snow in my neck of the woods, so I enjoy it where I can.

  19. Those pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them with us. I haven't seen snow in ages.

  20. GG, great to hear! I hope you can get on to see Thomas. We've considered that in the past, but not done it yet.

    Shelly, down here below big mama mountain it looks a whole lot less like Christmas, though they're predicting snow on Christmas Eve! Rare here!

    Marcy, I hope you get BOTH.

    J.A., the last cog is Christmas Eve morning. I hope you guys can go!

    ABftS, I know, right? Them's bragging rights.

    Tony, ha! How did your brakes fare?

    Alex, they did, and she is!

    Andrew, woo-hoo! When are you announcing?

    Jemi, me, too! Too pricey not to be.

    Tina, we have yet to take the cog to the top. I wanted to go in the fall to see the autumn color below, but it wasn't worth it with the smoke. We have driven up in our own car once, though.

    Al, I hope you get to experience snow some day!

    Sherry, it's pretty neat!

    Chuck, sounds like a delightful memory!

    Cynthia, Pikes Peak Writers Conference is a good one! I should know, I'm staff! ;-p

    Becca, thank you!

    Carrie-Anne, it's cold and dry in winter, so not necessarily something to aim for. And we don't get a ton of snow.

    Misha, everyone should get a chance to do the things they enjoy!

    Christine, a quiet, stressless holiday sounds phenomenal to me!

    Lauren, you'd be surprised how little we get unless we're in the mountains, though we do get some.

    Medeia, do you miss it?