Monday, December 10, 2012

The Day the Ninja Died aka Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest

The day has come to embarrass, I mean, cheer on Alex J. Cavanaugh, one of the most giving bloggers around.  This blogfest is being put on by Mark Koopmans, Morgan Shamy, Stephen Tremp, and David Powers King, and runs December 10-12.

We're supposed to answer a handful of questions.  The first of which is "What does Alex look like?"  You see, he's an enigma.  No one knows what he looks like.  For me, ever since I watched his CassaFire book trailer he's sort of come to resemble his character in my head.

For some reason I picture him with lighter hair, though.  And a friendlier face.

"Who would play him in a documentary?"  I'm always sort of bad at this unless it's a fictional character.  The image in my head and the personality conflict, but I'm going to go with Tom Hanks, because he's the nice everyman.

"Who does Alex remind you of?"  Alex.  He is his own person.  I can't say he reminds me of anyone.

"Write Flash Fiction using these words: Cavanaugh, Ninja, IWSG, Cosbolt, Guitar."

Dream to Reality

Cavanaugh studied the Cosbolt in awe, taking in the sheen off its surface, the wicked curves.  He'd thought this day would never come, considering Cosbolts began as figments of the ninja's imagination, but his books had drawn the attention of a secret government group, the IWSG (Intergalactic Warfare in Space Group), who had been studying his books, fleshing out the details to the finest points.  What no one previously realized was that he had laid out the blueprints for a battalion designed to take world warfare to new heights.  Until then, he picked up his guitar, settling in. 

Soon.  Soon.


Before I close this post out, I received two awards from two different bloggers and have been remiss in thanking them here.  I'd like to do that now.

Sonnia, of Brownbugz, was sweet enough to give me the Beautiful Blogger Award.

Thanks again, Sonnia!

Randy Lindsay, who is kicking butt and taking names in getting short stories published, gave me the Addictive Blogger Award.

Thanks again, Randy!  I can't tell you how excited it makes me to see that Penumbra cover when I visit your blog.  So awesome!

Part of receiving the blog is that I briefly talk about why I blog and how I got started.  I got started because  I kept hearing writers needed to have a blog to get anywhere, because they needed to establish the "P" word (Platform, blech).  I set it up, but had absolutely no idea what to do with it, so it languished. 

Then the A-to-Z Challenge came along, and I decided to jump in and try it.  I had so much fun, met so many people, and I haven't looked back since.  Yeah, you can establish a blog for platform, but it's not going to do you any good unless you really care about your blog and the people you're reaching out to.  Platform became far less important to me, and my blog and all of you who visit me, and those I visit, mean far more than I knew could happen when I started.  Thus, the entire blogosphere is addictive, and you're all welcome to the award.  I just can't narrow it down to a handful of people as being the reason I stick around.

What blogs do you guys find awesome or addictive?  Why do you blog?  How do you see Alex J. Cavanaugh?  Are you part of the real IWSG (Insecure Writer's Support Group)?

May you find your Muse.


  1. I'm addictive to Jeff's Strands of Pattern and that has led me to meet some other cool bloggers like yourself. :) And one vote for Tom Hanks. This reminds me Michael Jackson video "Black and White". I just see Alex changing facing at warp speed. Fun.

  2. Nice posting for the blogfest! You know I also wondered if the character in the book trailer was Alex! :) Reading so many it reminds me of that old game show "Will the Real Alex stand up!" :) Def enjoyed reading your posting!

  3. I'm so glad you posted the book trailer, I hadn't seen it in a while and I can see how the mc could have a resemblance to our Ninja Captain! Nice flash too btw. (:

  4. Most enjoyable reading about Alex, He is one in a million.

    Congrats on your well deserved awards.

  5. This was hilarious! Alex is truly a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Not even sure he exists ... maybe just a computer program cooked up by a reclusive, techie writer. :-D

    Congrats on the awards, too!

  6. Great idea to post the trailer. Tom Hanks! He's been likened to so many celebrities today. I loved your story.

  7. Very apt tribute to our teammate.

    Blogs addictive? Not for me. Now excuse me while I move on to the next. A lot to visit today.

    Tossing It Out

  8. Blogging lets us virtually meet those we wouldn't have in earlier times. It increases our knowledge and soothes that inner urge to talk to other writers.

    Liked your flash fiction. We know Alex wants to pilot one of those Cosbolts, don't we? Who wouldn't?

  9. Everybody in blogging knows Alex one way or another, and yet no one knows what he looks like. I picture him as 3 midgets stacked on top of each other wearing a giant trench coat.

  10. Excellent tribute to Alex and great flash fiction.

    And DG said it for me: "Blogging lets us virtually meet those we wouldn't have in earlier times."

  11. Glad you posted the trailer. It fits perfectly. Agreed, the blogosphere is so open armed and friendly that it's hard not to get addicted.

  12. "IWSG (Intergalactic Warfare in Space Group)" I LOVED this! Great tribute. :)

  13. Loved your story! Nice entry. Blogging is addictive for sure, and you're so right that it's the friends we meet and connect with.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  14. Awesome!!! They built real Cosbolts.
    Yeah, I definitely smile more than Byron. He had issues.
    Thanks SO much Shannon! The flash piece was great.

  15. People need to quit mentioning a to z. It's looming in my brain like this huge boulder about to fall on me.

  16. Shannon, GREAT work here! Loved the piece and answers. Way fun!

  17. Congratulations on your award!

    I liked your tribute to Alex!

  18. Hey, great flash! Alex is super awesome. When I log onto blogger, I must visit David Powers King. He always makes me laugh.

  19. IWSG = Intergalactic Warfare in Space Group ... LOVE IT!

  20. Nice flash! I could picture Alex piloting a real Cosbolt.

  21. ..."the IWSG (Intergalactic Warfare in Space Group)" It's been interesting seeing the various things people have come up with for this. Good work!

  22. Great piece of flash fiction, and congrats on the awards!


  23. I like Alex very much, his blog is a source of endless useful tips for an aspiring writer, kisses Shannon :).

  24. Congrats! on the awards. They're always fun to receive. And thanks for the flash fiction!

  25. Great tribute to our Blogfather, Shannon!
    I haven't seen the book trailer in quite a while... thanks for posting it!

  26. Awesome flash piece! I think it's every writer's dream to see something they wrote become real.

  27. Awesome use of the trailer, and the flash was superb!

  28. Al, now I have that Black & White video in my head; it was always a little freaky.

    Gossip_Grl, or Slim Shady? I had no idea that was a show, but now I wonder if Eminem got his song from that?

    Elise, ha ha! Someone else sees it!

    Yvonne, thank you!

    E.J., ooo, that's a fun theory!

    Susan, thank you! I have yet to see if anyone else said Tom Hanks.

    Lee, ah ha! Caught ya'!

    D.G., you said it better than I could have! Indeed, I want to pilot one of those.

    ABftS, you and E.J. tie for my favorite idea of what Alex looks like!

    Marcy, she said it so well, didn't she?

    T. Drecker, open armed and friendly, for sure. It's wonderful!

  29. Candilynn, glad you liked it! Wasn't sure if it was lame.

    Tina, that's definitely what it's all about!

    Alex, don't worry! It was just the looks, not the personality.

    Andrew, aw, sorry. We're ramping up to get it started, so it's on my mind.

    J.A., thank you!

    Morgan, thank you! I'm glad it was fun.

    Sherry, thank you!

    Sabrina, I adore anyone who can make me laugh at this point!

    Cherie, I just enjoyed getting to use the word "intergalactic."

    Carrie-Anne, but who would you picture him as while he was piloting!?

    Jeff, haha, I can't wait to get around and see what everyone thought up!

  30. Jamie, thank you!

    Petronela, he provides a great resource and support, doesn't he?

    Stephen, thank you! I had fun writing it, though I didn't have time to polish it.

    Michelle, blogfather, love it!

    Christine, oh, definitely!

    Joylene, thank you!

  31. This was great, Shannon. Thank you for participating! :)

  32. David, it was fun, thanks!

    Allison, there were some fun IWSG translations out there!