Wednesday, December 26, 2012

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Over-Decorators! & A Couple Links

Today's post will be brief, due to so many being on holiday vacation.  If you read Christine's guest post the other day, you know about the Over-Decorators.  Well, as I told Christine, that's us.  Well, my hubby, rather.  I resist it as long as I can.  I refuse to let him decorate until after Thanksgiving.  Thus, he writes "PUT UP LIGHTS" on the calendar for the day after Thanksgiving...

He loves Christmas, and he changes the light arrangement each year.  And in his defense, the lights are all LED's (except Yoda...see him there in front of the door?  He will be re-wired for next year with LED's).  In other words, one less weapon I can use against the Light Brigade each year.

Now, just a couple links:

Blog Hop:

The My Favorite Martian Blog Hop will be going down January 14, courtesy of The Geek Twins.  Just post about who your favorite martian/alien was, and why.  Easy!

Open for Submissions:

Tony Laplume's Mouldwarp Press is putting out an anthology of micro-fiction, 250 words or less.  Open for submissions through January.  Any topic of genre you want!

Free Books!  Today Only:

EJ Wesley's Blood Fugue, Moonsongs Book 1 is free today on Kindle.

Christine Rains' Fearless is free today on Kindle.

Andrew Leon has several books for free on Kindle today, including "Christmas on the Corner."  THIS LINK will take you to a listing of his books, rather than just a specific one.

I hope you're having a wonderful week, and that your Christmas was, indeed, merry.  We got snow here, which is rare for Christmas in these parts.  The photo above was taken on Christmas Eve, when the snow was just starting to fall.  It was a lovely white morning!

Anything to share?  Do you decorate?  Simple or over the top?

May you find your Muse.


  1. We're pretty simple: just a tree.

    Why is Yoda not green?

  2. Love the house decorations. I am spending Christmas week here in Ohio ands we are in the midst of a 24 hour blizzard! My sister and I just shoveled the drive way and there is already another 1/2 inch on the ground! My nieces get the next shift.

    Supposed to be cold and clear Friday so pictures of winter will be aplenty! Have fun!

  3. Love the lights! We went looking for decorated houses this year and hardly anyone had bothered :(

  4. Wow. Your house looks so beautiful!! My husband doesn't ever put up lights and, every year after Christmas he reminds me how happy he is that he doesn't have to take them down. haha.

    I would like the outside of the house of the house decorated, but--for now--we keep the decorations inside.

    Thanks for the links and hope you enjoy your holiday season!!

  5. I wish you happy Holidays and a lovely New Year filled with astonishing, breathtaking new experiences...Kisses.

  6. OMG is that your house! Your hubby IS an over decorator, but I have to admit it's pretty cool, and if that's what makes him happy...

    happy new year :)

  7. That may be a lot of decorating, but it's tasteful. It looks really cool! We had a tree and a few other decorations I put up in the house, but that's it. Thank you for linking Fearless.

    The giveaway went well. No one wrote a blog post about bad neighbors, but oh well. It was still really fun! Thank you for hosting me. :)

  8. Cool decorations. We've never gone all out like that. I do enjoy looking at what others have done to decorate their homes. The time put into some of them is truly amazing.

  9. Great photo! And thanks for the micro-anthology heads up. Hope you had a great holiday, and here's to an awesome new year.

  10. great things going on here. everyone getting new books out! so awesome! have a great new year

  11. I LOVE your house and I'm very jealous of your Chrissie decorations!

    We do the tree (except this year I made a tree out of books, just for something different) and decorate inside despite my husband's groans (I think he might actually be related to the grinch).

    We've never done much outside, hubby hates the idea and I don't think I could manage it all by myself. I would love to though!

  12. Thanks for the links. I missed out on some freebies, but I'll get EJ's book anyway.

    Cool house. I like seeing those bright houses.

  13. I forgot to thank you for this. I was sick last week.

    I'm still open! I'm not very demanding! Have so far accepted every submission!

  14. Andrew, Yoda was a brownish-green, but it didn't look like it in the photo.

    Chuck, how many times did you have to shovel?

    Becca, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

    Winopants, we love to drive around and look at lights. It's too bad hardly anyone had decorated. We never managed to get out for a full light drive this year, so next year we'll have to do it up right.

    Tamara, aw, too bad he won't put up a little something. Definitely easier on Christmas clean-up, though!

    Petronela, lovely, and I wish you the same!

    Marcy, haha, yeah it really is! And it does make him happy, which is why I allow it.

    Christine, aw, that makes me sad. But thank you for saying it was tasteful! I'll have to let him know.

    Susanne, plus the thought put into it. I'm pretty sure he had the whole house plotted out before he pulled out the first light.

    Milo, no problem! I hope you enter and get in!

    Tammy, it's fabulous inspiration, isn't it?

    Charmaine, how fun about the book tree! I saw a picture of one after we'd put up the regular one, and I wanted to try it. Maybe next year? Sorry your house doesn't get decorated.

    Medeia, I'm just reading it now, and it's good!

    Tony, sorry you were sick. Hope that's the last sick of the season for you.