Wednesday, December 19, 2012

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Ents? Or Trees? & Links

Happy Hump Day!  Today I figured I'd share a couple interesting trees from my trip up Seven Falls.  I love interesting trees, and while we lack some cool types of trees (for instance, weeping willows), we do have a few that stand out for their own reasons.

One thing I see a lot of around here are trees that make me think of the Ents in The Hobbit, not because they are giant or even the same sort described, but because erosion of the soil on inclines exposes the roots and makes it look like they will uproot themselves and start walking at any moment.  And sometimes the roots grow in quite interesting ways.

Here are a couple that caught my attention on our walk.

This guy met us at the top of the stairs.

I just liked that the root on this one had scampered across a boulder, then stretched across the pathway.

It's always fun when trees, shrubs or plants grow out of  a boulder.

Another tree that has grown through a boulder, leaving a giant crack.

"Start spreading the news...I'm leaving today...I want to be a part of it...!"
Come by tomorrow for a visit from Christine Rains on her 13th Floor Blog Tour!

Now for links!

Disclaimer: I do not research, nor do I necessarily have experience with, these companies/publications.  Please do your research and check into any publication before submitting.

Accepting Submissions:

Aletheia Writing & Art Magazine is looking for fiction, non-fiction, interviews, photographs and artwork.  Mostly geared to teens.  Does not appear to be a paying market.

Indigo Mosaic Publishing is open for submissions on multiple anthologies, including Chocolate Dreams.  Each anthology pays in royalties.

World Weaver Press is seeking submissions for an anthology entitled Far Orbit: Speculative Space Adventures.  Pays $.01 per word.  Open January 1 through March 31, 2013.

M. Bennardo is putting together a short anthology of one-sentence stories.  Pays $15 per story.


The Delizon Annual Short Story Competition is on for 2013.  Cash prizes for 1st through 10th place, with 1st being $1200.  Deadline April 15, 2013.  $25 entry fee.

Blog Hops/Fests: 

L.G. Keltner, of Writing off the Edge, is hosting the Beginnings Blogfest in celebration of her 1 year blogoversary.  You simply blog about a beginning that's important to you, any beginning.  January 9, 2013.

Don't forget the Choose Your Own Apocalypse Blogfest this coming Friday, the 21st!  How do you think the world will end?

Anything to share?  Seen any really cool trees?  What's your favorite type of tree to see photographed?

May you find your Muse.


  1. You always have something important to share. This is priceless!

  2. Very nice pictures! I've got some pictures of trees in my photo library, though none as interesting as those.

  3. I still have no idea for Friday :(

  4. Weird trees are the best. They prove that nature has a sense of humor.

  5. Those roots are wild. Powerful tree to break a rock.

  6. I love seeing old growth trees, usually only stumps, but they do show the majesty of the original tree. With all our water here in the rainforest, we have lots of willow trees, btw. I love the roots of trees too, and the way nature gets around obstacles. like rocks.

    Happy Holidays, Shannon, to you and your family and best wishes for 2013.

  7. i've wondering how trees grow in rocks or around them

  8. Hey Shannon,

    Today is your lucky day. For yes it's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

    I wont say anything pawdictable, sorry, predictable, such a what a treemendous posting, because that would be silly.

    I love trees and my human, Gary, who I so kindly allow to live with me, used to live in British Columbia and he would stare at lots of trees. Did you know that my favourite tree is a Dogwood tree? And I also like trees because we both have bark. Arf! Arf!

    And that Apocalypse Blogfest, well just let me say I'm contacting the folks at the International Date Line. If the earth blows up on December 21, they are going to let me know and then I will let you know. Simple!

    Pawsitive wishes, Penny :)

  9. Jeff, thank you!

    Rosaria, nice of you to say, thank you!

    Carrie-Anne, we don't have tons of pretty trees around here (except aspens), but boy do we have fun ones.

    Andrew, make it come from space!

    Tony, I agree. They can be regal or hunched and bizarre. Love it!

    Alex, oh, I have countless photos of types of trees growing out of rock around here. It's touch to be a tree in the high desert.

    D.G., thank you, and Happy Holidays to you and yours, too. Old growth trees are so wonderful, always so much character.

    Becca, I've wondered the same, but I imagine since heat and cold freeze cycles cause cracks, dirt gets in there, then seeds, and those little suckers just slowly but surely push their way through.

    Penny, so good to see you! I have a real live superstar here on my blog! I can see how a dogwood tree would be your favorite. Sadly, I am unaware of any warrior muse trees. Hmph.

  10. Tree? That is no tree ...

    Can't wait for the blogfest tomorrow, it's gonna be a scream :)


  11. Jamie, is it an Ent? Looking forward to your entry!