Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tag: 10 Random Facts About Me

I was tagged by Robin Weeks (@Robin_Weeks) from my Urban Fantasy group in the Platform Building Campaign, which means I need to tag four others and write ten random facts about myself.

I'm tagging:

T.F. Walsh (@TFWalsh), because I like her banner and I enjoy her mythological creature Mondays.

Tangynt (@Tangynt), because of an awesome website.

Liz at That's What Liz Said (@LizHellebuyck), because I like her banner, also, and she moved her blog, so why not help get people over to the new one?


Andrea S. Michaels (@words2live), because she's doing a fun "getting to know you" thing on her blog, though I haven't had the chance to participate yet.

10 Random Things About Me:

1. I have an overactive imagination.
2. Garden of the Gods is one of my favorite places.
3. I am addicted to pictures, as in ones I've taken. I love to take pictures and I love to look through my pictures.
4. I enjoy school so much I'd be a permanent student if I was rich.
5. I'm the oldest of five kids.
6. I'm about to have two kids in school, woo-hoo! (Though only one is in full-time).
7. I love baths, but rarely take them instead of showers.
8. I love autumn.
9. Halloween is my favorite holiday (I'm hoping to do some fun posts in October!)
10. I did not get any writing done this week (~slaps own hands~).

May you find your Muse.


  1. I popped by when I saw your tweet. My campaign group is doing a similar thing, but not tagging. Just lots of fun randomness.

  2. Cool - thanks for the tag:) Love random things - you get to learn secret things about people:)

    I so share with you my love for Halloween - even though I live in Australia, every year I hold a scary, halloween tea party:)

    Now I need to think of 10 things about me...hmmm

  3. Shannon, I love this. I, too, love autumn and Halloween is my fave holiday (seriously, I get WAY excited when the Halloween decorations start creeping into the local stores). AND I totally thought I'd get all this writing done during the beautiful three day weekend (which included lots of rain, hello!), but alas... nada. So, I'll take a good hand slapping, too, if you please.

  4. Loved your answers - especially because #1, #4, #7 and #8 go for me as well (though I guess #1 would go for most if not all writers, right?).

    Awesome getting to know these little tidbits about you!

  5. Seems we have much in common. Right down to the didn't get much writing done this week. Have a wonderful holiday Monday.

  6. Interesting facts! I enjoyed that a lot.

  7. love learning about you and i to love school

  8. Stacy, I'll have to come check it out!

    TF, a scary Halloween tea party sounds like tons of fun!

    Yvonne, thanks!

    Alyssia, slaps all around! Man, summer is evil. Hubby and I were already checking out some new decorations for Halloween at Lowes the other day.

    Crystal, I'm willing to bet #1 is true for all writers of fiction. I'm glad I'm not the only one who would be a career student if able!

    Ann, I hope you get more writing done this next week.

    Rebecca, thank you!

    Becca, school just rocks!