Monday, September 12, 2011

Likey Linky and Awards

I was given several awards this week, which I greatly appreciate, but first I wanted to ask that if you liked my Flash Fiction Campaign Challenge on Thursday, could you take a moment to click "like" on the linky list? I am number 291, which is a rather awkward number, as many won't get that far. I didn't think to mention the "like" thing in my initial post, as I didn't really understand how any of this was working at the time (things have been overwhelming lately, but it's September, so I suspect a lot of people, especially parents and students, are feeling the same).

Now to the awards!

From Jennifer, of Hunting Sea Glass With Wolves and Ms Saba of Of Thoughts and Words Thank you, Jennifer and Ms. Saba!

From Julie at What Else is Possible? Thank you, Julie!

For the Versatile Blogger Award, I am supposed to tell you 7 random things about me, while I'm to list 7 of my own blog posts for the 7x7 Award. I'm pretty certain people must be tired of random facts about me, so I'm going to combine the awards and just list 7 of my blogs that meet the requirements:

Most Beautiful: I'll have to go with a [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday for this one, so how about my Pikes Peak/Garden of the Gods panorama? It was this or Apache, but I'm feeling rather fond of the mountains today.

Most Helpful: I'm having some trouble on this one, but I think I'll say that my Publicity Primer post, where I passed on notes I'd taken from a Pikes Peak Writers' Conference workshop on how to drum up your own publicity as a writer, would be my most helpful, or at least most recent helpful post.

Most Popular: Technically, if I go by comments, my most popular post would have been my introduction in the Platform Building Campaign, but I think that's a bit skewed since that is introductions and not really anything I said (lol). Two tie for second place with number of comments, and those are my post for the First Campaign Challenge - Flash Fiction piece and the MC Blog Fest in Kieran's Voice (Kieran being the main character in my YA WIP).

Most Controversial: I don't really write about controversial stuff, but a discussion ensued on whether horror was actually dead in my Where's the Horror? post. So we'll say that's the most controversial.

Most Surprisingly Successful: For this one, I will go with a recent post-Top Ten Signs You Watch, Read or Write Too Much Horror. I was surprised it got so many comments because I was just playing around and having a bit of fun when I wrote it. See what happens when you relax? Other people have fun, too!

Most Under-Rated: I guess I'd go with Hangin' With the Cool Kids on this one, not because it's some spectacular post, but because I thought I might get more feedback on this than I did.

Most Pride-Worthy: Erm, I'll go with the two that are listed under "Most Popular," simply because they involved my coming out of my shell and sharing a little bit of my fiction world with you. This is something I've been afraid to do, and I've skipped some very fun-sounding blog hops because I was afraid to post any of my fiction. Since there were two in that category, I figure that evens everything out, anyway.

I am excited to announce that I will be interviewing Andrew Leon, author of The House on the Corner and blogger on the blog Strange Pegs. He has some interesting things to say about self-publishing, as well as the writing process, so check back on Thursday!

As I did not tag anyone in this, I'd love to see what anyone's answers are for the blog categories listed above. If you post about this, put a link in the comments. If you don't wish to make a post about it, feel free to put a link to your favorite blog post (one you've written) and I'll come check it out!

May you find your Muse.


  1. congrats on the awards and will be checking these sites out

  2. great to see this, did join your blog

  3. Ooh! I'm all aflutter with anticipation. 1st interview!
    Thanks, Shannon :)

  4. Carole, thank you!

    Becca, thanks!

    Liz, thank you!

    Dean, wonderful, thank you!

    Andrew, so exciting that it was your first!