Thursday, June 23, 2011

MC Blogfest in Kieran's Voice

Today is the Main Character Blogfest, so I'll be introducing you to Kieran, from Lonely Hollow: Synthesis. Here's where you can find details on the blogfest and enter if you're so inclined: Author Elizabeth Mueller's blog. In this blogfest, we are to answer three questions in the voice of our MC.

Today, I'm pleased to introduce Kieran. His 16th year is rapidly approaching, though he's a bit indifferent about that. He was forced to grow up quickly after the village's parents were wiped out by the deadly saligia virus (SV). He now leads the village with the help of his best friends, Samara and Zane. They are the oldest residents of Lonely Hollow, the Alphas, except for Aaron, the last adult, who is dying and is rarely conscious at this point.

Warrior Muse: I'm just going to jump right into the big questions, Kieran. I hope you don't mind.

Kieran: I don't mind at all. I prefer to skip the small talk and get right into the meat of an issue.

WM: Great! What is your biggest fear?

Kieran: I guess I'd say right now I'm afraid of what will happen when Aaron dies. I'd rather not be in charge of anyone, let alone an entire village. I know we'll be able to keep up with the daily business of village life, but what then? I don't want to have to tell everyone what to do. Why should they listen to me? I'm fifteen years old.

WM: You hesitated for a moment there, Kieran. Do you have another fear?

Kieran: Not one I'd like to talk about.

WM: You agreed to be 100% upfront and honest in this interview; you promised Aaron. This session can only help you if are willing to lay everything on the table. What else are you afraid of?

Kieran: Fine. I'm afraid of losing those closest to me. I'm afraid they'll leave me, just like my dad did. He just walked away and never came back. Now, what was your second question.

WM: I'm sorry you have to worry about that. From what I've seen, the rest of the village has great respect for you. I don't think any of them will leave you. In fact...

Kieran: Next question, please.

WM: Oh, uh, sorry. My next question is a more positive one. What is your greatest accomplishment?

Kieran: Accomplishment? I can't think of a single one.

WM: Surely, you've accomplished something. Everyone has something to be proud of. It doesn't have to be recent; think back.

Kieran: Okay then, my biggest accomplishment has been surviving. I've survived, despite Aaron being in the medical center these last few months, despite my parents being dead. We've all survived. We're not hungry, not thirsty. We all have a roof over our heads. So that's my biggest accomplishment: survival.

WM: Wow, you're just a barrel of laughs, huh? I'll just get to the final question.

Kieran: Good, there's a lot to do, and it's not getting done by sitting here answering these ridiculous questions.

WM: Ouch. Alright then, moving on. What is your biggest regret?

Kieran: I'd have to say my biggest regret is not having the chance to say goodbye to my mother before she died. I never told her how much I loved her and appreciated her for being such a great mom after my father abandoned us. She deserved more than that.

WM: That's really sad. I'm sure she knew you loved her, though.

Kieran: I guess there's only one person who knows if that's true, and she's dead. Is that all the questions you have for me today?

WM: Well, yeah, I guess so. Is there anything else you want to talk about?

Kieran: I didn't want to come here to begin with. If we're through, I'll see myself out.

WM: Okay, thank you for...oh, well, he's already gone. I hope you enjoyed meeting Kieran. He's a serious guy, but I think you'd agree that there's good reason for that. If he'd just open himself up a bit more, I think I could help him. Oh well, there's always next time. Thanks for tuning in.

Happy Writing!


  1. This was awesome to read, it put ones problems into perspective,


  2. This very cool. Kieran sounds like a great MC. His fears are so real and I liked that he had two, one that he didn't share at first.

  3. i have an MC named Kieran too but he's older and a king now.

    Michelle Gregory @ beautiful chaos

  4. Hi,

    Poor Kieran, so much about to be heaped on his shoulders, yet he seems mature and a level-headed youth. Great interview! ;)


  5. Very well done! You captured all the angst of a young rebel. Julie

  6. WOW, what a great interview, Shannon! Kieran's definitely a serious guy, one I'd very much look forward to meeting after reading his reaction to your simple questions. Well done!

  7. Great interview Kieran! It sounds like you haven't exactly had an easy life, looking forward to reading more about you! :)

  8. Hi Kieran!
    Wait. Did I miss him? Oh well, he sounds pretty busy. Tell him thanks for taking the time to answer. Hope he figures out what to do!

  9. Oh, Kieran sounds feisty, 16 years old and holds his cards close to his chest. I think we know him .;-) Nice interview!!

  10. Great interview! I can see how he's hard to pin down, but has wonderful depths.

  11. I love the interview style. No doubt Kieran will be a fantastic MC.

  12. Great interview! He's one sassy boy, but his life has made him this way. I wonder if he'd like my Winter? They have a lot in common. :)

    Thanks for participating!

    Can Alex save Winter from the darkness that hunts her?
    YA Paranormal Romance, Darkspell coming fall of 2011!

  13. I love the format you chose to present this. Well done. He sounds like an interesting guy and a good hero. Thanks for the introduction :)

    East for Green Eyes

  14. This is my favorite interview. I could almost hear him speaking.

    Well done!

  15. What a juicy voice! SO much emotion there, hidden under that tough bravado.

  16. Kieran certainly has a lot on his plate, but he seems to be a mature young man and ready to face the challenges.

  17. Awesome voice. I mean really awesome. I loved listening to him. Well done, my friend, well done. :-)

  18. Great interaction with your MC. We learned a lot here. It delved into him rather effectively.

  19. Yvonne, thank you! That's one thing about writing this, I see what things could be like and it puts things into perspective.

    Carrie, thank you! It's funny, but the fears were the easiest thing to feel of all three questions.

    Michelle, I love the name Kieran. His was the first name I came up with and it stuck even when other characters received a name change.

    Francine, thank you! I'm sure he'd appreciate hearing that.

    Julie, thank you! That he is, a rebel stuck in a leadership position and fighting it.

    Alyssia, thank you! I'm hoping it won't be too long before you can meet him.

  20. Amy, (from Kieran), thank you. I know that others have had it much harder, though. The important thing is to stay strong and do what needs to be done.

    Andrew, I'll pass that along to him. Thank you for stopping by!

    Talei, thank you! I wouldn't doubt we all know him, at least a bit.

    Beverly, thank you! He is that, but he's a good kid beneath it all.

    Langley, thank you! I sure hope so!

  21. Elizabeth, having met Winter earlier today, I can definitely say they'd have a lot to talk about and a lot in common.

    Rosie, thank you, and thanks for coming by to meet him!

    Misha, what a wonderful compliment! Thank you!

    Alexia, thank you! I'm glad that comes through.

    Marsha, I definitely think he can meet his challenges head on. Thank you!

    Robyn, thank you very much!

    Christine, thank you! It was a great exercise! I'll be doing the same with some other characters, because it really does get to the root of them.

    Jolene, thank you! It's a great name.

  22. He's a feisty little so-and-so - great for an MC! This was such a good exercise :)

  23. I love the conversational style here - and the premise of your story sounds fantastic!

  24. I thought his biggest regret would be coming to the therapy session since he doesn't strike me as a share-your-emotions type of guy.

    Thanks for the visit.


  25. I love how real you make him! In just that little bit of writing, I've seen so many different faucets of his personality and life experiences. And I think your story idea is a great one too!

    Thanks for sharing!

  26. Wonderful interview. Kiernan and my MC, Ben Regan, seem to share the same fears. I'm glad Kiernan opened up! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

  27. You M/C has had to grow up so quickly, and I could feel her pain and fear. Strong voice.

  28. Sue, it was a great exercise, and thank you!

    Sangu, thank you! I'm glad it sounds good.

    Joyce, that might be #2. I'm not sure he cared enough to regret it, though.

    Rachel, thank you very much! I'm glad he translated through.

    Julie, they do! Thank you for coming by here, as well.

    Susan, thank you, Kieran certainly did.