Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

Through the open window I hear children laughing, water splashing, birds chirping and the sound of the wind in the trees. Inside, the gentle roar of the air conditioning tells me it's in the 80's. (Yeah, I'm a heat wussy; wanna' make something of it?)

What is it about summer that makes a person feel so lazy? Probably the heat, at least a little bit, but there must be something else. Chemically speaking, molecules move faster when they're hot, right? Shouldn't my molecules doing the polka make me want to run around and get things done? Shouldn't there be more energy instead of less? This is why I'm not a scientist.

I'm still working on that summer routine I've heard so much about (from my brain). I did finally get started on the BuNoWriMo on Monday, and I've made progress with my new WIP. I'd forgotten just how much I enjoyed writing that first draft. Yesterday was the only day I didn't get some writing time in, but that's because I slathered the kids in sunblock, stuffed the three-year old in a wagon and walked 2.6 miles to the closest library with my kiddos (the six-year old walked there and back without even one whine) then two miles back (because hubby happened to be on his way back from work at that time and picked us up a couple streets from home). Yes, writing is important, but spending time with the kids is, too. Plus, I got to read while the kids were busy at the library, so that's a win-win situation.

At home, it's easy to find reasons not to write. I need to pick up the house. I need to make these phone calls. I need to balance the checkbook. I need to write a blog entry (d'oh!). Hey, I wonder what's going on with my friends on Facebook. How about on my mom forum? Time to make lunch for the kids. Boy, I wish I could take a nap. Instead I will sit here and stare brainlessly at a wall and drool (just kidding, I was actually staring at the fireplace that last time).

My house is actually clean (gasp!), so I can't use that excuse. I sit here writing this blog instead of going down to my dungeon to write. Scorpio's waiting for me down there and she is an impatient sort who can also kick my booty, so I should really go down there to work on her story. She's in a tense situation in my WIP right now, so I'm sure she'd appreciate a little help (though she not-so-secretly enjoys the adrenaline it brings; she hates being bored).

Do you ever feel like if you stepped outside people would materialize out of nowhere, point and scream, "Procrastinator!"? (<---that was grammatically awkward and probably completely incorrect, but it says what I wanted it to so I'm leaving it). I do. Even if they didn't come out, that old lady from The Princess Bride would, and she's loud enough to make a good go of it.

Instead of curling up in the sunlight and taking a nap (which my kids would never let me do anyway), I'm going to give myself thirty minutes to finish anything on my list of procrastinations I can get to and then I'm heading downstairs. I'm pretty sure I hear Scorpio screaming down there, and boy is it profanity-laced.

What excuses are you finding to keep you from your writing during the lazy days of summer?

Happy Writing (or procrastinating)!


  1. Um... other than Farmville? Mostly just my daughter and her never ending request for food and her in-and-outings with questions all day long that make my head swell up until I can't sit up straight anymore.

  2. Everything you said hit it right on the head, Shannon. Seriously. The heat, the day job, blogging, judging for contests, critiquing other authors' WIP's, getting ready for house guests, cleaning, watching television, EATING...

    If I can squeeze out 500 words a morning, I'm really accomplishing something. Otherwise, I plop down in the chair and stare at the screen sayin', "What am I supposed to be doing???"

    By the way, love The Princess Bride shout-out. :) Great movie.

  3. It is hard to stay focused inside when the weather is nice. I'm also a terrible procrastinator, but you should enjoy spending time with your kids. You'll catch up when you can. Julie

  4. Shannon, I finally posted a long overdue thank you on my blog. I know you're busy with the Blog Hop, but wanted you to know you are appreciated. Julie

  5. Loved the post, Thanks for your visit and comment, I have joined the link and hope to be able to keep up.


  6. You're right about the heat making one lazy, at least here in Texas where it's so very hot. We need to get stuff done in the morning while it's still cool, which means by the afternoon we're pooped. Which means I'm not getting much writing in....

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  7. Heat definitely zaps me. That and the call of too many good summer movies.

  8. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who seems to get a little sluggish with the heat.

    Of course, here in Kansas, tomorrow could bring a cold front and snowstorm, followed by a monsoon the next day. So I can't really get set into any pattern, good or bad.

    Nice to find your blog! Consider me a new follower. And, umm...yeah. I like your template, too!


  9. Nice post - I just posted about procrastination recently as well, lol. After the winter we've had, it's so nice to get out into the fresh air. There's always time later to write... right?

  10. It is really hot here in Mexico so I don't like writing in a the mid-afternoon so I get up early and write while it's cool.

  11. Andrew, yeah, that'll do it! My kids can play on their own until I'm doing something (writing, cleaning, fielding a phone call), and then they are suddenly clamoring for my attention.

    Alyssia, you make a good point. All those extra things we agree to do severely eat into the time we can use to write or accomplish something for ourselves.

    Julie, procrastinators unite! A warm, sunny day makes me want to curl up on the back porch with a book and dose. And thank you!

    Yvonne, thank you and welcome!

    Bish, I have friends down there and have been hearing reports of temps in the hundreds. I can definitely understand having to get everything done in the mornings when you've got that sort of weather breathing down your neck.

    Alex, not only that, but getting the urge to watch past summer movies at home.

    Bryce, Colorado weather is quite similar (which makes sense since we're neighbors and all). At 10am yesterday it was 48 degrees and raining (rain being rare around here). Our high was somewhere in the 60's and the mountains had a winter weather advisory! We're supposed to shoot back up in temp now, though.

    Katie, right!

    Clarissa, I can definitely understand that. We rarely get above the 90's around here, and I am grateful for that.

  12. I enjoyed reading this post because misery loves company and I'm feeling more or less how you're feeling with the heat, the procrastination, the bidding time, looking for excuses, and wanting to take a nap but not being able to. Argh! Heat makes me lethargic. It also robs me of my appetite which makes me even more lethargic. Suddenly I find myself sitting on Marcelo, my chair, looking off into space, wishing I was in Fidgi with Javier Bardem. This last part usually provides for a spurt of energy, but then I take a nose dive into stage three where a nap is not only wanted, but required. Here's to getting over the summer blues!

  13. Bella, too funny and so true! Love your chair's name.