Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday 9/21/11

It's time for [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday! I had a different photo planned for today of Pikes Peak covered in snow, which officially means fall to me, even if the fall equinox isn't for a couple days. However, there was low cloud cover, which made the photo a bit too hazy for my liking. Instead, here's Kansas:

We were on a road trip through Kansas, from Colorado to Kansas City. When we got far enough into eastern Colorado, we hit nothing but rural areas, basically consisting of fields, with an occasional giant weather vane, barn, silo or oil drill thingy (no idea what those are actually called, but they're the ones that look like the dippy/drinking birds). This continued across the majority of Kansas. Some of the buildings were so aged and creepy looking that I started keeping watch for the Children of the Corn and warned my husband that if the car broke down neither of us was walking to one of those farms. No way. Killer Corn Satan would have eaten our faces off. I am not down with that. And evil children are freaky. Thus, no Children of the Corn. They would have tried to convert my babies to Freaky Corn Demon Children. Not okay.

Setting all of that aside, there's something about the look of a silo or aged barn against a darkening sky that appeals to me. I spent part of my youth on a ranch in Oregon, so there's something familiar and homey about farmland (despite my fear of Murderous Corn Monsters). There were some great shots I simply couldn't capture (I took this out the window while we were in motion and was surprised it turned out so well), but sunset was truly gorgeous out there. We passed several old homesteads, which I have an odd obsession with, but not until it was too dark for me to bother getting photos. Next time, next time.

What is your favorite area to travel through (not to)? What is your least favorite? What sort of setting do you find the most stunning?

May you find your Muse.


  1. Oooh, pretty picture! You know, I really like traveling through King City - it's gorgeous country to look at as we pass by. Also it brings back fond childhood memories of my dad pointing out a bunch of horses hanging out in the field and joking: "Look, Crystal - cows!" or pointing at the bales of hay and telling me it was giant shredded wheat! Lol...

  2. Beautiful picture! When we were kids, my dad would give us a nickel every time we were the first to spot a white cow. Kept us busy lol. Seemed to take forever to get out of Florida in those days. I love going anywhere that has something historical I can go wander through. :)

  3. The picture is inspiring. Thank you for sharing.
    I'm not one who enjoys driving places. If I had to pick a good scene for a picture though it would be a waterfall. I love how the sun shines off them and the mixture of different textures like the water, the plants, and rock.

  4. My in-laws live in woodland park and I love the view of Pikes from their house! I love to travel there too, but not through Wyoming. Not only is Wyoming flat, but there is no plant life and the dirt is gray/green. Not very pretty.

  5. I live in Kansas, and am originally from Brisbane, Australia. So this landscape is a little boring for me.

    What I've always loved is the view of the ocean when you round the bend at Byron Bay in New South Wales Australia. It's a blue you'd never imagine water could be - deep and serene. Breathtaking.

    I miss the water, but this picture shows me my new home State has some unexpected beauty too.

    Thank you for sharing.

  6. Crystal, it sounds like you had some fun family trips!

    Ruth, I'll have to remember that idea next time we road trip with the kids! I also love to find something historical and read the placards.

    Summer, I love waterfalls! And you're right, there is a lot to see in a waterfall photo.

    J.A., I would love to live in Woodland Park! It's the one other place I could live that would let me see Pikes Peak and I like the feel of the town. Wyoming is my least favorite place to drive through (so far, at least). Seriously, the scenery doesn't change forever. And since my family lives in Oregon, it's a route I've taken over and over. I don't know how the settlers did it. In Wyoming's defense, I'm betting there are plenty of gorgeous places there, as well, but certainly not along the interstate.

    K.T., I can see how that would be so. My hubby's been to Australia, and the places he's been have certainly been gorgeous.

  7. I've road tripped through many pretty landscapes, but honestly, my favorite place to drive through is PA turnpike, between PA and NJ. I know, I know, crazy, right? But my hubs and I have the most random memories driving through there, and we go through there so often, that we have our favorite stops.

    Thanks for sharing the pretty view! And wow, I'm even more amazed knowing that the car was moving when this shot was taken! I thought you might have stopped at one of those scenic overlook turn outs. Great job! :)

  8. That really is a beautiful photo. And you were driving? Wow. One of my favorite drives is right where I live--along Highway 101 in N. California through the redwood tress and along the jagged coast.