Wednesday, June 12, 2013

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Something's Burnin' & Links

Hi All!

Unfortunately, fire season in the Rockies is upon us again. I woke up feeling like I'd see a plume, probably just because I'd gone to bed knowing that three fires were burning (at least), two of them not too far from me. Looked outside, no plume! But then it turned out I was looking in the wrong direction...

I took these photos from an overlook a couple miles from my house. My kids were worried when they saw the plume (after all, the last plume they saw brought plenty of terror and stress with it), so I took them up to show them how far away it was, how much was between us and the fire, and that it was on the other side of the Interstate, which is big all on its own.

This fire is about 15 miles from us, so we're not in any danger, but our friends are, and my little brother is a police officer, and was called away during a family dinner (two of my brothers have birthdays this week), so I'm hoping they get this fire under control before the 30mph winds and dry heat hit again today. Fire and police are working hard throughout the night in order to get some control while the fire is dampened (which happens at night). This is in an area called Black Forest, where a lot of people have small properties on forested land. The concentration of homes, trees, and brush has caused the fire to spread rapidly, especially paired with high temps and fast winds. Please keep residents and first responders in your thoughts and prayers.

Since I brought you all down on Hump Day, how about a random interesting photo? The kids and I saw a spiky yellow melon at the grocery store and decided we should try it. When I cut it open, it appeared to be alien fruit. The taste was mild, but the consistency was like biting into jell-o fruit. Chunky Alien Egg Jell-O Fruit. Ucky.

Alien eggs?
Now for some links.

Accepting Submissions:

Dark Continents Publishing has put out a call for their anthology "The Sea," edited by Nerine Dorman. Looking for short fiction in the genres of horror, weird science, fantasy, and sci-fi, following a sea theme. Pays $20 per story. Deadline June 21.

Burning Book Press has put out an anthology call for "Written on Skin." They are looking for erotic literature with an element of body modification involved. Deadline has been extended to July 7. Pays $25.

The Stinging Fly is looking for short fiction, poetry, and flash fiction for their Spring 2014 issue. Deadline for short fiction and poetry is June 30. Flash Fiction entries can only be submitted one day: June 22. Token payment, plus 2 issues of the month you're featured.

Columbus Creative Cooperative is looking for short fiction and narrative non-fiction by Ohio writers, past and present, only, for an anthology entitled "Best of Ohio Short Stories." Deadline June 24. Pays in a share of the profit.

Origin Fiction is accepting submissions for their sci-fi anthology "Origin Evolutions." The theme is 2113 (the year), and whatever you foresee that as. Deadline June 24. Will pay on a pro-rata royalties basis.


Kazka Press holds a monthly 713 Flash contest, wherein you write to a theme. This months theme is Life During Wartime, with a deadline of June 20. They pay $10 per story.

Visibility Fiction is hosting a Teens Only Writing Competition. Ages 13-19. Worldwide, free entry. Young adult short stories with protags from typically underrepresented minorities. First prize is AU$50. Deadline June 30.

Blog Hops:

Heather and Tara are hosting The Thrill of It All Blogfest on June 24. Share a big thrill, and you'll be entered into the contest. There are prizes!

Any of these interest you? Anything to share? Any success stories to share? Will you be telling us a thrilling story? Ever tried Chunky Alien Egg Jell-O Fruit?

May you find your Muse.


  1. I am actually not in Colorado right now so I haven't seen this in person. I'll be back soon. I love Black Forest and am sad that it is burning. Right on the corner everyone drives past too is burning. So sad.


  2. I feel fortunate to live in Maine where really, the worst thing we have is long winters. As for that fruit...uck is right!

  3. Thank you for eating the ugly, strange fruit so I don't have to. Where did you find it? We usually fall victim to strange foods at the big Asian grocery stores. Sometimes you win, sometimes you just shake your head in puzzlement.


  4. I'm sorry you're going through this again. I hope you remain out of danger and that your friends will be safe. Take care!

  5. heard about this fire. Hope you all are keeping safe. Thanks for the awesome links!

  6. Evidently, we have some fires going on out here, too, but I haven't looked into where they are.

    What the heck fruit is that?

  7. It is fire season already. Hope we can avoid a big one this year.

    What is that fruit called?!

  8. The aliens ALWAYS pop up. ALWAYS.

    Stay safe. I know the fire is miles away from you, but just, stay safe.

  9. Be safe. A fire is a living thing that consumes all. A wind turn can eat up the miles fast.

  10. I'm sad to see how many homes this fire's already taken. Even from 100 miles away in Denver the sky is smoky and red. I can only imagine how it is there. Stay safe.

  11. I hope your friends and family are okay. Frightening to see a plume like that. And that is a very weird fruit. What is it? Thanks for the links. I'll be doing more short story submissions later this year. I just need to finish my latest WIP!

  12. I can't even imagine the emotions that go through your head when you see that smoke so close to your house. It's so sad to hear about the number of people who have already lost their homes.

  13. Good to know you're not in danger. As soon as we heard about it, I thought about you and last year's fires.

    Keep yourselves safe and be prepared, what else can you do?

  14. I'm glad your family is out of the fire's path, though I feel for those directly in harm's way. As a lifelong pyrophobic, that's my worst nightmare.

    I love exotic fruits, though I'm not sure if I've ever had the one in your picture. I think the most exotic fruit I've had to date is durian, which I finally got to try this spring. It really does stink when cut open, but the taste isn't too bad.

  15. I'm glad the fire didn't reach you guys. What kind of fruit is that?!

  16. I saw those fires on the news when I was at the gym last week. Is this a yearly occurrence? I hope your brother stays safe and am glad you are out of range.

    By now I'd hope they are settled.

    I've seen those fruit in the store but I only just touch them... cause they seem so odd. Never bought and tried one, though. Sounds like the general consensus was "ucky"? lol

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

  17. Glad the fire didn't affect your area.
    Some interesting submissions there. I did try Kafka once but that was long before I learned to polish my work...may try again.

    I am interviewing an American soldier cum author and would love if you could turn up and see what he has to say.