Wednesday, June 19, 2013

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Hoooot & Links

About a month ago, there was quite a ruckus down the street from me. People stopping their cars in the middle of the street, other people standing out in the middle of that same street, people trying to climb a tree. Why? There was a giant nest with three great horned owl babies in it. "Little" downy, fluffy, curious owls. I walked to an area across the street  (not IN the street, mind you) and used a telephoto lens to get some photos, hoping not to disturb them too much.

A ranger said the owls have spectacular vision. If you look at the photo, the little owl in the front was watching me the whole time I was taking photos, just as curious about me as I was of him/her. The one in the middle never stirred, so I figure it was maybe sleeping, and the one on the right flexed its wings a few times.

Due to people endangering themselves and the owls (some idiot climbed up and tried poking them with sticks, and there was a day I had to swerve around some putz who stepped in front of me in the middle of the road as I drove back from the store, despite the fact that it was cordoned off so people would stop doing that), they ended up having to move the babies to a shelter until they can release them into the wild. I was sad for the parents, both of whom were still tending the babies. Yes, the dad stuck around, too, not something you see a ton of in nature.

Anyway, just wanted to share the babies today, as I drove by yesterday and noticed the big nest still there. That way maybe you don't have to stand in the middle of a busy street to take photos of owls. ;)

Now for some links.

Accepting Submissions:

Allegory is taking submissions through June 30 for their September issue. They are primarily looking for science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Pays $15 flat rate.

Midnight Echo, Issue 10, is open to submissions through June 30. The theme is ghost stories. Pays 3 cents per word for short stories, $100 for non-fiction, and $15-$25 for poetry.

Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing has two calls out for anthologies. Bleed is a charity anthology, with proceeds going to Children's Cancer Fund. They're looking for allegorical horror, where the monster represents cancer. Deadline June 30. Long Distance Drunks: A Tribute to Charles Bukowski, pays in royalties. Deadline is December 31.

Stilts is open for submissions for Issue 4 until June 30. They are "looking for four pieces of long-form writing that explore ideas of ritual." Pays $250.

Crossed Genres is seeking submissions for its October issue, with the theme "Strangers." They're looking for science fiction and fantasy. Deadline is June 30. Pay special attention to their caveat for those who have not sold a story to a professional paying market. They make a point to feature at least one new writer in each issue. Pays 5 cents per word (professional paying market).

Crossed Genres also has an anthology for which the deadline has been extended to June 30. They are looking for sci-fi/fantasy stories about quiltbag families. $20 flat-rate payment, plus a print and e-book contributor copy.

"The Capilano Review publishes venturesome experimental writing and art." Pays $50 per published page. Deadline for Fall 2013 issue is June 30.

Fey Publishing is seeking submissions for several upcoming anthologies. The themes are "Happily Never After" and "Horrors of History." Deadline is July 1 for both. Not paying at this time, but you will get a free e-book copy.


Casey Shay Press is open for submissions to the 2014 Mary Ballard Poetry Chapbook Prize through June 30. No fee to enter, and the winning poet will receive $500 and 25 copies of the chapbook their poetry will go into.

The 2013 BNZ Literary Awards are open through June 30. This has several categories, with prizes ranging from $150 to $10,000 (yes, you read that right). Deadline is June 30.

Any of these look good to you? Any experience with any of these publications or contests? Do you have great horned owls in your area? Would you climb the tree? Let me know if you submit to any of the above!

May you find your Muse.


  1. What is it about nature that some people feel they just have to poke it?
    Great shot. Glad they are in a safer place now.

  2. They are so adorable! I wish I could say I can't believe some fool tried to poke them with a stick, but I can. We used to have a horned owl at our old house, but our neighbor across the road shot it because it coughed up owl pellets on his walkway. There is just no hope for some people.

  3. An amazing photo; why people feel they need to disturb such sights is behind me. Thanks for the links!

  4. My daughter, No-No, loves owls. Excellent pic, too.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  5. Those poor birds. Owls are such neat animals. There was one who used to scare the crap out of me coming home from the observatory. He'd fly up, like the road was flying, because I couldn't see him until he flew. I screamed my head off every time.

    I'll have to come back and make more notes of some of these submissions. Thanks!

  6. We like owls, hubby is a bit of a birder. He's been swooped by an owl when we were walking in a park near our old neighborhood.

    They fly silently because of the wing shape and the leading edge feathers (per hubs).

  7. Hey Shannon,

    Yes indeed and finally, I'm here. Makes you want to dance and sing n'stuff.

    Let's hope them owls are left alone now.

    Links and contests. The Capilano one intrigues me. I've been to the Capilano Suspension bridge in North Vancouver.

    I wouldn't climb the tree. We have Barn owls around here. We also have foxes, hedgehogs and cats who think my vegetable patch is convenience area.

    I know you will adore me as I share your link on 'Farcebook'.

    Your starstruck fan,


  8. I'm sure the "Daddy" owl was planning the demise of a few disrespectful onlookers *poor babies* Really great picture - I love the directness of the curious baby:) Thanks again for sharing submission info - you rock!

  9. They're so adorable! I'm sad that people were so dumb and I kind of want my dog to eat the stick person for dinner, but I'm going to look on the bright side. The babies are safe and they'll grow up in a safe place and have lots of babies of their own one day.

  10. What a wonderful ending to that story. Owls are such majestic creatures.

  11. This post made me really happy and yet really sad. I completely adore owls, I can't stop buying owly kind of things for my house :) They are just such mysterious, striking birds. But to hear that they had to move the babies to protect them, which meant the parents lost their babies too soon? That is disgusting. Why in the heck would someone poke a stick at them??? I want to go jam a stick at that guy! Phew, I better settle down :)

  12. I don't think I've ever seen an owl out in nature.

  13. Humans are the dominant species or so they think. They have a right to butting everything and most times destroying it.

    I do not live in and urban sprawl, but get to see nature up close and personal all the time. As I said in my blog my cats are wranglers not predators so I've nursed a wide variety back to health and released them back to nature for all to enjoy. So sad about the babies.

  14. We have a few cranes that live in our development - they hang out by the marshes and often strut across the streets. Every spring, there are babies! I'm happy to say that the people I see watching them and taking photos are careful and keep their distance. :)

  15. Those owls are cool but very sad they had to be removed.

    I think it is great you are spreading the word about contests.

    Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  16. That's what I love about living here...wildlife everywhere. We consistently have rabbits, deer, fox in the neighborhood. We're a bit far for bears but we even had one of those a couple of years ago.

  17. Love the owls!! How very sad that they had to be moved because of such idiots.

  18. I've never known why, but I've always love owls. For as long as I can remember really. It annoys me people kept trying to mess with them. Why the hell would you climb the tree and try to poke them with a stick? Seriously?

    Hope they are better off where they are now.

    Glad to see you posting Fey Publishing! :)

    The submission looking for ghost stories may be cool, since I had a handful through the A to Z. Articulating them a bit more may be challenging, though.

    Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

  19. Would have been cool to see the owls. I've always wanted to ask one how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsiepop.