Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Dinosaurs! & Helpful Links

I took my kiddos to the Dinosaur Resource Center in Woodland Park, Colorado for this week's field trip, so I thought I'd pass along some fossil photos for [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday.

How could I not put T-Rex first?  Ol' T is never as big as I expect one to be, but I still wouldn't stand there and mock it if it was trying to chew on me.  RAWR!


This is their newest edition: Apataosaurus.  This thing was massive!  The only photos that do its length any justice, though, have my kids or niece or nephew in them, so I can't post them.

This here's Pachy.  Pachycephalosaurus, that is.   That thing towering behind him?  T-Rex.

And a bonus for you car fans out there - this beauty was parked near my car when I came out and I had to snap a photo.

Now for some helpful links:

Black Lawrence Press is in open reading period for submissions until June 30.  They are seeking literature and creative non-fiction.

Ploughshares is in open reading period for submissions of fiction, poetry and limited amounts of non-fiction.

Freefall Magazine is open for submissions until August 31.  This is for their winter issue.  They are seeking prose, poetry, art, photographs and will take proposals for interviews and reviews.

Writer's Toybox will be hosting a short story contest soon.  Details on the way.  Top entries will be included in an anthology, and the winner will be offered a novel publishing contract.

That's it for today, folks!  I hope you're having a wonderful summer (for those in the same hemisphere as me), and a great winter for those on the south side of the globe.

Any links to share?  Ever wanted to be a paleontologist?  Like dinosaurs?  What about cars? 

May you find your Muse.


mshatch said...

my brother was a big dinosaur fan so I have to like them (great pics btw!) and I've always liked old cars. That one is quite attractive altho my preference is for muscle cars :)

Andrew Leon said...

I grew up wanting to be a paleontologist. My 1st grade teacher accused me of making that word up, by the way. I have some pics of skeletons from the Smithsonian somewhere.

Unknown said...

I had a brief obsession with Palaeontology when I was 7 (Jurassic Park, go figure) but archaeology in general fascinates me. If it's buried and more than 200 years old then I'm interested :) said...

I've got no links to share but your pics of dino-bones is cool.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Mshatch, I'm a muscle car gal, myself!

Andrew, too funny about your teacher. I had a teacher argue (wrongly) with me about Bat Masterson trivia.

Jamie, I'm exactly the same way. I love history and artifacts.

Shelly, thanks!

Arlee Bird said...

Don't know all that much about dinos or cars, but I've always liked dinosaurs and I love old classic cars. I don't know what kind of car that is, but I like it very much. My parents had a maroon Hudson when I was very young and it looked very much like that car.

A Faraway View

Robyn Campbell said...

Love dinosaurs! Especially Dino. *wink* And we have always had street rods. Great links! Thanks for sharing. *waves peace sign*

Shannon Lawrence said...

Lee, I should have checked to see what kind of car it was. The little I know of Hudson Hornets, it does resemble one, doesn't it?

Robyn, Dino was great!

Anonymous said...

T-Rex so has to go first...hehe. Great photos, and thanks for sharing the links.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Tania, that's what I thought! Thanks!

Jemi Fraser said...

I wanted to be SO many things as a kid - and paleantologist was among them - as was archaeologist! Our planet's history is so fascinating! Love the photos :)

Christine Rains said...

That's so cool! My son is just starting to get interested in dinosaurs. I knew paleontologists in university, and it was fun to go on a few digs with them, but though I like treasure hunting, digging out in the heat isn't for me!

Shannon Lawrence said...

Jemi, ditto for me. I wanted to be Indiana Jones and the doctor from Jurassic Park, all rolled into one, and those things still fascinate me.

Christine, oh, how cool! Funnily enough, my daughter is far more into dinosaurs than my son is, and I love it, because she's otherwise such a girly-girl. As far as digging, I realized my back issues would probably be a pretty good deterrent. Ah well! I'm happy where I am.