Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project 52 & a Call for Information

Before I go into Project 52, I wanted to put out a call for information. I'd like to have a tab for fellow bloggers with books being released. I'm also considering a tab to house sites that provide some sort of daily writing prompt, challenge or similar offer. If you have any recommendations or a book/author you'd like listed, please post that information in comments or email it to me via the email in my profile (hint: it is my full blog name with no spaces at gmail).

Jennee and Karen put together something called Project 52, where you set 52 goals (one for each week, I believe) and cross them out as you go. You can sign up through the end of 2011. Seeing as how part of my reason for this blog is to keep myself accountable in working toward my goal of publication, I thought I would participate, but all of my goals would have something to do with my writing career (or my photography hobby). Below is my list of 52 goals, and I will try to update where I am (in brief) each week.

Project 52:
1. Write daily. Anything.
2. Finish editing Lonely Hollow
3. Finish writing Scorpio project
4. Pick title for Scorpio project
5. Transfer short stories to computer
6. Submit at least 1 horror short story for publication
7. Submit at least 1 fantasy short story for publication
8. Work on poetry
9. Submit at least 1 poem for publication
10. Edit children's stories
11. Submit at least 1 children's story for publication
12. Research flash fiction sites for contest
13. Prepare flash fiction contest
14. Establish character of Samara
15. Integrate new scenes into Lonely Hollow
16. Complete skinwalker short story
17. Complete Phantasmagoric Pumpkin Eaters
18. Try sketching characters with no appearance match
19. Develop Warrior Muse logo
20. Complete A to Z followup challenge
21. Find old floppies with saved writing
22. Compile old story ideas and tidbits into one place
23. Compile spreadsheet of publications
24. Make query/submission spreadsheet
25. Check out RMFW and consider membership
26. Complete work on Pen Women scholarship and distribute information
27. Make blog tabs for resources, prompts, publications
28. Write to a prompt weekly
29. Journal
30. Photo class
31. Reorganize office
32. Edit L wedding photos
33. Write 1000 words daily for a week (excluding weekends)
34. Write 1000 words daily for a month (excluding weekends)
35. Work on journaling with kids
36. Organize and edit scenic photos
37. Research non-fiction book
38. Start Scrivener file and introduction for non-fiction book
39. Frame chosen scenic pics
40. Write more New Never News articles
41. Query completed manuscript (once completed)
42. Take at least 1 photo every day for a month (work on photography)
43. Visit Project 52 participants
44. Go hiking at Red Rocks/photos
45. Explore a new area at Garden of the Gods/photos
46. Post a weekly photo through the end of the year
47. Submit 1 photo to a contest/publication
48. Start scanning old photos to disk
49. Work out better blogging/visiting schedule
50. Discover at least 1 new blog per week
51. Get at least 1 piece published
52. Don't forget to enjoy writing - if something becomes no fun, take a break and try something new

Would something like Project 52 help you to accomplish your goals? Can you think of 52?

May you find your muse.


Andrew Leon said...

Your list of goals makes my head hurt. 1000 words a day! I mean, I do that sometimes, but I can't make it a goal.

On the other note, I am formatting House in CreateSpace this week. I'll email you about that, though.


My that's list and goals I wish you luck.


Patricia Stoltey said...

I like this idea, Shannon. Good luck.

Arlee Bird said...

You did well. I keep meaning to make a list like this, but I haven't gotten to that item on my current list.

Tossing It Out

Shannon Lawrence said...

Andrew, I'm hoping to make that 1000 words a day goal part of what gets me back into my writing mojo once school starts back up. Must get back to my routine. Yay! I look forward to the email!

Yvonne, thank you for the good luck wishes!

Patricia, thank you!

Lee, funny! I'm a girl of many lists, it would seem, but I'm hoping this one will help me keep some things in perspective and accomplish something.