Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday 8/17/11

For today's [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday, meet Apache!

Apache was a gorgeous wolf I got to pet at last year's 1st Annual Garden of the Gods Pow Wow at Rock Ledge Ranch, here in Colorado Springs. He and his sister, Cherokee, were there to bring attention to the plight of the wolf in the west. Meeting wolves face to face is an amazing experience. I highly recommend it.

May you find your Muse.


  1. A wonderful picture and what an experience for you.

    Have a good day.

  2. Apache is gorgeous. It's so hard on humans and animals when their territories meet.

  3. Wow. This is proof of how much my dog looks like a wolf. Very pretty!

  4. Beautiful creatures, and really great names for them too! One of my co-workers has a mostly-wolf pet named Anakin and he's pretty cool when he brings him into the office:)

  5. wow, just look at those eyes!
    i hope and pray that they won't go extinct...

  6. Amazing photo. We do need the wolves. I think I saw one last fall.

  7. That is an awesome picture! A friend of mine raises wolf mixed-breeds. They are mostly wolf. Beautiful animals.

  8. Yvonne, it truly was a delightful experience.

    Carol, it is, and the results are most often sad.

    Kelly, your dog must be gorgeous! What kind?

    Mark, that's a great name for a wolf mix! My husband had a co-worker with a full female wolf in Oregon. He was a bit of an odd guy, though, so not sure if he was 100% telling the truth (or knew the truth, for that matter).

    Mymy, I hope for the same. We have several wolf conservation sites in Colorado, as well as a large animal conservation site I found today (tigers, wolves, grizzlies, cougars, black bears, etc.), so I'm hoping that's indicative of support in other states in this region, as well.

    M Pax, a wild one? So very cool! We definitely need our apex predators. I keep hearing about the deer overpopulation and such. There's a fix for that...

    Chuck, I'm sure they are beautiful!