Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday 8/24/11

First, a quick hello to fellow Platform Campaigners! I'll be doing a quick intro tomorrow and will begin visiting blogs then, as well.

For today's Wordless Wednesday, how about a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park, here in Colorado?

This was taken in fall of 2009. I wouldn't have this and my other Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park photos if I hadn't uploaded a few to Facebook since, sadly, some jerk stole my camera on Halloween night and I hadn't moved the photos off the SD card yet. Sob. I learned a valuable lesson about being sure to empty the card as soon as I'm able, though, considering I also lost my son's first Halloween performance at school, plus a ton of other photos.

2009 was the first I'd ever visited Estes Park and Rocky Mtn. Ntl. Park, though I'd heard of them for ages. Stephen King fans may know that the Stanley Hotel from The Shining is in Estes Park. Estes Park is a gorgeous place to visit in the fall when the aspen leaves are changing color, though you have to catch it just right, because everything starts shutting down for winter at the beginning of October. We went a little too late the first year, but made up for it the second year. I got to see my first elk in Rocky Mountain National Park that first year, and it was fantastic! The non-animal scenery was truly breathtaking, though. Mountains, trees, lakes, deep blue sky. Definitely a place worth visiting at least once. Plus, there are these awesome cherry stores you can visit on the way into town that sell fresh cherry cider and other cherry goodies. YUM! We got this cherry filled chocolate that I still dream about.

This particular lake is the one my poor baby girl fell into on a hike. Let me tell you, the mountains in September and October are quite brisk. As you can see, there's snow up there. And what do you think the source of water is up in the mountains? Yeah, snow melt. Poor baby girl was a popsicle by the time we got her to the car! She still loved it out there, though. Shew.

May you find your Muse.


  1. That picture is beautiful! I want to jump right into that water :)

  2. Gooooorgeous picture! We have similar scenery here in Canada out west in Alberta/BC, and I am DYING to get out there someday to take some pics of my own! Sorry to hear about your camera getting stolen, that's awful. Miserable thieves... :-S

  3. Look like a beautiful national park. The quaking aspen reminds me of a trip I just took to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon where my brother-in-law works as a ranger.

  4. Campaigner passing through. Nice picture, which could be used as a book cover.

    I see the snow, so your baby would have had quite a cold dip.

  5. beautiful my brothers would love to visit there

  6. Hi Shannon, love the pic. I see you're in the Springs - I'm west of there in Florissant! Small world. I'm your newest follower and fellow campaigner - just stopping to say "hey"!

  7. I've only ever been to Colorado in the winter, but, still, it has always been in the top 3 places I would choose to live. If I could choose. Where I live, now, has never been on that list.

  8. Estes Park is one of my favorite places in Colorado! Following you back and looking forward to campaigning with you!

  9. That photo is gorgeous!
    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

  10. Hi! Thanks for the comment on the cover. I need more fonts LOL!

    Love the picture. I've only been to CO once, but I loved it.

    This Campaign thingy is awesome!

  11. Shelly, the water was so clear, though you can't tell in the photo. I wanted to jump in, too, but it was coooold.

    Crystal, I think it's the same mountain range up there: The Rockies!

    Mark, I can't wait to get out to the Grand Canyon with a real camera. I haven't been in there in a decade. So beautiful out there!

    J.L., thank you!

    Becca, do they like hiking?

    Gwen, awesome! I was just out that way to go to the wolf conservation place. I've been meaning to take the kids to the fossil beds, but we'll see if there's a chance this fall. Love it out there!

    Andrew, but you have Skywalker Ranch out there! I do love Colorado, though, in all seriousness. Have I mentioned I was born in California? Travis Air Force Base. Moved when I was 1, though.

    Roger, nice to meet you!

    Dawn, it really is beautiful up there in Estes.

    Brianna, thank you and hello!

    Ian, LOL about the fonts!

  12. Well, yeah, we do, but it's not like I can just drop by any time I want to. If I could, though...

  13. Hi Shannon, Just dropping by to say hello. I have just joined the campaign.
    JoAnna (Helen Clancy)