Wednesday, August 31, 2011

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday 8/31/11

Hello, it's time for another [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday!

This is an elephant at the Denver Zoo. I really don't have much else to say about this guy, so I could technically make this a [Completely] Wordless Wednesday. Instead, I will offer you some random elephant facts:

1. Despite the size of their ears, elephants have rather poor hearing.
2. Their eyesight is also poor.
3. They can swim long distances.
4. An elephant was executed for murder in Erwin, TN in 1916. If you'd like to read about Murderous Mary, you can click here, but be warned that there is a sad picture (possibly a phony, if you read the entire article) and the story is somewhat disturbing.
5. Tessie the Elephant was a golf caddy at the Broadmoor, a gift from Rajaf of Najpur. Ultimately, he found her a new home when he built the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Know any interesting pachyderm facts?


  1. I know nothing about elephants, but I always liked Dumbo!

  2. Elephants are such beautiful, regal creatures. While I've appreciated the opportunity to see them in zoos, it saddens me to see them confined.

  3. Awww, I love elephants! I actually got to ride one at African Lion Safari - I was really young, so I don't remember much, but I do remember that when it was over I reached over to give the elephant a pat on the head. Lovely creatures.

  4. Wonderful post about elephants and most enjoyable to read.


  5. Very intelligent and beautiful creatures. I can tell by the earlobe that this is an Indian elephant:)

  6. murdering elephants! golf caddy elephants! whoa, i clearly wasn't aware of the dynamic character and personality of elephants.

  7. Only you could make elephant factoids interesting!

  8. Poor elephant - being held for trial and then executed... They are such gorgeous animals.

  9. Sharyn McCrumb talks about the hanging of the elephant in The Ballad of Frankie Silver if I remember correctly. I can't think what was said but I do know that she researches deeply for all of her info.BTW, thanks for the comment of my hubby's health. I really really appreciate it.

  10. my grandmother was born in Denver... and lived there a long time.. she is 85 and now lives in NY... where I live but in her own place.. I have been to the the Denver Zoo 4 times... I loved the polar bears... I also loved the tattered cover... the best... and the botonical gardens lights at the holidays... and the resteraunts in denver...and boulder.. the flagstaff... is the resteraunt Xando still there? starfish? that was in cherry creek??? I think.. I miss Denver

  11. Ah, elephants! They never forget, in the wild they have secret burial grounds, and they live longer than humans. Is nature mysterious, or what? Thank you for this "breath of fresh air" from the animal kingdom.

    Sometimes I forget how many other kingdoms are out there!

  12. Carol, ah Dumbo. I still get so burning angry at all the meanness in that movie! But I love Dumbo, too.

    MG, it saddens me, as well. I tend to be very torn about zoos. The one we have here is privately funded and the animals seem to be treated so incredibly well. I'm not sure about Denver, as I've only been there once as an adult.

    Crystal, that's cool! I've never ridden one, but my son did get to at the local Renaissance Festival. He loved it.

    Yvonne, thank you!

    Mark, I think you're right! The African elephants have larger ears, right?

    Aguilar, now you are! Haha. I bet if I spent more time on it I could dig up all sorts of things.

    J.A., haha, aw thanks! I had to put more than "elephants are gray," lol.

    TF, it was a really sad story. Quite psycho to have a lynch mob form over an animal.

    Betty, I hadn't heard of that song, but will have to look it up. Your husband is still in my thoughts.

    Nf1, wow, I think you have seen more of Denver and Boulder than I have! I do love the Botanical Gardens and Tattered Cover is an awesome place (and supportive of local writers).

    D. Ann, oh yes, the burial grounds. They are fascinating animals.

  13. If you want to learn more about elephants, I highly recommend the book 'Silent Thunder: In the Presence of Elephants' by Katy Payne. It's one of those books that makes you go "WOW". Elephant communication and social structure is just... mind-blowing. I adore these majestic, beautiful, intelligent creatures...

    And on another note, hello from a Campaigner and new follower!

  14. Faith, hi, and thank you for the recommendation!