Wednesday, November 9, 2011

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday 11/9/11, ShaNoEdWriMo Update & Contest

Before the [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday photo, I thought I'd do my penance and post an update on ShaNoEdWriMo really quickly. My current goal is 5000 words per week, 5 chapters edited. Of that, I got 0 chapters edited (I haven't even SEEN my office in the last week) and 2886 words written.


At least it wasn't zero words written, right? I intend to do better this week. I have to be home enough for that to be possible, considering all those words written were done so in snatches when I was somewhere other than home. Sigh.

I also wanted to remind people of the Pikes Peak Writers' Fiction Writing Contest. The final deadline is November 15. Details here. They are also holding weekly NaNo write-ins at the Citadel Mall, here in Colorado Springs. Check this page for more details.

Now, say hello to my little friend (said in a terrible fake Cuban accent because that's what I heard in my head a la Scarface).

This little guy is one of my backyard visitors. When I had cats he and his pals liked to harass them endlessly, throw things at them, taunt them with their tails, chatter at them about this and that, usually angrily. The magpies thought it was a ton of fun, too.

Did you know that, "relative to its size, the squirrel's jaws are the most powerful of any animal?" You can thank The White Squirrel for that factoid.

Did you know that, other than nuts and acorns squirrels eat "wheat, fruit, bird’s eggs, mushrooms, berries, oak buds, corn, insects, moths, nesting birds." That factoid is thanks to All About Squirrels. Did you read the nesting birds part twice? Because I did. Suddenly, they are not so cute!

How are your November writing goals going? Do you get squirrels around your place? Is that a good thing or a bad things?

May you find your Muse.


  1. Some words is definitely better than no words...and with motivation from that squirrel, I'm sure you'll reach your goal in no time;)

  2. And, because their teeth constantly grow, they can actually chew through metal. Now, are you scared?

  3. Mark, that squirrel IS quite the stinker!

    Andrew, I read that! Nasty little buggers, eh? I'm surprised we haven't had a squirrel in the attic problem, what with all the tall aspens right next to my house on the side. I feel like I need more cats.

  4. He is so cute.. didn't know that about their jaws... just learnt something new:)

  5. Tania, I just keep thinking of a squirrel mixed with Jaws, the Bond character. Big gold teeth in a squirrel's mouth. Strange...

  6. I will trade you your squirrel for one of my possums! Possums can't chew through metal, but they can peel the tin off a roof to get inside.

    Also, I've left an award for you over at my blog.

  7. New follower here, nice to meet you, Shannon!

  8. Hi Shannon--I am on the same journey, editing the 2nd book of my trilogy and working to get the first out--loved your post about the squirrels etc....afraid to read about the nests! our back yard is a mass of partially eaten walnut shells!

    Good luck with your project!

  9. I'm pretty convinced squirrels are evil.

  10. No squirrels around my house, but there are tons of them in the trees in my mother's yard in Tennessee. My November writing goals for NaNo are not doing well at all right now.

    A Faraway View

  11. Love the squirrel, what a cutie.

    2886 words is great! Like you said, some words are better than none. Congrats and best of luck with meeting your goal for the rest of the month.

  12. Jen, ew, I didn't know that about possums! I just learned we have them here, though I've never seen one here. And thank you! I'm late, but I will be there shortly.

    Matthew, so glad to have you here!

    Authorinprogress, it's not enough that they're creepily powerful, but they're messy, too. Good luck with your second book!

    Liz, I'd have to agree, and my cats would have, as well.

    Lee, sorry about your NaNo goals not going well. I figure if anything gets jump started, if there is any more progress than usual, then NaNo is doing its job.

    Julie, thanks!

  13. My grandparents used to have issues with squirrels chewing through their fuse box. Evidently, the squirrels felt it made a good chewing surface to wear their teeth down. One of them actually took their power out once, because it started eating into the fuses. He, um, didn't make it.