Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday 9/7/11

Since we just had a federal holiday, how about a federal picture?

This is the White House, photographed from the National Mall. There were five billion people there, due to it being Memorial Day weekend (boy, did we regret that one!). There were political rallies and bikers galore, as well as a parade. Best of all, we got to tour the White House, thanks to hubby's connections, which included visits to the Rose Garden, the Oval Office, the Press Room and the Situation Room(s). They had a groovy high tech phone booth for very private calls. Soundproof. We kept the kids in there for a little while and couldn't hear a thing. ;-p (I jest...mostly.)

Sadly, only photographs from the press room and outside the White House are shareable. There were parts of the tour where we had to lock up phones in little secure cases and swear on our future graves that we wouldn't take any photographs.

Also sadly, I did not get to have any discussions about how Capraesque the situation was. Guess the guards just weren't feeling chatty that day.

Five bonus points to anyone who can tell me what I'm referring to right there!

May you find your Muse.


  1. You certainly got a nice outside pic, though! That's so neat that you got a tour. :-)

  2. I too was at Washington on Memorial Day this year, boy it was hot, we could not get too close to the White House as The President was due back from Arlington Cemetary but we could see from a distance his arriving back.
    It really is a lovely City and as I have only seen it on TV it was a privilege to see it .


  3. Hello, I am a new follower. Thank you for stopping by!I wish you a wonderful wednesday. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil!
    Literatura& LInguagens

  4. Are you referring to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington? Do I get 5 points? :D

    I've been to DC, but never got to tour the White House. That sounds awesome! I cracked up about the kids in the sound proof rooms LOL.

    Great picture!

  5. Wait a minute. Your husbands has connections to get you a tour of the White House, and you're envious that I've been to Skywalker Ranch?!?! Dude! I'm scared to ask what kind of connections those must be.

  6. Crystal, it was really cool!

    Yvonne, I lived out there in Maryland as a kid, so this wasn't my first visit, BUT I've long wanted to go back as an adult. It's a different place when you're all grown up!

    Nelson, greetings in return!

    Julie, I would love to say yes, but I haven't seen it (I know; that is so wrong). It's "American President."

    Andrew, if I told you, he'd have to kill you! ;-p It's via his job.

  7. Let's see... you live in CO. He doesn't work at NORAD, does he?

  8. He doesn't work at NORAD or I'd have that darned tour! My dad briefly worked there, though. That always made me love War Games. (You know, because as a kid it is cool to know your dad worked some place like that). I was totally disappointed to hear how unrealistic it was.