Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Huge Thank You, Writer's Fun Zone, Read with Fey, & Free Horror Reading

We've found our way to the end of another month already!

I forgot to link to my interview at Writer's Fun Zone: Author Q&A with Shannon Lawrence.

I also did a live reading of my Lupercalia/Valentine's horror piece, Blind Date from Happy Ghoulidays, which is available on YouTube to watch: Stories Live! Love Kills.

To thank everyone who allowed me to be a guest during my book launch for The Business of Short Stories, my beta readers, and those who helped in other ways, I invited them to send me something they'd like to share. Following are their books or blog posts they wanted to share, and hopefully a great way to pick up a new read!

Jean Davis

Jean Davis: Not Another Bard's Tale

Alex J. Cavanaugh

Alex J. Cavanaugh: CassaDark
Coming April 5, 2022

Coming April 5, 2022

Website -

iTunes –

Amazon –

Barnes & Noble –

Kobo –

Scribed –

Goodreads –

Jemima Pett

Jemima Pett: Greed and Retribution

Jemima Pett Author at

Jemi Fraser

Jemi Fraser: Reaching for Normal

Free at all retailers 
Jemi Fraser website:

Annalisa Crawford

Annalisa Crawford: Grace & Serenity

J.Q. Rose

J.Q. Rose: Terror on Sunshine Boulevard

DeAnna Knippling

DeAnna Knippling: Writing Craft, Volume 1

Toi Thomas

Toi Thomas: Why Are You Afraid?

Toi Thomas writes clean adult fiction and nonfiction, as well as writes and illustrates picture books. Click here to see a book trailer for her picture books. Her latest release is Why Are You Afraid?, a book that helps parents start the race conversation with their kids.

Find Toi online here:

Rebecca M. Douglass

Rebecca M. Douglass: Death by Donut

Book 5 of the Pismawallops PTA Mystery Series!

When a prominent Pismawallops Island businessman drops dead at JJ’s feet in the Have-A-Bite Bakery, there’s more on the line than catching a murderer. Can JJ save the bakery—and maintain her supply of espresso brownies?

Ninja Librarian FB page:

Thank you to these folks and everyone else who helped! 

Chrys Fey is doing a reading challenge this year that I intend to take part in. The Read with Fey Challenge asks that you read 10 books for writers in 2022. It started January 1 and will go through December 31. 

Read with Fey: Reading Challenge for Writers

You don't have to read 10 books for writers. Set your own goal! I likely won't make it to 10, as nonfiction books take me longer to read and I have other nonfiction books to read this year, so I'm going to set my goal for 5 books for writers.

Hashtags for the challenge: #ReadWithFey #ReadWithFey2022

There's no sign up, but she does have an option for you to add yourself to the storygraph she's created. Read more at Write with Fey.

And, hey, my book counts as a book for writers, so if you've picked it up or plan to, that's one down!

Speaking of which, I have more formats available for The Business of Short Stories now, most of which are at this Books2Read universal link. For some reason I've had a lot of problem getting the Books2Read link to auto-populate, so I've had to manually add a bunch of the links. It doesn't show on this link, but the book is also available from Walmart. Check out my Publications tab for more direct links.

Are you participating in Chrys's challenge? Do you already have some books you're interested in reading for it? Have you read any of the books in this post? 

May you find your Muse.

*Blue Swoosh by, OCAL


Annalisa Crawford said...

Thanks for sharing my book, and everyone else's too. Some varied titles here!

cleemckenzie said...

Yep another month has just about stepped off the calendar. Glad you had a good launch! said...

Well done, completing the launch, quite an undertaking, Shannon!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for sharing my upcoming release!
Well, reading your book for that challenge certainly counts.

Mary Kirkland said...

I know a couple of these bloggers, I'll have to check out the rest.

Kelly Steel said...

Awesome to see all these books! Thanks for sharing about all these.

Jemima Pett said...

Lots of good books there, several of which I’ve already read 😀 Thanks for including mine - it was a pleasure to feature The Business of Short Stories on my blog!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Shannon - sounds an excellent collaboration of bloggers, also showing us new books to read - good luck to all - cheers Hilary

Toi Thomas said...

Thanks so much for sharing my book. I too am doing the Read With Fey challenge and I read your book in February.

Jemi Fraser said...

You're such a sweetie to link to us all!
I take longer to read/digest nonfiction as well. I'm thoroughly enjoying your book. You have such an enjoyable style!

Joylene Nowell Butler said...

Thanks for sharing so many new releases, Shannon. Congratulations to all the authors. What a thrill to see so many.

Rebecca M. Douglass said...

Thanks for the shout-out! What a great bunch of books for me to check out.

J.Q. Rose said...

Thank you for sharing my book on your site and the opportunity to find more books to read! I loved having you as a guest on my blog. I devoured your book with such great tips for story writers! Best wishes with your new release!

Kalpana said...

Wonderful set of books. I'm going to try and read all of them. Happy IWSG Day and thanks ofr co-hosting this month.