Wednesday, March 5, 2014

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - How Now Brown Gull? & Links

I'm accustomed to seagulls being a very specific set of colors, a set appearance. However, on my last visit to Oregon, I saw this inquisitive little guy.

Anyone know anything about this type of bird/gull? It looks quite gull-like, but its coloration is closer to a skua. Can the two mate? Hmmmm. You can see common Oregon birds at this link and see for yourself.

Now for some links that probably don't include birds.

Note: I pass along these links as I find them online, but I have not personally vetted them. Please do your due diligence and research anyone before you submit to them for a contest or publication.

Accepting Submissions:

I previously posted information about a Kickstarter for Women Destroy Science Fiction. Well, they not only got enough funding for that anthology, but also for Women Destroy Horror and Women Destroy Fantasy special editions. The editors are Ellen Datlow, Cat Rambo, and Terri Windling. They will OPEN for submissions March 15. Women Destroy Horror will be a special edition of Nightmare Magazine, and will pay $.08/word. It will close for submissions March 31. Specifications are the same for Women Destroy Fantasy, but this will be submitted through Fantasy Magazine/Lightspeed. All three of these are for women or those who identify as women only.

Long Count Press will remain open for submissions for their anthology, Songs of the Great Cycle, through March 31. They are looking for Mesoamerican fantasy. Pays $20, plus royalties and an e-book copy. 3000-10,000 words. Deadline March 31.

Rather than their usual short story theme, Crossed Genres is having their Flash Fiction Free-For-All between March 1 and March 31. 300-1000 words. Any subject, as long as it's fantasy and/or science fiction. Pays $.05/word.

Black Tome Books is looking for poetry and short fiction set in Cairo, Egypt in the genre of steampunk/gaslamp for their anthology Cairo by Gaslight. Payment is in contributor copies. Deadline is March 31. 

Exile Editions is putting together an anthology entitled Start a Revolution: Quiltbag Fiction Vying for Change. 2000-10,000 words. They are looking for stories of revolution with a QUILTBAG protagonist (this is defined on their page, but has to do with LGBT, pansexual, and fluid sexual definitions, so please see their specifications). Pays $.05/word. Deadline March 31.


Harmony Ink has issued a Young Author Challenge. They are seeking LGBT short stories from authors between 14 and 21 years of age for their anthology. Payment is $25-$55. Deadline is March 15.

Lunch Ticket is hosting the Diana Woods Memorial Award in Creative Non-Fiction. Winner receives $250 and publication in Lunch Ticket. Deadline March 31. Essays up to 5000 words.

Any of these of interest to you? Anything to add? Any publishing news? Have you seen a bird like the one above? What do you think it is?

May you find your Muse.


  1. I don't know what he is, but he's a cutie! I love gulls. <3

  2. I've never seen a gull like that. A hybrid or a mutation?

  3. Wow, I'm impressed, you are awash in great links and tips! I've seen muddy colored gulls on the Jersey shore, but I'm not sure they're the same as the one in your pic.

  4. Thanks Shannon, enjoyed the gulls posts!

    Wanted to thank you for the A-Z post today and your help in sorting out the link. I'm hoping that I'll have this sorted during the day tomorrow and sorry if you have to jump a hoop to get to mine, if you do that is!

  5. Mutt birds, huh? That's fitting for Oregon. I'll have to write that into one of my stories sometime.

  6. I can tell you that that is a bird and that it appears to have wings.

  7. Hey Shannon,

    Whenever I see a seagull nearby, it means it has strayed away from the local landfill site. That looks like a part duck, part seagull.

    No mention of blog hops? Are you okay, Shannon?

    Gary :)

  8. Julie, it's fun to watch them at the beach. They've certainly got a lot of personality.

    Susan, I don't know! I find him fascinating.

    Catherine, interesting. Maybe he came all the way over from the east coast?

    Alex, he was full-sized (as far as I know). The same size as the other adult gulls.

    Susan, I'm glad I could help! I hope you've got it sorted.

    Mary, I've got photos for you if you do! It was at Depoe Bay.

    Andrew, I think you are spot on.

    Gary, ha, I simply pass along what's online, man! It always weirds me out when I see a seagull in Colorado, seeing as how we're in the middle of the country and quite landlocked. But it happens.