Wednesday, March 19, 2014

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Bridge the Gap & Links

I visited D.G. Hudson's blog and saw a photo of a bridge, and felt like sharing a bridge photo, too. Because I enjoy bridges. I thought about just posting a collection of those I'd posted before, but this one hasn't been posted and it happened across my path, so here it is.

Bridge in Depoe Bay, OR

Now for some links.

Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that I am just passing along links I've come across. I have not researched these beyond looking up the various details. You should always do your due diligence in researching anything you submit to.

Accepting Submissions:

Emby Press has a quarterly publication that publishes novellas, Monster Hunting Quarterly. Open call. Pays in royalties and contributor copies. They also have five anthologies open for submissions right now. Two of those anthologies, Deep Sea Monster Hunter: Leviathan and Superhero Monster Fighter: The Good Fight, close for submissions March 31.

Mixer Publishing is open for submissions through April 1. They're looking for post-genre fiction (I'll let them define that). Payment is in royalties. They also have a contest, which closes July 31. Poetry and prose. Cash prize, with first being $1500. Entry fee is $25.

Azrael's Stop is putting together an anthology of stories that take place at Azrael's Stop (you'll see if you check it out). Payment is a share of the profits. Short fiction. Tales of the Stop.

Storm Moon Press has several anthology calls out. Bygone Beasts closes March 30. As does the Gunslingers edition. There are LGBT requirements for these. Paying market, plus contributor copies.

Freedom Forge Press is putting together an anthology, Forging Freedom II. 1500-5000 words. Deadline April 1. Pays royalties, $10 advanced payment, and contributor copy.


Vela is holding a Non-Fiction Contest for Women Writers. Deadline March 31. Essays. No entry fee. First place is $500 and publication.

World City Stories puts up stories from cities around the world (I know, that seemed sort of obvious, didn't it? Hush). They're holding a contest to get more stories in. No entry fee. First prize is €100.

Of Interest:

You may have heard a bit about the Amtrak Residency Program. Well, here it is! Be sure to read ALL the fine print, please, and decide after that if you'd still like to apply. Some are okay with the possible ownership of their work by Amtrak, others are not.

Any of these catch your fancy? What do you think about the Amtrak residency? Anything to share? Publishing news?

May you find your Muse.


  1. I love pictures of bridges also. One of our century old bridges near here is closed for repairs as the brickwork is crumbling.

  2. Photos of bridges over water always make me want to go down and check the depth of water to see if it's safe to jump. I could get at least 2 revolutions on a flip off that bridge!! How fun!

  3. Great minds and all that, sometimes think alike. I love the perspective on that photo. . .

    Thanks for the mention, Shannon. I was surprised when I saw the bridge photo on your post!

    Now, to check on those links.

  4. Interesting. When I read "Residency" I imagined they were building permanent apartments into a bullet train, and wow, what a unique idea!

  5. Nice bridge. There's a lot of water... well, on the western side of the state. Not so much over here. We have ravines and stuff.

  6. Hey human, Shannon,

    Such a fine bridge. We have loads of neat bridges in Britain.

    I note all your links. Once again, no blog hops mentioned. I'm pawfoundly grateful for that.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

  7. Paris and London have great bridges.

  8. I also love bridges. We don't have big ones where I am, though. I love New York City's bridges.

    Thanks for the links. I already read a few of them.

  9. Yeah, the Amtrak ownership clause was a huge deal-breaker for me. And I'm more of a reader than a writer on trains anyway.

  10. That bridge is gorgeous Shannon and those contests sound like fun!

  11. The Amtrak program sounds so cool to me. Wish I could hop on a train and do it. :)

    I love bridges too - great photo.

  12. Susan, well, that's never good. I hope they can do what they need to do and shore it up without ruining the historic details.

    Sabrina, that's a passage for ships coming from the sea to a docking bay, so I imagine it would have to be fairly deep, right? How many bridges have you jumped from?

    D.G., I love bridges, so you inspired me!

    Andrew, I dig it.

    Crystal, I wonder if anyone has ever lived on a train?

    Mary, well...they're interesting ravines!

    Penny, I'd love to come visit and photograph bridges and architecture your way someday!

    Shelly, as well as other architecture! Photog's dream.

    Medeia, I love all kinds of bridges, big and small. There's a tiny cobblestone bridge near my house, in a field, that has such character.

    John, it sounds like they've worked on fixing the language. Not sure if it's done yet, but it sounded like they wanted it to be clear they had no ownership over your writing.

    Maurice, the old bridges have so much character.

    Julie, I'd love to do it, as well. Now that it sounds like the language has been changed, I may apply!