Monday, March 24, 2014

3, 2, 1...Takeoff! Book Launch for Worlds on Edge

The delightful M. Pax is back, with another entry in the exciting Backworlds series:

The story of the Backworlds continues, and the story of Earth begins.

Worlds on Edge
by M. Pax
Fifth book in the Backworlds series

War is coming. A horde of merciless aliens poise just beyond the Edge. In a matter of weeks they will devour the worlds.

Racing ahead of the apocalypse, Craze returns to the Backworlds to warn them and plan a defense. Only he can’t go home. Banned from Pardeep Station, he must wage a more urgent battle. His moon is under siege, and his friends are dying.

Bad things come in threes, and the galaxy is no exception. An old enemy returns, attacking moons and defenseless globes, leaving a wake of destruction. Worse than that, they threaten to join forces with the alien horde.

Defeat seems inevitable. Craze may not be able to stop it. Yet home is worth the fight.

Fantasy, science fiction, and the weird beckons to M. Pax, and she blames Oregon for that, a source of endless inspiration. She docents at Pine Mountain Observatory in the summers, teaching the public about the stars and the galaxy. A Bachelors of Science in Journalism, she had former lives in marketing and television before settling down to write. Want to know more?

Have you read the other books in the Backworlds series yet? Ready for another space adventure?

May you find your Muse.


  1. Sounds exciting! Tweeted!

    Hugs and chocolate!

  2. Very cool! I have not read the Backworlds series yet, but we're both getting more into sci-fi lately and might just have to snag one up.

  3. It's finally here! "Home is worth the fight" is one of the best taglines I've ever read.

  4. Love M Pax's worlds. Congrats to her on her new release.

  5. Yes, love the Backworlds series, and this one sounds impressive.
    Congrats, Mary!

  6. Shelly, Yay, thank you for tweeting it!

    Alex, hi!

    B&B, will you guys write a sci-fi together in the future?

    Maurice, that is a great tagline, isn't it?

    Susan, thanks for coming by!

    D.G., it definitely sounds good!