Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Wisconsin Giants

In January 1870, a group of unusual skeletons was discovered in Wisconsin. They were not the first to be discovered. Indeed, there were burial mounds all over the mid-west, especially along the Mississippi River, that yielded these giant skeletons, believed to be a Native American tribe of the mound builders time period that was unknown. Their heads sloped directly back from above the eyes, they had high cheekbones, and they were said to have a double row of teeth. Some report that they possessed six fingers on each hand, six toes on each foot.

                                              By James Steakley (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons                                                                           

In August 1891, more skeletons were found, along with a defense system that came to be known as Fort Aztalan to researchers.

In May 1912, eighteen of these skeletons were discovered by Beloit University. They were said to be seven to nine feet tall, and to have elongated jaw bones, resembling apes.

Skeletons ranged in size from seven feet to nine feet tall. They were buried with arrowheads, copper rods, and other hand-worked items.

It is said that giant remains have been found around the world, and that a race of giants is reported in the bible. Some of the giants in other countries are much taller than the North American ones.

Sadly, these skeletal remains, some of which have been photographed, have disappeared. One skeleton is on display, called the Aztalan Princess, but she is of normal height. Could she be just a teenager? Did these skeletons ever exist? Or were they simply a hoax? Is it possible there were taller races at some point, despite the fact that we're supposed to be getting taller, not shorter? Could it have been that a genetic defect existed, like the current gigantism, and was more common amongst certain groups? People suffering from gigantism these days tend to be between seven and nine feet tall. Coincidence?

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P.S. If you're interested in this topic, I found a blog dedicated to reporting the discovery of giant human skeletons.


  1. Giants are in the Bible - it's possible.

  2. Hi Shannon,

    I can see this as being a very real possibility. Perhaps an anomaly. But you never know.

    Although six fingers on each foot would be quite the unusual characteristic. Be well, Shannon and enjoy the weekend.


  3. I did not know about these giants or that they were associated with the mound builders. Interesting!

  4. Never heard of this, though I do think it's convenient that they've all disappeared. Then again I'm sure that's what all the naysayers are already saying :)

    I love hearing about things like this anyway!

  5. If you look at those who suffer with gigantism you will see the same traits as you describe. I believe they are genetic throw backs to an earlier time.

  6. Their disappearance is interesting. As for their height - just look to basketball pros - men and women...some of those players are unbelievably tall!

  7. Possibly true! The fact that these remains disappeared, however, brings up another possibility: could it be that someone is setting us up?

  8. Nature may have tried many variations on the human, especially if the forehead sloped back. Could they be a missing link of some sort, if they exist?

    Genetics and aberrant growth are interesting subjects.

  9. I believe it's possible. Giants are mentioned often in folklore, myths, the Bible. There's a seed of truth in almost everything.

  10. This is one of those things I can't get behind, not because of giants, but because of the whole conspiracy theory crap around it. As cool as it would be, I don't believe the government has some big warehouse somewhere where they're hiding things like this.

  11. I think it's definitely possible, I wouldn't totally discount anything. This is another story I'd never heard before, very interesting.

  12. I think I've heard of this story before. Maybe they had a condition like Marfan Syndrome, which causes unnaturally tall height, or gigantism.

  13. I wouldn't be surprised if there were groups of people or different types of hominid that had those characteristic's. It's strange that none of these skeletons still exist though, except the one of usual height. There are definitely pygmy skeletons smaller than the pygmy races of today, so why not giants.

  14. It could be possible. Maybe these giants are what Bigfoots are today.

  15. Fascinating! I had no idea! I agree with Christine that they could be Sasquatch remains or relatives. But if they were found in 1912, there was photography then...why weren't a couple of pictures taken?

  16. Alex, heck, "giants" exist today! It's the disappearing skeletons that are hard to swallow.

    Gary, ha, you caught me! I modified that. Why, yes, six fingers on their feet WOULD be quite odd.

    Marcy, except for the disappearing skeletons part, none of it sounds terribly far-fetched at all.

    Trisha, I agree, quite convenient. That is the hardest part to swallow. The rest is not too far out there.

    J.L., I agree, many of those traits still exist, though maybe not in the same package. For instance, six fingers/toes occurs here and there still, as well.

    M.J., I agree! The heights weren't so far out there that I couldn't believe it. Now, I did see one that said 15 1/2 feet, and I skipped that one.

    Rosaria, could be!

    D.G., they definitely could be. I believe I saw comparisons to Neanderthal in some of the articles, too.

    T., I agree that there are seeds of truth behind myths and stories. There's always something. For instance, I found articles about the creature that may have inspired tales of cyclops (it was an elephant-like creature).

    Andrew, gasp! What kind of Indiana Jones fan are you!? And no, I don't go for conspiracy theories.

    Julie, I hadn't heard of them until I was researching topics to write about. This one sounds more likely than many others.

    Carrie-Anne, it would make sense. The condition certainly can't be distinct to our time period. The question being, why the concentration of them in one group?

    DayDreamer, I'll have to look into the skeletons shorter than pygmy height!

    Christine, could be! My mom said she once went to a family reunion for one side of her family, and there were some super tall hairy people there. ;) (I wink, but it's true).

    JoJo, there are actually photos of at least one of the skeletons found, but it wasn't on a commons site, so I didn't re-post it. I imagine after that time frame they are automatically creative commons, but I try not to mess with it. I believe the photo that was prevalent was one found in California, though. So that's a good question.

  17. I think there might be something to that Jack and the beanstalk tale *searches for magic beans*

  18. This is so cool! I wonder how it would feel to live among giants. I guess sort of like being a normal girl in a room full of super models. I just wouldn't measure up. :( Jennifer a.k.a Urban Gypsy Girl

  19. Another fascinating story. Its odd that these skeletons have disappeared.


  20. this is really interesting. I grew up in the Midwest of the states, yet I never heard of these giant skeletons before your post.

    Thanks for stopping by my AtoZ.

  21. The "princess" was probably younger when she died, but buried with them. Or, perhaps, she was the unusual one, since she was of normal height. It could very easily just be some sort of condition, or even radiation.

  22. I would say either a hoax, or people with gigantism who were killed for being different.

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog: