Monday, September 24, 2012


Ever get to that place where you're incredibly busy and feel...

Ah, that's a good one, isn't it?

This week the pressure is on!  I need to get my PowerPoint presentation finished for Friday.  Add that to the billion other things I have to do.  Luckily, I like playing around with PowerPoint.  This will be my first time using PowerPoint for a presentation using a projector, and I won't have my Personal Tech Guru (PTG) on hand.  Wish me luck that my Super Villain powers don't come into play and zap something.  After all, without PTG and his Super Hero powers, who knows what could go wrong?!

I do enjoy being busy and having jobs to do, and I'm very excited about Friday.  All of this busy, busy, busy is good for one other thing, too: I finally said "no" to someone.  You see, I'm one of those people who doesn't want to let anyone down.  I want to help them out, and I hate to disappoint.  Thus, I will find a way to be able to say "yes," even if that means a significant amount of stress or pressure.  Well, someone asked me to add one more massive project on top of all this and I told them I couldn't do it.  And you know what?  The world didn't blow up!  I don't even think they hate me.  Go figure!

One bad thing about the busy is that I haven't made any time for writing or editing (other than blog stuff), so that is something that must change.  I am going to give myself license to not feel guilty about that for this week only, and then next Monday I will begin NaNoEdMo.  I did NaNoEdWriMo (which I made up) last year, but this year I plan to hit NaNoWriMo for real in November, thus leaving me October for editing.  I want to edit my WIP#1, Lonely Hollow, and I want to edit several short stories I have written but not revisited.  If I could FINISH editing Lonely Hollow I could start querying in November or December.  While that puts a sort of additional pressure on me, the butterflies it causes are ones of excitement, which I'm delighted to discover.  I get excited when I think of getting back to editing my WIP, and I get excited when I think about beginning the query process (hopefully).  Do me a favor and remind me of that when I'm getting those rejections and falling into a deep hole of depression.  Mmmm-k?

Speaking of rejection, I did receive two rejections in the last two weeks.  One rejection I was quite okay with; the other I found very disappointing - I wanted it very badly.  Happily, a few people cheered me up on Facebook, and I was able to just spend one evening being sad then move on.  It happens, and I'm going to re-submit both pieces elsewhere.   

What's your pressure this week?  Does Billy Joel still rock or what?  What are your favorite and/or most productive ways to cope with pressure/stress?  Do you have trouble turning people down?

May you find your Muse.


  1. I'm sure your Power Point presentation will be awesome. Don't worry about that rejection - just keep trying.
    My pressure it completing edits on my next book so I can send it to my critique partners.

  2. It feels like I'm always under pressure, pressure to write, pressure to edit, and pressure to be a good mom. When I'm really feeling pent up I just tell myself that I cna only do what i can do and the rest can wait. It makes everything in my life and everyone around me much happier!

  3. Oh my gosh. I know exactly how you feel. My presentation isn't even done because up until last week, I thought I was on a panel. I'm totally stressed and I have family coming in on Thursday. Madness!
    I've promised myself that October will be a writing month. I have trouble saying no too but I need to next month. Maybe you and I can practice on each other. :)

  4. great song and good luck this week

  5. I hope everything goes well. Being busy can be nice, until one is too busy to breath.

    I find reading helps with stress, at least for me. I wrap up in blankets, pretend I'm Sherlock in my sheet, and read for an hour or more if I have the time.

    Turning people down is hard, I agree.

    Thank you for the follow and comment. 8-)


  6. I can work under pressure, and can meet deadlines, but a steady diet of that can be harmful to your health.

    I feel pressured to get the work out when the timing is right. I feel pressure from my own goals.

    Good luck with the presentation, Shannon, and tell the audience techie associate is missing. . . if anything goes wrong. Creative people aren't always the best at running equipment. So then, they might offer to help.

  7. Even if you get rejected from an agent you LOVED it doesn't mean you can't re-query them after a month or so and more edits. Don't lose heart, it takes a lot of time!

    Also, I haven't heard of the conference you mentioned on JA's blog. Do you know when it usually is?

  8. Great song. Great idea to give yourself a no-guilt week and jump back in next week. I LOVE the idea of NaNoEdMo!!

  9. Oh man, do I ever get the issue of pressure! I've got a writer's conference next week, a book to edit for my publisher, my own book launch, my son coming home from college for the first time (for his 18th birthday) and one blogfest, all by October 18th. I'm ready to explode!

  10. Alex, good luck on those edits!

    J.A., sounds excellent. And, yes, there is that mom pressure, too. I think kids are the most forgiving souls out there.

    Evangeline, yes, let's do practice saying no! We can take turns writing each other and asking to do something. My topic for the presentation got changed, too, and this version is more speaking from the heart than laying out anything concrete, and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to put that together in advance.

    Becca, thanks!

    Miss Jack Lewis, reading definitely helps relax me. I know I've got too much on my mind when I sit down to read and don't retain any of it.

    D.G., I will definitely mention it if something should happen...good idea. Luckily, this is one I can do for the most part without the slides, and I'll just be sure to have business cards on hand so I can send them any notes I wanted them to have if need be.

    Lynn(e), luckily, this was just an anthology, but that is good advice on agents. Thank you! This is going to sound awful, but I know a couple of JA's on here. Could you tell me where it was that I mentioned it and I can tell you?

    Andrew, Friday I speak at the AuthorFest of the Rockies. Eek!

    Tonja, thank you! You should join me in NaNoEdMo. We can encourage each other.

    Nancy, good luck with everything you've got going on! I hope you have a wonderful time visiting with your son.

  11. Ah, this is the public speaking thing you were talking about (somewhat) recently. You'll be fine! Remember, you know how to talk!

  12. Andrew, I like how you put that. Makes it seem so easy!

  13. Oh, I forgot all about this song! I still love it. :)

    I'm sorry to hear about your rejections, but glad you are feeling better about them now.

    Good luck on Friday! I hope the presentation is a huge success!

  14. Power Point presentation, gosh it's been awhile. Sounds like you've got a plan and have it under control! Yes, I have trouble turning folks down, and as far a coping -- I'm the worst. I lose myself in a book, enjoy the sunshine, go for a walk, or do mind numbing stuff like the laundry. :)
    As far as rejection, sounds like you've got that conquered -- resubmit!

  15. Wowza, you're busy! Kudos to you for saying no though :) And yes, Billy Joel rocks!

    Jamie @ Mithril Wisdom

  16. Julie, it's great, isn't it? And thanks!

    Yolanda, mind numbing is my go-to method. Going for a walk is my favorite, and I usually come back feeling encouraged and ready to hit it all again.

  17. Jamie, I imagine we're all plenty busy, but man is it catching up to me right now!

  18. Remember to take a hard copy of your PPT! I had the whole system go pfft once - no nothing - and had to rely totally on those precious pieces of paper to get me through. Talk about stress and rising to the challenge!

  19. Hi lovely Shannon, your optimism is contagious. I miss those times when I was busy, I hope they'll return soon :). Regarding the rejections...hehe if Agatha Christie handled 35...I am sure we can manage with a few dozens as well :). Good luck Shannon and kisses.

  20. Your busy makes me feel very guilty!!! I am never that busy! Perhaps I shoud be... Best of luck with everything!

  21. Sounds like you are going to be busy. Don't feel guilty for having to say no. Everyone has their limits. Best wishes with all you have to do.

  22. Powerpoint is fun to play with. Best on your presentation.

    Seems the busier I am, the wiser i use my time.

  23. I enjoy using Powerpoint too...I have helped a lot of people edit and tweak their presentations but sometimes my own don't turn out...go figure!! I listened to a lot of BJ back in the day...he rocks for sure. Good luck with all your NaNo's...

  24. Hi Shannon!
    Sorry for posting this here but couldn't find an email address on your site.

    Just wanted to thank you for leaving a comment on my blog under the Taste of Fear contest. I mentioned I would give away five copies of the book. And since only 8 people left comments, it was easy to pick the winners! lol
    Anyway, if you can send me your email, I can send you a Kindle version or whichever you prefer?

  25. Sue, great advice! I did take a hard copy with my notes on it. Luckily, everything worked, but I was afraid it wouldn't.

    Petronela, so true! And look where Agatha Christie ended up. I hope you find your busy soon.

    Pat, busy is good, but not too busy! I'm willing to bet you've got nothing to feel guilty about.

    Susanne, thank you, and you're right! Everyone reaches that point, and I have.

    Mary, I had so much fun with it, and then I removed most of the animations. Still, I enjoyed every moment. Haha! And you're right, one adjusts to how much needs to be done. I swear, the busier I was, the more I got done.

    Chuck, it's so much easier to judge something belonging to other people. Otherwise, you're too close to it. I've found that with so many things. I still have a BJ CD in my car for when I'm stuck in traffic.

    Jeremy, yay! I will contact you. Hopefully I didn't miss out.