Wednesday, September 19, 2012

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Signs of Fall & Linkies

Sorry for this being late, but I had internet/network issues last night and had to give up on fixing them after a couple hours of intense frustration.  Murg.

Today I have for you some signs of fall!  I love fall; it's my favorite season of the year.  My mood always improves as soon as that little touch of briskness hits the air.  The smells change, the sensations.  Love it!

Here are some photos taken of Garden of the Gods a couple days apart (in 2012, despite what my photos say, as I did this late and utterly frustrated and aggravated with the hope that I could get it thrown up in the A.M. and, therefore, failed to check the watermark year).  At the bottom of the photos, you can see some scrub that has started changing.  In fact, there was a difference just within those couple of days.  Day 1 was misty and drizzling.  Day 2 was sunny, but with a haze.  But hark, what is that?  Snow on the Peak!  Our first official snow on Pikes Peak definitely means fall is here.

Hubby and I have a date on Friday to drive into the mountains and see the aspens changing.  We had said date last week, but then he got sick.  Poor hubby.  I'm hoping to have some gorgeous photos for you next week.

Now, for the links.

Blog Challenge:

Jane Ann McLachlan is hosting the October Memoir and Backstory Blog Challenge, wherein she asks you to blog 25 days in October, starting on Day 1 at Year 1 of your life or your child's.  The point is to cover a year in the life for each of the 25 week days.  Do it as you please: write poetry, post photos, write about a character's life instead of yours.  Make it what you'd like.

Free Story Release:

Our own Andrew Leon of Strange Pegs is releasing Part 5 of his Shadow Spinner series for free on Friday.  Read up on Tiberius for free!  However, if you download the free portion, please be sure to leave a review once you've read it.

Fun Stuff:

The Steve Laube Agency did a post entitled "Even the Best Get Rejected," detailing rejections famous people received.  I was amused by the last two, as they were rejections Steve Laube had made for someone who hit it big with someone else.

Taking Submissions:

Harper Voyager is open for submissions from October 1 to 14th.  This is a small, but exciting window with their international imprint.  You do not have to be agented.


Promocave is a new platform building website for writers.  They are in Beta now, and are looking to sign up the first 100 who register.  It sounds like it could be interesting, but I don't know any more about it than is posted on their site.

Anything to share?  Are you seeing signs of fall around you?  Excited or sad to see summer go?

May you find your Muse.


  1. Oh, wow! Thanks for the shout! That was unexpected and great!

  2. Hey, the ones you posted today are really cool. Hope you can make it up to see the aspens next weekend.

  3. My husband and I drove up the canyon to see the oak trees, just changing now. Aspens should be turning in a week or two. I love fall too!

  4. I feel the opposite right now, not looking forward to grey days, storms, endless rainy weather. Yet, without our rainy weather our forests would die, our fish couldn't run up to their spawning areas. Life goes on!

  5. wow that has to be one of the most beautiful views i've seen recently
    Come Say HI

  6. We haven't gotten snow on the peaks yet. Beautiful photos.

    We have a raging fire dousing everyone in a lot of smoke. cough, cough.

  7. Love the photos :) Summer can take a hike as far as I'm concerned, I'm much more of an autumn person :)

    Jamie @ Mithril Wisdom

  8. I for one am sad to see summer go; it's my favorite season and I will miss going barefoot *sigh*

    beautiful pictures.

    ps didn't know if you got the email re: your winnings -

  9. Andrew, glad to do it!

    Alex, chances are looking good!

    Karen, our aspens are turning early around here, but they said it was the extra dry year. Did yours go early at all?

    Rosaria, I understand that. I am lucky to live in an area that tends to be sunny year round, which eases fall coming on. I remember fall in Oregon, and it was different.

    Becca, why thank you! See why I can't bring myself to move?

    Mary, ugh, I'm sorry the fires are still hitting there. A fireman told me after Waldo Canyon that Colorado tends to be one of the first places to get fires, and then they move north and west. Basically. I imagine that means Arizona and New Mexico are firsts, too?

    Jamie, hear, hear!

    Marcy, aw, I don't hate summer, by any means, but I like the more temperate weather. I will miss my barefoot time. Then again, I tend to go barefoot all year. ;-p

  10. I am definitely looking forward to fall. I want this heat spell to go away. Don't see too many signs of fall around here except for Halloween stuff starting to show up in stores.

    Tossing It Out

  11. Hope you get to make your trip up to see the aspens. Thanks for sharing the pictures. We've been experiencing some fall like weather this past week. Just wondering if it is here to stay or if we will have one last hot spell for the year? Never know with Michigan.

  12. Hi Shannon, I am sure your autumnal getaway with your romantic husband will be lovely :). Thank you for mentioning the submission be honest I am a bit lost...I have my very first fantasy short story and I don't really know where to send it ...ezines and all..:). Kisses, have a great week end.

  13. Shannon - I checked out the info on Harper Voyager. I will consider that, once I read all the guidelines.

    And, I replied re the robot books on my blog but wanted to let you know, my sis bought the Robot series by Asimov in Georgia, so Colorado should have them or be able to order them.

    Looking forward to seeing your pix. I always like a photo study!

  14. That's a beautiful view. Unfortunately, where I live, we don't have signs of fall. It's still warm and the leaves don't change.

  15. lovely pics! love the cooler weather rolling in! and thanks for all the links!

  16. Lee, crazy how early Halloween stuff shows up, but I guess it's better than Christmas hitting in August.

    Susanne, it's the same here and, sure enough, we went right back up into the 80's. Mixed signals much? And I did get to go up into the mountains, so I've got fun stuff to share!

    Petronela, have you tried Duotrope to look at markets yet? Free sign up and then you can search by genre, pay, etc.

    D.G., how exciting! I will look up Asimov and see if I can find them. Thank you for that info.

    Medeia, I think I would miss the changing of seasons quite a bit, though it would be nice to be somewhere more temperate, as well.

    Tara, thank you! I was so excited to get to wear a sweater for a couple days.