Wednesday, September 12, 2012

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - A Little Patriotism & Links

Well, hello there!  I thought with today's proximity to 9/11, a little patriotism might be called for today.  These photos are from my trip to Washington, D.C. over Veteran's Day weekend in 2010.  There was some sort of rally going on, a motorcycle rally (some awesome machines there!), and it was a holiday weekend, so the place was insane.  It was still fun, though.  One of these days maybe I'll post some pictures from the White House tour.  (I've posted two of these my "post only one photo at a time" days.

The White House from a distance. 

Part of the National WWII Monument. 

The other side. 

Respect for our soldiers. 

Washington Monument. 

Lincoln Memorial from the WWII Monument.

Close-up of the pillars at the Lincoln Memorial (with all the five gazillion people there). 

The Great Emancipator, himself. 

You all know this one, right? 

View of the Washington Monument from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial (as well as the rally).
Linky Time.
Taking submissions:
Want to spread a little holiday horror?  Cruentus Libri Press is accepting festive tales of horror, whether Christmas-based, Hannukah-based, or any other festive holiday time.  Pays royalties.  Reading period through October 31.
Seventh Star Press has two open anthologies, one "sword and sorcery" and one dystopian.  Pays royalties.  Dystopian closes January 8; Fantasy closes January 31.
Iron Cauldron Books has several anthologies currently open, including carnival horror, steampunk horror and near death experiences.  They are also taking submissions for novels, short story collections and non-fiction.
Elektric Milk Bath Press has an urban fantasy anthology open right now.  Note: scan down until you find it; first anthology on page is closed.  $30 per story.  Closes October 31.
Tim Brannan is hosting Monstrous Monday October 29. Sign up and post about a monster of your choice.  Always a fun kind of blog fest.
Book Blogs seems like a good place to advertize your book blog or find others.  I haven't had a chance to really look it over, though.
Anything to share?  Ever been to Washington, D.C.?  Did you get to tour the Mall and see the monuments/memorials?  Which is your favorite one?
May you find your Muse.


  1. I have not been to DC tho I want to, especially to go to the museums.

  2. I like the angles you chose for most of your shots - far better than the average tourist shot!
    I'm all signed up for the monster blogfest.

  3. Love the pictures! I've always wanted to go to DC...

  4. I have old photos from DC somewhere, but they're actually photographs, because, you know, they were pre-digital.
    Oh, well.

  5. Yes, great shots. It's been awhile since I've been...need to get back.

  6. I went to DC once, I only had a day there and I really wish I was able to have a few more. Such an amazing place!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing about the blogfest. I am speaking Sunday at a small writing conference about author platform. I wanted to share different upcoming blog challenges for those struggling to make their blog work for them. You are awesome!
    Love the D.C. pics. I hope to visit myself someday.

  8. I've never visited the US, but it would be cool to stand in the shadow of the Abe Lincoln statue :)

    I heard that Harper Collins were allowing open submission of works to be published digitally, which is pretty awesome :)

  9. I signed up for Tim's blogfest. Thanks for the link.

    Great pictures. I'd love to go to DC one day.

  10. just signed up for the blog hop. Thanks for the heads up.

    I used to live in DC. The Lincoln Memorial was always my favorite.

  11. Always great to see what you have going. D.C. yes it is the greatest. My fave is the grave of the "unknown soldier."

  12. Great pics. I grew up in Baltimore, and went to school at the University of MD, so I've been to D.C. a bazillion times. But I NEVER grow tired of it. I love it all.

  13. I love DC but haven't visited there in several years, so it was fun to see your pics. They are all great shots! I haven't been there since the WWII monument was built, looks like they did a wonderful job with it.

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Ms. Hatch, I missed out on the museums that time, but hope to go back and just do a Smithsonian vacation.

    Alex, I haven't signed up, but plan to. And thanks!

    Schell, I hope to go again. So much to do and see.

    Andrew, I've got those, too. But I lived in Columbia, MD before moving to Colorado.

    Em, thank you. It's a place where you can't see everything in one visit.

    J.A., oh man, yes, you need more than one day there.

    Sabrina, oh good! Yes, I think fests/hops are a great way to get around and meet other bloggers. Good luck with the presentation!

    Jamie, that is definitely awesome! Well, on the flipside, I haven't been overseas from here, either, though my hubby has. Sad sigh. He goes to Australia and England for work all the time, and has gotten to take side trips to Scotland, Ireland and Singapore. Mad jealous right here.

    Medeia, great! I'll be doing it, too.

    Mary, when did you live there? Lincoln's my fav, too.

    Debra, I didn't visit that. I need to!

    Susan, I grew up in Columbia! I went as a kid quite a bit, but as an adult only once. So far. :D

    Julie, the WWII monument is really cool. And cooling! We got to sit and stick our feet it in it to cool down. Going from dry high desert climate to humid over 100's is a bit of a shocker, even though I lived there first. I guess I'm fully adapted.

    Becca, DC is awesome! Thanks.