Wednesday, March 28, 2012

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday: Bighorns, Superpowers & Awards

Hello! All I can say for this week is thank goodness I pared down my posts right before my internet went insane! You see, my husband's superpower is technology; he has a knack with it. For instance, if something is malfunctioning, it will pretend it is not malfunctioning the moment he looks at it. I, on the other hand, have the anti-technology black hole superpower. I will kill technology wherever I go. It's amazing, really.

Up until this time, my husband's superpower was slightly more powerful than mine, so there was this happy equilibrium amidst our electronics. However, mine has finally reached its full potential and overcome his powers. So sad.

I say all this to explain that there will be no helpful links today. I just barely caught up on stuff yesterday, and I didn't get to do my usual perusal of all the good stuff out there. I apologize! You can give me twenty lashes later. (Please do not take me literally and hunt me down to give me lashes; it would make me sad).

What does not make me sad is that the bighorns showed up the other day and I was able to grab my camera and race back to a spot near Garden of the Gods, where I got the closest to them I've ever been! I was so close, in fact, that they kept approaching me, and I had to back away slowly. I'm pretty sure if one of those guys decided to ram me I would regret it for life.

It was terribly peaceful out there, listening to them munch on the grass. By the time I got back to them with my camera, all the other spectators had vacated the premises, so I had them all to myself. The sun was on its way behind the mountains. The temperature was divinely warm. I could have stayed there forever, but I needed to get back home.

I figured I'd share some of the pics I got for now-no-longer-[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday.

THE END (hahahaha)

In lieu of helpful links, I've been given some awards and want to acknowledge them and thank those who gave them to me! Thank you! I really appreciate you thinking of me. I will answer the question requirements all together after the awards.

Dawn, of Since You Asked gave me the Sunshine Award!

Konstanz, at No Thought Too Small (and also an A-to-Z co-host), gave me the Versatile Blogger Award.

Yadin, of Yadin Bromberg, gave me the Versatile Blogger Award, as well!

Sunshine Award:
Favorite Color- Blues and purples. Really, I like all (most?) colors. They all seem to be able to make me feel one way or another.
Favorite Animal- Boy am I going to come across as wishy-washy, but I like all kinds of animals, especially if they'll let me photograph them! However, I do seem to have a preference for predators. Mountain lions are gorgeous and powerful animals, so we'll go with them for today.
Favorite Number- 13
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink- Depends on the day (sigh), but I'm really liking iced tea with the warming temperatures right now.
Facebook or Twitter- Facebook. All the way.
My Passions Are- Oh boy, you don't want me to launch into that one! We'll go with the simple answers, which are my family, writing and photography.
Getting or Giving Presents- I prefer giving them. I'm always so excited that I have a hard time waiting until the giving moment, and people often get their gifts early.
Favorite Patterns- I, uh...? I like it when random patterns appear in life. Like when I'm driving down the road and find that I'm suddenly surrounded by cars that are all the same color, like a fleet of red cars. It's when they're all black, with tinted windows and government plates that I get nervous...
Favorite Day of the Week- Friday; I greet it with such a sense of relief, yet Saturday always ends up so busy that the relief goes away.
Favorite Flower- Wild ones!

Versatile Blogger Award:
I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself.

1. Did you see in the beginning of this post that I have anti-technology powers? Well, it goes further than that. I have electric superpowers, as well. If I'm upset, light bulbs blow up. Same goes for any technology I may touch. I can't wear watches, because I burn out the batteries almost instantly (my grandfather had a heart condition related to this, but I forget what it's called). Yeah, take that, Drew Barrymore! You start fires; I kill electricity and technology! Boy, was I born in the wrong era!

2. I didn't appreciate Colorado nearly as much until I was constantly being faced with possibly having to move. My desperation to stay birthed a love affair with the state I've lived in since I was 12.

3. I've had insomnia since middle school, which I have only recently begun to learn to tame.

4. I confess...I only have two blog posts written for the A-to-Z, so far. Gasp!

5. I love fog. I love to walk in the fog and feel those tiny drops against my skin. I love to open the windows and gaze at the fog as it rolls down the hogback ridge and the mountains. I love the smell of fog. It all makes me feel so peaceful.

6. I've lived in California, Oregon, Maryland and Colorado.

7. I don't really believe in writer's block.

I'm not going to list 15 other people, but I do want to recommend the bloggers who passed these awards onto me. Please check out their pages! Three is easier than 15, right?

Do you believe in writer's block? Do you like the fog? Where have you lived?

I'm taking some field trips with the kiddos for spring break this week, so I hope to have some fun field trip [Mostly] Wordless Wednesdays coming up, probably after the A-to-Z Challenge. Don't forget to sign up if you've been waffling! We'd love to get to 1500 participants. We've surpassed 1200 at this time, and signups close on April 2. You can find the linky list on the A-to-Z tab at the top of my blog.

May you find your Muse.


  1. Pictures are amazing! Must be cool to see them so close.
    I think my wife shares your superpower.

  2. Hi Shannon. I just popped over to say hello before the A-Z challenge begins. Really great photos, amazing actually! Hope to see more photos during the challenge. By the way, my husband and I have the same technology powers/issues. See you during April - I'm a new follower :)

  3. Is this your back yard? Run and get your camera and they're just still there waiting. Bah! You make me sick! :P

    No, actually, I don't believe in writer's block. I think it's an excuse. I mean, I have more to write than I have time for, and I just don't believe that I can be the only one with ideas written all over the place.

  4. hahaha I guess that is what you called arses up..haha

  5. Purdee pictures!!! And Friday is my favorite day of the week as well.

    Congrats on all of the blog bling! :)

  6. Those are great pictures!
    I don't know if I believe in writer's block. If I can't think of anything to write, it is usually because I really don't want to be doing it.
    Not a fan of the fog.
    I have lived in Iowa and Arkansas.

  7. oh wow Awesome pictures! Must have been an enjoyable experience!

  8. No I don't believe in writer's block but sometimes I just don't want to write.
    The bighorn photos are pretty amazing.

    Sad Songs Blogfest (I’m a day early I know)
    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  9. I love your pictures. New follower. :)

  10. I love walking in the fog, as long as I can see a few feet ahead. Writer's block has never been a problem for me either.

    Hope you are not near the fire in Colorado! My cousin lives in Littleton, so I must check on her.

  11. Love the pictures, how cool! And, I love the new look of your blog, I've fallen behind in my blog reading so I'm not sure how new it is, but it looks great!

    Can't wait for the A-Z Challenge. Have a great weekend, Shannon!

  12. Purples and blues are my favorite colors too. Sorry about the insomnia. It's good you're getting it under control.

    I'm participating in A to Z as well.

  13. Alex, ah, good, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one. And thank you! I'm truly blessed that I live somewhere such experiences are possible.

    Martha, oh no! So who counters your anti-technology powers then? And thank you very much!

    Andrew, that's exactly how I feel. I've got ideas pouring out of me, but no time to write them, so they get journaled as I go. If it helps, it was not my backyard. It was about three minutes away. ;-p

    Pat, haha, exactly!

    DL, thanks!

    Ruth, I have never been to either place! Actually, that may not be true. I attended a wedding in Texarkana or some such place, and we appeared to wend through both states to get there. I could be wrong, though.

    Rohit, it was, and thank you!

    Lee, thank you, and ditto on what you said. There's no blockage, just an unwillingness or lack of time (on my part, not speaking for anyone else).

    Tonja, thank you!

    Susan, I hope your cousin is safe! I'm a safe distance away, so we just get the smoke.

    Julie, thank you! The change is only about a month old, I think, so you're not too terribly behind. Have a great weekend!

    Theresa, I look forward to your A-to-Z posts! Purples and blues just mesh so well.

  14. Wow, what fantastic pictures. How wonderful you were able to get so close.

    Your husband's and your powers sound like me and mine. Thankfully, for the time being at least, his are still stronger!

  15. My pictures NEVER turn out the way I wanted. I'm both excited and nervous for A to Z. Mostly excited. New follower :)

  16. As for your superpower, use it to spin your own sci-fi story.
    I pulled out of A-Z, but I was debating if I should enter my photo blog again (withdrawal symptoms, you know).
    Well, you can pat yourself for making me yes again. I only hope the hosts are upset with my yes-no posturing.

  17. Wonderful post here.
    Its really good to be here
    Just entered intothe arena of A - Z blog challenge for 2012
    new to this challenge so was browsing thru the pages to get some idea. Thanks for the tips here
    Keep posting
    Keep inform
    Best Wishes for the great challenge

  18. cool ill await for your a-z hope you visit mine too here

  19. Sarah, I hope his remain stronger!

    Tasha, this is my second year, and I'm still both anxious and excited. I think it comes with the territory.

    Rek, oh, I have!! One of my characters in my Lonely Hollow WIP has an exaggerated version of my superpower. And we won't be upset! Glad you're back!

    Phil, thank you! Good luck to you in the A-to-Z.

    Pa, I'll be by for sure!