Wednesday, March 25, 2015

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - A Sun Shrine-y Day & Links

As promised, I actually got out of the house and took some pictures this week. One of our treks was to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. About 1400 feet above the zoo (about 8100 feet elevation) is a shrine dedicated to Will Rogers and bearing the ashes of two of the folks instrumental in developing Colorado Springs with things like the zoo, the Broadmoor, El Pomar Foundation, and the Fine Arts Center: Julie and Spencer Penrose. I'm not sure why the shrine was originally being built, but during the building Will Rogers died in a plane crash in Alaska, and Penrose decided to dedicate it to him, or so the story goes.

The shrine is made of granite, and is said to contain no nails or wood. It was completed in 1937.

A view from the shrine of the road we drove up to get there, as well as Ft. Carson and a portion of Cheyenne Mountain

Front door to the shrine (one of a pair of French doors)

A view of a portion of Colorado Springs. In the center, downtown Colorado Springs. Nearer the bottom center, the Broadmoor.

A peek at Pikes Peak (the snow covered mountain in the center) from a different angle than I usually post.

A bust of Will Rogers rests at the foot of the shrine.

Ah. The eccentricities of the rich, eh? In case you're curious, this is considered to be Romanesque Revival architecture.

Now for some links!

Accepting Submissions:

Ideomancer is accepting speculative fiction and poetry. Up to 7000 words for fiction. Pays $.03/word, flat fee of $6 per poem. Rolling deadlines, with current deadline being April 30.

Story Emporium is seeking steampunk and weird westerns. 2000-6000 words. Accuracy in details will matter with this publication. Pays $20, plus contributor copies. Deadline April 30.

Breaking Fate Publishing takes short stories for themed anthologies. Currently, they're looking for horror stories with the theme of "13." They also accept novellas and novel submissions in dark genres. Short fiction for anthologies should be 1000 to 15,000 words. Deadline for this anthology is April 30.

Crossed Genres is taking submissions for Hidden Youth: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History. 2000-8000 words. Must be set before 1935 C.E. The protags must be young people who were marginalized in some way. Pays $.06/word. Deadline April 30.

Meerkat Press is looking for short stories for their anthology Love Hurts. Speculative fiction. 1000-5000 words. Pays $.01-.04/word. Deadline April 30.

TuplipTree Publishing wants stories for My Favorite Apocalypse: A Collection of Stories. How do you think it ends? No word limits. Pays $100 and contributor copies. Deadline April 30.

Crossed Genres Magazine's theme for April is "Portals." Science fiction and/or fantasy. 1000-6000 words. Pays $.06/word. Deadline April 30. Note: their novelette edition is still open for submissions through March 31.

Suddenly Lost in Words has reopened to submissions. They want short stories, memoirs, and serials for young adults. 3000 words or less. Pays $.05/word. They take submissions from minors with an adult signing the contract with them. No deadline.

Shroud Quarterly is looking for literary dark fiction. Submissions are free, but they do offer a paid submission option that will get you a critique with your rejection. 500-6000 words. Pays $25-65, depending upon length. No deadline.

Grimdark Magazine wants your grimdark stories with medieval fantasy or sci-fi settings. Up to 4000 words. Pays AUD$.07/word. No deadline.

Are any of these of interest to you? Anything to share? Publication news? (Seriously, tell me your publications news--I love good news!) If you were millionaire, what or who would you build a shrine to? Would it be castle-like or something else?

May you find your Muse.


Liz Blocker said...

Yes, well, the shrine might be a little odd, but the pics are gorgeous. I got to live vicariously through them for a little while and pretend it was warm and sunny :)

Christine Rains said...

Fantastic pictures. I love exploring places like that. Thanks for the links!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

My son worked at the Broadmoor the past two summers and I enjoyed visits to the zoo and the shrine. Such great views from so many places during our adventures out and about.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Well, you have your own little piece of Europe right there. Beautiful place. So is the view.

shelly said...

Would love to see Pike's Peak in person. Thank you, too, for the submission links.

A Beer for the Shower said...

I've been to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo when I was younger but never been to this shrine. I might have to change that this summer. It looks beautiful.

Andrew Leon said...

That place is cool!
I want to go to there!

Shannon Lawrence said...

I do love the deep blue of the skies this time of year.

Shannon Lawrence said...

It's a cool place, and something different.

Shannon Lawrence said...

I love that the zoo is a workout in itself. I always feel accomplished after I've spent a day there!

Shannon Lawrence said...

It's breath taking to be able to look out over pretty much the entire city, plus Fountain and Ft. Carson.

Shannon Lawrence said...

I hope you can some day, and that you'll let me know so we can meet for coffee or something!

Shannon Lawrence said...

It's not something that takes more than about an hour to look around, but it's a neat little place. There are a ton of pictures of Will Rogers. I'm not a fan, though I know who he was, but there were some cool behind the scenes ones.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Come on out, and I'll give you a tour!