Wednesday, November 14, 2012

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Hero Tribute & Links

A quick note: I guest posted over at Leave it to Livia today about building your blogging network.  Stop by and say hi!

For this week's [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday, I wanted to do a Veteran's Day salute to family members who have been in the military.  Plus, I love old pics.  I got a kick out of my grandma's pictures from when she was in the Air Force, but I'm doing this rather last minute, and I just didn't have that much time to scan all those photos.  Maybe next year I'll dedicate a day to just her.

My Grandpa Bill, my dad's dad, WWII, Air Force

My Grandma Joyce, my dad's mom, WWII, Air Force
My Grandpa Brown, my mom's dad, WWII, Navy
My Uncle Tommy, my mom's brother, Vietnam, Navy

My Uncle Michael, my mom's brother, Vietnam, Army
My dad!  Vietnam, Air Force
My brother-in-law, Greg, possibly Kuwait?  Army (sadly, this is the biggest photo I have, because I took it off MySpace while he was out there.  :(

I don't have a photo of my friend Joe, but he has served our country overseas for years now, doing several tours, and he deserves to be on here, as well.

Now for links!

I only have a few for you today, as I really haven't gotten much online time this week, which is how I find the information.  Sowwy! :(  But I do have a few good ones for you.

Taking Submissions:

White Cat Publications, LLC has introduced two new genre publications, both of which are now taking submissions.  Dark Intent is their mystery/suspense one, looking for short stories, flash fiction, columns, interviews and reviews.  Nightfall is their new dark fiction one, looking for short stories, flash fiction, columns, interviews and reviews.  Paying markets.


Karen, of A Peek at Karen's World, is hosting her annual blog awards.  You can submit whoever you like, including yourself, for the various awards.


Yarny is a cloud program set up for you to write your novel in.  Saves as you write.  It looks interesting, though I'm not sure how I feel about cloud anything right now.

Tor has announced an hour long Twitter chat series, once per month.  This is your chance to speak with guest authors and go all fan boy/girl or ask meaningful questions.

Did you celebrate any military friends or family this week?  Ever heard of Yarny?  What do you think of Tor's Twitter chat?  

May you find your Muse.


  1. My dad and grandfather were both in the navy during WWII, and my ex was a marine in Vietnam. Those guys - and gals - deserve our respect and our appreciation.

  2. You have a lot of military in your family!
    White Cat is really expanding.

  3. I told you I was worried about my computer, and it died this morning. Is mere knowledge of a thing enough for you to be able to kill it?

  4. Marcy, you've got quite a few military folks in your line, too!

    Alex, I never looked at it that way until I was going through and thinking of who I needed to search out. I'm excited about White Cat!

    Andrew, I wouldn't doubt it. Sorry!

  5. you have a lot military history in your family very cool

  6. Becca, I do! I did genealogy for awhile, and it was fun to see Civil War soldiers and the like, as well. But I don't have photos of those.

  7. Those are great photos. The Husband Unit used to be in the army, but before I met him. I fed him steak. :)

  8. My paternal grandpap was in the European Theatre in WWII and in Kora. My other grandpap (the one who's still living) was in the Navy in WWII, but never saw combat. All of my great-uncles were also in various branches of the service, and at least one of my great-grandpaps was in the Army in WWI.

    Last week one of the student groups I'm in did a huge event, SOS&V (Serving Our Soldiers and Veterans). We bought supplies for care packages for area vets and soldiers stationed overseas, decorated the flaps of the boxes with words and pictures we cut out of newspapers and magazines, and heard from two young area vets, one of whom is currently a student.

  9. My dad and all his brothers were vets of WWII. As a teacher, I have so many former students who are vets or still in there. The day has a lot of meaning for our family.

  10. I loved your pictures. My dad and stepdad were in the Navy.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  11. You're on my blog tomorrow, just so you know.

  12. I love the photos! My grandfather was in the Navy, my hubby is and my nephew is a Marine~

    I always had a thing about sailor clothing, lol It goes way back, I think it was a sign I was going to marry a sailor ;D

    Oh, the stories that go with these photos-wow! This would make a great book!

  13. As a military spouse, I thank you for this salute to veterans :)

    Happy Weekend!

  14. Before responding to everyone individually, I just want to send out my deepest respect to all of your family members serving, and who have served in the past. So many military lines!

    Mary, was he won over by the steak?

    Carrie-Anne, that's awesome! Even better that they were decorated. What did you put in the care packs?

    Susan, I hope all of your former students stay safe.

    Shelly, for some reason I got "In the Navy" stuck in my head when I read that sentence. I bet you have neat photos of them.

    Andrew, loved it, thank you!

    Ella, I don't believe anyone in my family has been a Marine. Safe thoughts for your hubby and nephew.

    Carol, my respect to your hubby (and to you)!

  15. What wonderful photos. It's important to remember - we've just had Remembrance Sunday in the UK, it's always a poignant site, seeing red poppies falling from the ceiling.

  16. What a great tribute to those who serve the country and protect us and your family members. I adore old photos. They take me to another time and place.

  17. I'm form a military family too Shannon! In fact my two sons are still serving at the minute and my husband was in too!

  18. What wonderful photos! This is a fantastic tribute. :)

  19. Annalisa, wow, I imagine that is definitely a sight.

    Medeia, I feel the same way about old photos. Whether strangers or loved ones, they're a fascinating piece of history.

    Pat, my thoughts with your sons, that they stay safe! I took my kids to tour the Air Force Academy, and my son (7 years old) was fascinated by it all.

    Julie, thank you!

  20. We put candy, books, comics, shampoo, body wash, soap, pens, markers, and lots of other stuff in our care packs. I bought some mini lint-rollers and a sketch pad as well. For the vets, the packages also included some clothes. Our student vet was very impressed with the quality of the books people brought, and said he'd had to read stuff like Bridget Jones' Diary while he was deployed.

  21. Carrie-Anne, I remember desperately searching online to get ideas for care packs when my BIL was deployed. I didn't think of lint rollers and sketch pads.