Friday, November 30, 2012

Celebrate YA

Beth Revis is having the most amazing giveaway I've ever seen.  She's giving away nearly 50 signed YA books to one lucky winner.  There are numerous ways to get entries, including a blog post about why you love YA.

Guess what this post is about?

First, here are the books she's giving away:

You can also click on her name in the opening paragraph to view her post about this and see a precise listing of the books.  If your eyes don't pop out of your head...well...what's up???

Why do I love YA?

Story lines that aren't realistic with adults can be explored in YA.  Adventures that take me back to my teen years, to my dreams and wishes, to the things I wanted to do or imagined might someday be possible, are all things you can read in YA.

YA covers all genres and sometimes breaks rules that aren't being broken in adult novels.  It also "tends" to be less focused on sex and more focused on romance and those first flirtations, the possibilities of "when" and "if."  These are feelings we've all experiences, questions we've asked ourselves in the past.  Some regret the decisions they've made, others don't, but we have made them, and it's an experience we share.

Many fantastic authors have written YA novels, created stories that had no other outlet.  Authors I've never heard of, as well as authors I've read in the adult genres.  Sometimes it seems as if they've found voices they didn't have when writing adult novels, and that is refreshing.

Why do I love YA?

Because there are great YA stories, ones that suck me in, take me on adventures, sometimes even help me relive my teen years.

Why do I love YA?

It rocks.

Why do you read YA?  Are you as blown away by this giveaway as I am?  There's still today to enter!

May you find your Muse.


  1. That is a lot of books.
    I don't really read young adult, but I do have quite a few books on my iPad that are of that genre.

  2. WOW I agree that is a lot of books! Will definitely check it out thanks for sharing!

  3. You know, despite writing stuff that would be classified as YA, I'm not into as a category. I find that most of it is try too hard to -be- YA instead of just being. Which is unfortunate.

  4. So glad to see a growing YA market. It was pretty empty ten years ago, and now allows the readers who enjoyed fiction and fantasy.

  5. I am not really a YA enthusiast but I had to finally take a moment and stop by to say HI. Thanks for visiting me recently and I hope things are going well for you. Take care Shannon!

  6. YA are not my kinda books, I like books with an edge, if you know what I mean :)). Anyway that's a lovely idea, congrats to your friend :).

  7. I'm drooling over that collection of books.

    I like how YA explores so many different topics and themes. It also makes me feel nostalgic.

  8. I read YA because i'm addicted to reading

  9. Alex, have ready any and liked them?

    Marcy, it does! Team YA!

    Gossip Grl, when I went to enter my post it had already shut down. I didn't pay attention to what time it ended on the 30th, I guess.

    Andrew, I have noticed that with some, but some are well written. I guess it's the same as any other genre/age group. Good and bad. But you're right that some are obviously trying too hard or just don't have a feel for it.

    Susan, it's amazing how it's exploded, but I'm grateful for that and the MG market for giving me new things to read with my son now that he's into chapter books.

    Chuck, hi! Thanks for coming by.

    Petronela, just look up the YA books that critics think are too far out there, ha!

    Medeia, good points. It really does explore so much, and get into topics that adult books don't necessarily touch.

    Becca, ha! That, too!

  10. Ditto, ditto, ditto to all your YA lovin' reasons. I adore the messiness of emotions in YA. It's amazing we all survived those years.

  11. Leslie, it is amazing, isn't it? I almost think it's harder now, with there being online bullying and such to contend with, as well. And I certainly didn't have to worry about school shootings (though I did know a guy who told me he planned to do it hadn't happened, to my knowledge, in real life at that time, I didn't take him seriously). There are so many more complicated elements to being a teen these days, and I'm glad there are books to address it.