Wednesday, November 28, 2012

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Climbing the Falls & Links

For today's [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday, here are a couple pictures taken during our climb to the top of Seven Falls.

The view from the top

Bridal Veil Falls

A bit of carved out rock near Ramona Falls

A bowl carved out by one of the falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Linky Time!

Accepting Submissions

Perfect Pitch has put together a nicely organized and thorough list of types of publications accepting submissions at this time.

Mitzi Szereto is now accepting submissions for two different anthologies.  One for Love, Lust and Zombies and one for Darker Edge of Desire.

SNM Horror Magazine, a free mag, is seeking submissions for horror.  Not a paying market.  Scan down for information on submitting.

Steve Berman is reading for several anthologies.  Scan down for all the different types, as they do vary widely.

Alter Press is seeking submissions for an anthology called Dread Time Stories, involving splatter versions of fairy tales.  Paying market.  Deadline December 31.

Hazardous Press is accepting submissions for their horror anthology Horrific History.  Pays in profit shares.  Deadline December 31.

Blood Bound Books is taking submissions for Night Terrors III, a horror anthology.  Paying market.  Deadline January 1.  Scan down for short story collection.


Trisha at Word + Stuff is hosting the Baby Faces Blogfest on Dec. 2 and 3.  This one's an easy one, so be sure to check it out!  All you have to do is post a picture of yourself as a baby and/or tell a story from when you were a baby.

Of Interest

Claire at Interviews with Indie Authors posted her results in using KDP Select.  Trying to decide whether to go with them for your release?  She not only discusses her results, but tells you what else she did for promotion during that time.

Austin Briggs created an interesting slide show on how not to be the writer everyone ignores called 3 Keys to be Relatable.  Interesting, and it makes me want to make a slideshow of my own.

Anything to share?  Think you've got anything to submit to the anthologies and magazines above?  Do you write for the anthology or write a story and search for one that fits?  Going to do the blogfest?

May you find your Muse.


  1. In one of those photos, I expect to see cowboys or outlaws riding in the canyon (in the view from the top).

    That's great exercise to get to the top! (I'm assuming there are stairs. . .)

    I'm just starting to look into anthologies, as I've always focused on longer writing. Thanks for all the links and info.

  2. I love those photos! My legs would protest walking back up that, though! And thanks for all the great links.

  3. I really don't understand how people get that many downloads. I mean, I'm ecstatic to hit 100 when I do a free promo, and that doesn't happen that often. Getting thousands of downloads boggles my mind.

  4. Wow, love your photos! Must have been a really nice hike.

  5. D.G., I like to think that they did!

    Christine, after all those stairs we hiked up to top of the canyon, then came back down. My legs definitely resented me.

    Andrew, she must have quite a following already, is my assumption. I think she mentions a newsletter in there, for instance?

    Alex, thanks! They're looking blurry on here for some reason.

    Elise, it was lovely!

  6. These are great pictures. I can think of a lot of potential scenes for stories with these images, most of them involving suspense. =)

    I'm not submitting to anthologies right now, but your list is helpful for future reference.

  7. I remember reading about Seven Falls when I used to go to Colorado Springs, but I never went there. It looks like a nice place.

    The baby blog fest sounds fun. I'll have to see if my scanner works and if so maybe I'll join in that fun.

    A Faraway View

  8. Those are gorgeous photos! All kinds of story lines ran through my head as I looked at them :)

    Life has been so over the top busy, I've backed away from blogfests, but these all sound so fun! :)

  9. that looks like a great hike. loved the pics.

  10. This makes me miss Seven Falls so much. I haven't been there in ages. Last time I went I was attacked by a rogue chipmunk because I didn't give it any of my food. It was adorably awesome.

  11. Loved your photos. They made me want to pull on my hiking shoes and head out the door.

    Great links to some sources. Thanks for those.

    I'm in the Baby Faces Blogfest! My mom had to dig through albums to find a picture for me. :-)

  12. Beautiful photos! There's nothing quite as inspiring as nature.

    And great link about KDP Select. I published my three books as ebooks with them and it's super easy and user-friendly.

  13. Nice photos! I think the last time I went on a hike was when I went with my nursery campers to a local nature preserve this summer. I'm long overdue for a real hike or climb.

    I probably should investigate anthologies taking historical stories. It seems like a great way to build more publishing credit for oneself.

  14. Beautiful photos! Thanks for the links of places accepting submissions!

  15. The photographs are great, and the links are most appreciated:)

  16. Cynthia, ooo, I'd love to hear about those stories!

    Lee, oh, it's worth going to if you're ever back out this way! Of course, Helen Hunt Falls is free, but you have to pay for Seven Falls. I've heard there's a hiking trail that takes you up above Seven Falls so you can see it without going into the park, but it isn't one littles can go on so it will have to wait.

    Jemi, I understand being busy. I love that the photos prompted story ideas!

    Budd, thank you, it's a wonderful hike!

    ABftS, rogue chipmunk=awesome! Did you used to live down here or did you just visit frequently?

    Clee, thanks! Wonderful that it made you think of hiking!

    Donna, thank you!

    Lauren, that is good to hear, thank you!

    Carrie-Anne, that sounds cute, though like a lot of work. I imagine you get as much exercise from herding mean kids.

    Cherie, thank you!

    Amanda, thank you!

  17. Better late than pregnant, I've wandered over to enjoy your wonderful pics. They are FABULOUS and I am a little jealous of you seeing all that goodness in person.