Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Yucca, yucca, yucca & Links

Hello!  It's Wednesday, and I have a mini-field trip for you for [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday.  I took the kids to Garden of the Gods on a drizzly spring day after a bit of a fail that was intended to be our actual "field trip."  Unfortunately, our visit was cut short when it became a thunderstorm, but I did snatch a few pictures before we had to get back to the car.

The last is a yucca plant in bloom, and the second to last is a hummingbird I was stalking.  It never got close enough for me to get a workable picture, but it kept buzzing the kids and I because we were near the feeder.  Waiting it out didn't work, so we finally gave in and agreed we'd come back on a warmer day and try again.

As far as the yucca plant (otherwise known as soapweed, as Native Americans of the area - Utes - used it to make soaps and shampoos, in addition to thread, needles, medications, etc.), for most of the year those blossoms are hardened and brown.  In fact, I love to find one full of seeds and give it to the kids as a rattle, of sorts.  I've never really seen it in blossom, and I loved the juxtaposition with what I'm used to.

I hope to have some great photos for you over the course of the summer!

Now for some links:

I read this post just in time to make sure I fit it into my link post today!  Andrew Leon, at Strange Pegs put together a book of short stories written by middle schoolers from a writing class he teaches at his son's school.  It's a fundraiser for the school, and just sounds like such a neat project that I wanted to pass it on to everyone.  

A friend posted this on Facebook and I was amused: S**t People Say to Writers

For you photogs out there, there's a local contest called Quintessential Colorado.  I'm tempted to enter, just for the heck of it.

Need inspiration?  Ghostwriter Dad wrote 34 Unexpected Places to Find Writing Inspiration

Cultural Weekly is having a Writing Contest.  It closes May 30.

I just thought this was interesting: 7 Authors Who Almost Died

Any helpful links to pass along?  Do you like a good fog or prefer you never have to deal with one?  What color are your hummingbirds?

May you find your Muse.


D.E. Malone said...

I love your pictures; too bad the trip was cut short. I've always wanted a yucca for my yard. I've seen many here in Illinois used in landscaping, which contrasts so nicely with our native plants.
Thanks for the links, too. That contest story was interesting. Not sure I'll enter, but enjoyed it just the same.

Andrew Leon said...

Great pictures, as always!

And thanks for the shout out! I can't wait to tell the kids about all the blog support going on for them. I didn't really expect it.

Andrew Leon said...

And LOL about the things people say to writers. So true!

Susan Kane said...

Have never been to the Garden of the Gods, but love the landscape. The yucca plants are so other-worldly.

Rebecca said...

gorgeous photos

Chuck said...

Nice pics of the trip. I will have to check out some of those links...just the names look interesting.

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous photos.. never heard of the yucca plant... just learnt something new:)

J.A. Kazimer said...

And once again you prove why I love you. Not just anyone would find How 7 Authors Almost Died intriguing. You rock!

loverofwords said...

Our Hummer is a Ruby Throated Hummingbird. So much fun to watch. We should have more at the feeder as the weather gets warmer. Colorado is beautiful this time of year, especially. Thank you for posting the photos.

boysmum2 said...

Driving on past whilst on my A to Z Road Trip, awesome pictures, love hummingbirds such fun to watch.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Dawn, I love yuccas. We have them wild all over here, but none in my yard. Funny that those in greener regions have the dry weather native plants and here we are out here trying to get grass to grow in our yards when it's against nature here. I also love prickly pears, which grow wild here. I was hoping to find some with fruit on this outing, but no go.

Andrew, I hope they get tons of support! I still think it's such a neat project for you and them to have put together.

Susan, that's a good description of a yucca plant!

Becca, thanks!

Chuck, thanks!

Tania, it's a desert plant. Very useful, apparently. I'd love to learn how to properly use it.

Julie, haha, and you appreciating that is why I love you!

Loverofwords, I believe that's the type that was at Garden of the Gods. So far, at my house, all we've seen are brown striped ones.

Shannon Lawrence said...

boysmum2, I agree, they are definitely fun to watch!