Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Post A-to-Z Road Trip & A Couple Links

Okay, I'm feeling like I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever catch back up with life again!  I'm fairly certain I can say definitively that I'm behind on every aspect of my life.  Except eating.  I never get behind on that...

In lieu of [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday, I'm going to do a quick post on the Post A-to-Z Road Trip that Tina and I started last year.  I remember being so excited when Lee (Arlee Bird, head honcho of the A-to-Z) contacted us last year in support of it.  If it wasn't for this follow-up to the A-to-Z, I would never have been a co-host on this year's A-to-Z, and if it weren't for Tina, I never would have had what we are now calling the Post A-to-Z Road Trip.  So thanks, girl!

For those who haven't heard of this yet, it was previously called the Post-Challenge-Challenge, or the Visitor's Challenge.  We never really had a perfectly synced up name last year.  From here on out, though, it is the Post A-to-Z Road Trip.

This Road Trip is pressure-free and rule-free. It is simply a means to visit all the blogs who participated in the A-to-Z Challenge, as the vast majority of us stood no chance at visiting all those blogs during the month of April.  You can visit using whatever time frame you prefer, in whatever order.  Do what works for you! 

If you like having company, come visit us on the A-to-Z Challenge Blog when we check in weekly.  You can also read more about the challenge there.  Sign-ups are available there, or you can sign up on this post or under the Post A-to-Z Road Trip tab here on my blog.  Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Other than that, enjoy the trip!

For the week's helpful links:

Eden's Bookshelf is looking for books to review.  If you're published, go check out the requirements. posted 15 Tips to Get You Tweeting.  Very handy, especially if you're tweet-clueless, like me.

White Cat Publications, LLC has put out a submission call for a Steampunk anthology.  This is the first one for Steampunk I've run across, so wanted to pass it along, since I know a few of you write it.  Good luck!

How about a funny one?  David Farland wrote tips on how to keep your writer as a pet.  Writers, pass this one along to your loved ones!  It's amusing, but also quite useful.

Mandy DeGeit  posted a good warning that reminds us to check out anyone we're submitting to.  Her bad anthology experience should be a lesson to us all. 

Any useful links to pass along?  Have you joined the Post A-to-Z Road Trip?  Do you plan to?  Did you make it to all the A-to-Z blogs, if you participated?  Working on it on your own?

May you find your Muse.


  1. I guess I too am scrapping real life for a few also. Maybe I can throw Mother Nature off my trail. :) Before A-Z I had made it thru 500 on the linky list. During 0. After, I started again I am up to like 200. I am saving this list for the weekends when I will have a little more time. :)

  2. Wow. This is an EPIC journey, but I think I'm going to have to tap out of that one. I can barely keep up with my normal RSS feed as it is :P

    Good luck to everyone who takes part though.

  3. I have to work on my third book this summer so I won't be joining you.

  4. I support it in theory, but I just don't have the time to commit to it, right now.
    However, I do hit a few every few days. Not enough to get me through all of them before next year, though.

  5. i came to the conclusion i will never make it through all the a to Z links before next time around

  6. I did not make it to all the sites. Probably read about 400, commented on some of them. The linky "next blog/surpise me" button was extremely helpful, but I didn't put it up until the last week or so.

    some wonderful writers are out there!

  7. Wow! What a road trip! I'm still looking for time to visit the blogs I didn't get to. Thanks for the great links!

  8. This is a great idea. Really wonderful. It will be much more manageable to visit a few blogs at a time.

    For your work with A to Z and generally being awesome, I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award. You can collect it here.

  9. Real life just keeps getting in my way.

  10. heh, heh...phew! I'm still out of breath from the A-Z Challenge, but best of luck to ya.

  11. I probably need to catch up on things the I will ever catch up on that....the day before I die...that is when I plan to finish it so as not to leave it for someone else

  12. As it happens, I started road tripping independently. That's why I'm here. ^_^

  13. I was a miserable failure at this last year, but maybe this year I will do better. Love the road trip badge!
    Had to laugh about never getting behind on food LOL. :D

  14. Gossip Grl, sounds like a good way to do it!

    Mshatch, thanks!

    Jamie, can't blame you!

    Libby, yes, and thanks!

    Alex, sounds much more important to me!

    Andrew, I don't blame you at all!

    Becca, perfectly sensible!

    Susan, there are definitely some great blogs on there! The surprise me button is cool.

    Christine, there's never enough time!

    Elizabeth, thank you! I'll come by and grab it.

    Shelly, don't I know it!

    Em, gasp, gasp, I know how that goes!

    Soggy, haha, no doubt! Housework never ever ends.

    Misha, woo-hoo! However you do it works just fine!

    Julie, I'm also never behind on chocolate, which may or may not count as food. And Jeremy, who made the badge, rocks!