Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Agatha Christie (Teaser Tuesday) & Colorado Territory

We've made it to Day 3! Keep it up! I may be running a day behind in responding to comments, but I WILL visit everyone!

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

1. Grab your current read
2. Open to a random page
3. Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
4. BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)
5. Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!

Today's teaser is from Crooked House, by Agatha Christie.

"'But I don't suppose,' I said, 'that she'd murder anyone just because she didn't approve of their aims and mode of life. Perhaps if she really hated the old man - but are any murders committed just out of pure hate?'" p. 57.

C is also for...

olorado Territory!

Yay! Look at that, I managed to get Colorado history in here, anyway. Colorado is the epitome of the west with its rugged setting, semi-arid climate and homesteads and gold mines still standing. When I'm out exploring and sight seeing, I often try to put myself into the mindset of the pioneers and gold miners that made their way out here.

On these tours, one idea stands out, one slogan: Pikes Peak or Bust. You can still see old wagons decorated with those words, such as the one at Rock Ledge Ranch, or the one outside the Wild West Ghost Town Museum. The Colorado Gold Rush started in 1859, pulling people in from both the east and the west. Those who were busted in California sped back to Colorado, hoping to make it big with this second chance.

Prospectors flooded Colorado, mining towns springing up left and right. Cripple Creek (1890's), Denver City & Boulder City. In Leadville, copious amounts of silver were discovered in the gold mines, creating another rush.

All these prospectors (and those who wished to capitalize and open stores, hotels, etc.) caused this area to be named Colorado Territory in 1861. However, prospectors weren't the only ones who came this way. Outlaws like Clay Allison ventured through parts of Colorado, as did Bat Masterson, Buffalo Bill Cody, Kit Carson, Doc Holliday, and more. Nikola Tesla had a lab here in Colorado Springs, having arrived here from New York in 1899.

The Unsinkable Molly Brown lived in Denver, the wife of a man who struck gold. What does that tell you? Coloradans are hardy enough to survive the Titanic!

Before all of these people began flooding in, though, the Ute, Arapaho and Cheyenne Indians made their homes here. Unfortunately, they were removed to other states, but their impact is seen all around, including places like Manitou Springs, where the healing springs they utilized are still appreciated by visitors.

Beyond those mentioned, Colorado Territory was famous for mountain men and fur trappers, as well. There were also farmers/ranchers and gamblers, and anyone else who yearned for the free and rugged life that Colorado Territory offered. In short, Colorado Territory drew just about anyone with a sense of adventure and determination to succeed.

What are you reading? Ever visited Colorado?

May you find your Muse.

*Letter C courtesy of Mohamed Ibrahim at clker.com
**Pikes Peak wagon image courtesy of Pikes Peak History
***Chief Ouray and Chipeta image courtesy of Cynthia Becker


Mary Aalgaard said...

Fun Wild West education you're giving during the challenge. Agatha Christie and Cherokee in one post. That's pretty amazing!
I just started reading "Hunger Games."

Play off the Page

Sue McPeak said...

You could use this post for the next Letter D for Double Duty! Yep, you have pulled off a TwoFer with this 'C' post. Agatha would be proud and of course your Colorado history is chocked full of good 'C' info.

I'm a Texas History Gal, so I really appreciate my Western neighbors history as well. Which, BTW...I enjoyed your Billy the Kid post very much, too.

I'm reading 'Crown of Thorns'and watching the HBO Series.

Beverly Diehl said...

I've visited Colorado, but only once, and we went back of beyond, to Creede (I think the county population then was 500). Beautiful state, I'd love to go back for a visit.

Dani said...

Another great post! Wouldn't you have loved to have lived during the Wild West? Me too!

fidel said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Shannon. I must say the build up, encouragement and follow up by you guys is impressive and much appreciated.

Fareeda Alhady
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Sherry Ellis said...

Wow, two "C's" for the price of one! I have visited Colorado - mostly for skiing. Book I'm reading? Vertigo. It's not even available yet. I'm reviewing the advanced reader copy.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I've been through Colorado several times!

KC Weldon said...

Most of that information is stuff I've forgotten since 4th grade Colorado History. I think instead of that stupid logo the city just paid for they should use "Pikes Peak or Bust" to attract tourists. It's a classic.

L said...

Right now I am reading "Beauty Queens" Its about a bunch of beauty pagent girls get in a plane crash and are stranded on an island.

ive never been to Colorado. although it does sound fun.

DL Hammons said...

I get to visit Denver again later this month. Been there several times. Such a beautiful state! :)

RaShelle Workman said...

Colorado is beautiful. And I love Agatha Christie.

Haddock said...

Can imagine the real tough life these people had to eek out a living.... but they did it proudly.
Like is too easy now a days (one of the reasons why kids get spoiled)

Catherine Stine said...

I just finished reading A Human Element by Donna Galanti. It's a great supernatural thriller. Now, I'm on to Sandman Slim, by Richard Kadrey.
As far as Colorado, I'm from the east coast (grew up in Philly, now living in New York) but I did live in Denver fro 5 years. I loved being in a very different environs. Loved the dry air, the mountain pines, the friendly folks, and travelling to Boulder, a great sort of intellectual mecca. I remember those days with affection.

loverofwords said...

Thank you for the new blog suggestion and. . .We live across from Daniel's Park Road, here in Castle Pines, Colorado and I heard that Kit Carson came down this road on his way to New Mexico where he died. Any truth to this little story? Also, we stay up to watch the fireworks from Pikes Peak and we almost aways see them except in 2011 when the climbers had to turn back.

loverofwords said...

I should have added, fireworks on New Year's Eve.

Cecilia Robert said...

I've never been to Colorado. hopefully some. :)

At the moment, I'm reading Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca. My two sentences teasers
"Well, I would not care, I would forget her and her barbed words. A new confidence had been born in me when I burnt that page and scattered the fragmanets. " Pg 65

Cecilia Robert said...

I meant hopefully someday. :)

Anonymous said...

I have never been to Colorado, but I am a huge Agatha Christie fan!

Ladydragonfly1958 said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Shannon. I love yours! Agatha Christie is a great read. I have never been to Colorado but my Dad has been several times.
Right now I am reading Haywood Smith's Queen Bee of Mimosa Branch. My two teasers are: "Only one thing in God's green earth can make my mother back down, and that's love. I saw it in her eyes before she spoke." Page 42

Sandra Tyler said...

I'm honored that the A-Z cohost found time out of the thousands of us to visit my C! new follower, for sure!

Jemi Fraser said...

LOVE Agatha Christie! :)

I'd love to visit Colorado one of these days - such beautiful pics I've seen of the area!

Unknown said...

I'm reading "Elk Hunters Don't Cry" and I've never been to Colorado even though my sister lived there.

Unknown said...

I grew up reading Agatha Christie (I'm a Brit) and love her books. I also loved the mystery she created in her own life when she disappeared.

Rhia at Five Minute Piece for Inspiration (around #871 at A to Z Challenge)

Julie Flanders said...

I so want to visit Colorado. I'll make it one of these days. Love the history lesson as always.:)

Deniz Bevan said...

You're making me feel like rereading Agatha Christie again. But there're so many other books on my To Read pile...
I hope to visit Colorado someday!
Loving the A-Z Shannon! I almost typed Z-A just now. I wonder, for next year...

Michelle Mach said...

It's so good to find a blog by another Coloradoan! I have nothing to read at the moment except some random catalogs in the mail . . . I've *got* to get something good to read soon!

Laurisa White Reyes said...

My favorite Agatha Christie story is And Then There was none. I've never been to Colorado but ever since I saw The Unsinkable Molly Brown, I've wanted to. http://1000wrongs.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

Excellent "C" choices! I can't recall reading much Agatha Christie...sounds like I need to remedy that.

And Colorado? It's an stunningly gorgeous state. I've been to Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs and loved it. If I didn't love Maine so much, I could easily see myself living there.

Chuck said...

I loved reading every Agatha Christie book I could get my hands on. I was fascinated with the working mind of Hercule Poirot and his little mustaches.

I also have been to Dever one time. In the winter at a condo in Silverthorn. Rode snow mobiles up along the continental divide. Snowed several times. It was a magical week. Your history of Colorado is great reading. thanks for the facts!

Reading a fantastic book called Outsmart Your Cancer.

Leigh @ OneandOneEqualsTwinFun said...

"Come on you little sponge," he would say. I only wanted a boy to clean my brushes and now I've got miniature Roger Fry on my hands"
Book: My dear I wanted to tell you By Louisa Young

Actually I just downloaded it for my book club, just about to start it!
Never been to Colarado- would love to go!
Leigh @oneandoneequalstwinfun.com
#970 of challenge :)

Donna B. McNicol said...

My late husband and I lived in Colorado Springs for three years...talk about God's country. So gorgeous and the history was so recent compared to growing up in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

I still have one daughter in the area, too.

Andrew Leon said...

Tesla will be popping up in one of my posts soon, too.

Are you on Goodreads? I mean, do have an account there?

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Agatha Is such a grand dame, I love her. I've never been to Colorado but I want to go.

Mark K said...

Many thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the fact we have something in common ;)

Colorado has always sounded amazing. Didn't Stephen King's 'The Stand' end in Colorado? But yes, would love to visit.

I'm starting to get the feeling female bloggers outnumber male bloggers, or am I wrong?

Unknown said...

I've still not read any Christie, but I feel that I should to give me a well rounded reading knowledge. Maybe one day :)

Jamie Gibbs
Fellow A-Z Buddy
Mithril Wisdom

Anonymous said...

I'd love to explore Colorado one day.

I read many of Christie's books in high school and college, but I don't recall reading Crooked House.

DayDreamer said...

Crooked House - fantastic book.

' "Were they going to give him the final anointing?"
"I know someone who had the final anointing seven times" '
War and Peace - this time I'll finish it, and will take Molly Brown's unsinkability to inspire me to so.

Lindi said...

I love Agatha Christie novels. I haven't read one in a long time--thanks for the reminder.

Nicole @ The Daily Dish said...

Thank you so much for visiting me Shannon. All of the encouragement has been wonderful with the challenge, and it's fun to know you are my "go-to gal" for questions, etc.
I love your blog and I love that you are doing a super educational A-Z Challenge. Thank you so much for all the work you are all putting into this!

Cat Lavoie said...

When the Quebec Nordiques hockey team became the Colorado Avalanche (many years ago) Colorado was in the news A LOT over here. Sounds like a very interesting place! Would love to visit one day.

Anonymous said...

I am a big fan of Agatha Christie too and coincidentally I wrote about her for my A-Z Challenge yesterday. She was quite a woman and I would have loved to have met her. She would definitely be on my ultimate dinner party guest-list!

Alison Miller said...

Fun! I love Teaser Tuesday!

"Thanks for North Dakota."
"You'd be surprised what you can find online these days. And how simple it is to guess the password for your school's database. Seriously, the mascot's name. Please."

Fall From Grace by Charles Benoit

Angie said...

Reading the quilting novel, The Winding Ways Quilt right now.

I have only landed at the Denver airport a few times. :) Not what you'd call a CO experience. My daughter and son-in-law will be moving there in the summer so I expect CO will become a second home here shortly.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Mary, oooo, Hunger Games was so good!

Beverly, not sure I've ever been to Creede.

Danielle, definitely! I'd like to take toothpaste and deodorant back with me, too, though!

Fareeda, that is wonderful to hear! Thank you for the feedback.

Sherry, jealous! I need to get my hands on some advance reader copies...

Alex, it's the place to be!

KC, that's a good idea!

Shannon Lawrence said...

Emily, I'm wondering if that is a comedy, a drama or both?

DL, cool! Is that for work?

RaShelle, I agree! On both counts.

Haddock, I agree. They had to do a whole heckuva' lot more than we do. Yet we are always in more of a rush, it seems.

Catherine, great to hear! Boulder is an interesting place, very eclectic and supportive of the arts.

Loverofwords, Kit Carson is a possibility for my "K," so I'll have to see if that comes up!

Cecilia, I've meant to read that book for quite some time.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Simplyinfatuated, everyone should be!

Ladydragonfly, thank you! Cool that your dad has been here; business or pleasure?

Sandra, it was my pleasure to visit!

Jemi, it's a great place to visit, but then, of course, I'm biased!

Kathleen, where did your sister live?

Rhia, I actually did a post about that very mystery about a month ago, or so. I've always found it interesting since I first heard of it on Unsolved Mysteries (I believe).

Julie, look me up if you get around Colorado Springs!

Shannon Lawrence said...

Deniz, I may be mistaken, but I think there was a contingent that did the opposite in May after they completed the A-to-Z!

Michelle, having nothing good to read is a travesty! I love to find other Coloradans!

Laurisa, you can actually visit Molly Brown's old home in Denver if you come out! How cool is that? I've always wanted to, and WILL someday.

Shannon, very cool! I would love to visit Maine; I hear it's quite gorgeous, as well.

Chuck, I hope you're reading that for fun? That sounds like a wonderful trip, and something I should make a point of doing someday.

Leigh, great teaser!

Donna, how cool! It's such a small world sometimes.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Andrew, I do. I'm terrible about updating it, but I do have an account. Tesla is cool!

Debra, Agatha Christie was definitely a grand dame!

Mark, I imagine you're probably right. I'm pretty sure I've seen more female than male. And, yes, The Stand ends here. He actually taught at the university in Boulder for quite some time, AND The Shining was set out here in Estes Park!

Jamie, she has a bunch with a male detective called Hercule Poirot. I think the one I've heard recommended the most is "And Then There Were None." Given, there are plenty of books I should read to make me better rounded, too...

Medeia, I've only read about three, but I have a good collection, thanks to my grandma.

Daydreamer, haha, I've never even tried! I suppose I should some day. Good luck to you!

Lindi, what's your favorite?

Shannon Lawrence said...

Nicole, thank you for your nice words! So glad you're along for the ride!

Cat, no kidding? I need to look that up!

Sterling, you bet! She sounds like quite the party gal.

Alison, thanks for the teaser!

Angie, good luck to them on their move! No, DIA is definitely not the Colorado experience. Bleuch!

Shannon Lawrence said...

Sue, the spam blocker was keeping you out of my comments, but I think I have it fixed now. Grrr. Thanks! And, oh yes, Texas and Colorado are quite tied together in Wild West history!

Pam Williams said...

Sharing a teaser from L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables: “Miss Barry was a kindred spirit after all," Anne confided to Marilla, "You wouldn't think so to look at her, but she is. . . Kindred spirits are not so scarce as I used to think. It's splendid to find out there are so many of them in the world.”
This was fun, Shannon!

Shannon Lawrence said...

Oh, Pam, I love Anne of Green Gables!!!

Anonymous said...

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