Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for...

Writer's Conference! WOOOOO-HOOOOOOO!

Timely letter, this one. Tomorrow is the first day of the Pikes Peak Writer's Conference. I'm positively giddy. Scary, isn't it? but I enjoy hanging out with other creative types and learning more about my chosen profession. Plus, I like the food.

Speaking of the above, W is also for...

Writer's Groups.

I've mentioned them on here before, but it never hurts to bring them up again. I highly recommend finding a local writer's group, or joining one online. For instance, the Pikes Peak Writer's group I belong to has members from around the world, and there is a Yahoo loop. They even put some of their monthly workshops on the website as of this year. They have a great, informative blog that anyone can look at, as well, so there are benefits to belonging to an online group if you don't have one local to yourself. Another benefit? It's free. They just made that change this year. I will say, though, that the activities and such that they promote are typically going to be in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado. I have, however, seen promotions for conferences in New Mexico and other places, as well, and it says right on the front page that they welcome anyone, anywhere, to join. This includes international membership, not just those of us from the U.S. They have an annual contest that anyone can enter, so check it out.

The other group I belong to is the National League of American Pen Women. They have regional branches around the country. Click here to find a branch near you (female membership only). There are various contests through the branches of the NLAPW, and they are usually such that anyone can enter. Only Pen Women members can be published in their magazine (though there is a contingent hoping to change this detail). Pen Women is, despite the name, not just for writers. The membership also includes the arts and music.

I've also now joined She Writes, an online community for female writers. (Sorry fella's, but groups like Pikes Peak Writer's are open to everyone). This is a national group and there are forums online for various conversations. I discovered this group because of the A to Z Challenge, and have not had the full opportunity to explore and get to know the site yet.

I get so much from these groups, each offering something different. I can't say enough about how much benefit it is to have a group of like-minded individuals to speak with, even if it is just online. I imagine most on here have already discovered that from the blogging community. Anything that puts you in touch with others can help you to learn, give you comradeship, and help you network. Plus, it gives this stay-at-home mom reasons to get out of the house sometimes, which I also feel is important. Vital to my survival, even.

Do you belong to any writer's groups, national or otherwise? Any you recommend to others? Any of you coming to the Pikes Peak Writer's Conference? If not, is there a conference you try to never miss?

Happy Writing!


  1. Great advice about writer's groups. I belong to a writer's group and it is very motivating. The online one sounds kinda cool. I've seen the widget for She Writes on people's pages. I'll have to check it out.

  2. Thanks for the links! I'm already a member of She Writes but I'm looking forward to checking the others out. I don't belong to a writing group yet and really want to find a good one.
    Have a great time at the conference! :)

  3. Have a great time at the conference! I'll have to check out She Writes...sounds interesting!

  4. Yes, I do belong to a writer's group, and find it invaluable. The support and honest critiquing provided is wonderful. I urge all writers to belong to a writer's group.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and opting to follow!

  5. I belong to a local writers group...meeting with other writers in person makes such a huge difference!! :) I also just joined RWA and went to my first local chapter meeting a couple weeks ago. So so great!! :)

    Have fun at the conference!!!! I wish I could go to one this year!!

  6. Hi Shannon - thanks for coming by my site and I'm glad to meet you. I completely agree. I've belonged to more than one writers' groups and I have a friend that I write with every Tuesday - we've done that for about eleven years! I live in Nova Scotia but when I was in grades 6 to 8, I lived in Colorado Springs! My dad was in the forces... I went to Audobon Public School, Horace Mann Junior High and East Junior High. Yep - one house - three schools! I loved the springs - would ride in the bluffs and was thinking about the swell sunrise ceremony at the Garden of the Gods this last Easter!

  7. Conferences are so much fun! Hope you have a blast!!

  8. Carrie, I hope you do!

    Julie, I hope you can find one. If I ever hear of a different one, I will definitely pass it along.

    Jeanmarie, I hope you do, as well!

    Lisa, it's great that you've found a good group.

    Stephanie, if not this year, I hope you can attend one next year. I've heard of some phenomenal romance conferences.

    Jan, how cool! I moved here in grade 7. My high school was on the Air Force Academy. I believe all of those schools are still going strong. I love the idea of writing with a friend each week!

    Alyssia, thank you!