Wednesday, October 19, 2011

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday 10/19/11 (& Award)

It's insect day on [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday!

This little guy sat still for me, which was shocking. You ever try to get a picture of a dragonfly? I tried late last month to get a photo of a blue dragonfly in the same place I'd gotten this one the year before (Rock Ledge Ranch), and no matter how patient and prepared I tried to be, I got a bunch of blurry photos of the little punk. This one, though, spread itself out on a rock to sun and I grabbed the pic. Yay!

Little factoid for you: though dragonflies have 6 legs, just like other insects, they can't walk well at all. They are some of the fastest insects in the world, though, in flight anyway.

This is going to be less wordless than usual, as I got an award from TF Walsh. I'd intended to post it with my Teaser Tuesday, but...well, scan back. I didn't do my usual Teaser Tuesday. Instead, I'll post the award here. With extra words.

Thank you, Tania!

In honor of Halloween, I'll continue what TF did and list 7 Halloween-type things about me. (Random ones, Andrew! Hahahahaha! Okay, just kidding.)

1. I spend the entire month of October devouring horror movies, books, shows, you name its to try and get a good scare.

2. I was quite pleased to freak out a friend since I usually fail to freak myself out. I passed "The Shining" on to her and she rather enjoyed it, but it scared her! ~Maniacal laughter~

3. For years, I've wanted to go on a haunted history-type tour, but have yet to do so. Cripple Creek does them. Some day, some day.

4. I love to watch shows about old haunted places, like southern plantations, but it's the stories about the people that draw me in.

5. I went trick or treating once in high school. Didn't go well, as most people told us we were too old to be trick or treating. I suppose I should have been committing property damage or other crimes instead?

6. I'm seriously considering hiding in my house instead of handing out candy this year, and fully taking advantage of the time alone while my hubby is out trick or treating with the kids. We get so many trick or treaters that I don't usually get any downtime between them. And the atmosphere of the night is just screaming for writing!

7. This horror buff has only seen two or three of the Nightmare on Elm Street films (four, if you count the new one). After decades of having night terrors and nightmares, there just seems to be very little entertainment in the franchise for me. And it actually freaks me out. There, I admitted it.

Considering this award says "I love blogging," please feel free to take this one for yourself and list 7 Halloween facts about yourself. Let me know if you do so I can check it out! Thanks again, TF, for thinking of me!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for my MonsterFest post on the Wendigo!

Any interesting Halloween facts about you? Is there a movie/franchise that freaks you out?

May you find your Muse.


  1. Luv the dragonfly:) It's ironic that when larva they hunt tadpoles, but when matured frogs hunt them:)

  2. Oh, that is a fun fact, Mark! And it reminds me that I meant to say something about the fact that the larvae are called nymphs. Too late! haha!

  3. LOL
    Maybe if I push the whole random thing, it will go viral.

    I love dragonflies, by the way.

    I say lock yourself in the house and eat the candy while you write :)

  4. Andrew, that is really the way I'm leaning. I may get enough candy to do the littles for the first wave and then close the door after that. I love dragonflies, too, but had no idea we even had them here until a couple years ago. I thought I'd left them behind in Maryland.

  5. Horror movies usually don't freak me out much, but I love watching SCREAM series and HALLOWEEN series.

  6. They're probably everywhere. Like squirrels. I lived out here for years and years before I ever saw one and was convinced there were no squirrels in CA.
    There certainly aren't as many dragonflies out here, though, as there were back in TX.

  7. Cherie, I enjoy the Scream series, as well (and Halloween). It's great when a parody can become good in its own right.

    Andrew, funny how that happens! I'm betting the dragonfly isn't the only critter I've made that mistake with.