Wednesday, October 12, 2011

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday 10/12/11

For today's [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday, I got to take a bit of a side trip on the way to get my daughter from school. This is one of the surest signs we get that fall has arrived:

That's snow on Pikes Peak! Of course, this isn't the first snow. I tried to get a good pic of that a few weeks ago and wasn't happy with the result. We've actually had snow down here on the ground, but it melted within a couple hours, so I look to Pikes Peak for reassurance on a day where we're supposed to hit 68 degrees. It's fall!

If you look closely, you can also see a dappling of yellow aspens on the green peak in front of the snow-covered Pikes Peak. I love the changing of leaves and can't wait until all that green around Garden of the Gods is full of blazing autumn shades.

This photo was taken at Garden of the Gods, one of my favorite places to go for some camera action. The red rock on the left is the eastern edge of the Kissing Camels formation.

Happy Fall!

Is there a landmark or event that truly, officially says "autumn is here" to you? How do you celebrate the start of fall?

May you find your Muse.


  1. I really want to see this place you keep taking pictures of and from.
    I'll be happy, though, if we just get to take a trip to the snow this year.

  2. Usually it's when the tour buses roll into town to check out the foliage. But snow on top of Mt. Washington is a sure sign too.

    That picture is gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous photo! I wait for the air to turn just a bit chilly and to see the leaves turn color. Last year, it was so dry, the leaves just feel off dead. It didn't feel like autumn. We're having a beautiful one this year, though.

  4. What a great photo! Friday night football signifies fall to me. We're having a very colorful fall here, too.

  5. That is lovely and I want to be there.

    It feels like autumn where I am when it's super windy. It was windy a few days last week, but now the wind has gone away. :( It doesn't really feel like fall where I am until mid or late October. And our leaves don't turn.

  6. My in-laws live in woodland park and this totally makes me want to go there!

  7. Andrew, Garden of the Gods is definitely a place worth visiting at least once. I hope you guys get to go up to see some snow.

    M.J., mountains are handy for these sorts of things, lol. Luckily, we get tourists, but not necessarily as many as, say, Estes Park.

    Christine, some years I swear the leaves turn and fall off within a week, but thanks to a surprising amount of rainfall this year, the foliage is lingering. Gorgeous!

    Dawn, that, too!

    Medeia, your leaves don't turn? I think I would really miss that. I miss the fall foliage on the east coast, as it is.

    J.A., I love Woodland Park! We used to drive out that way every year for the leaves, but haven't the last couple years.