Thursday, October 6, 2011

Author U BookCamp, Project 52 and Goal Setting

Today I'd like to quickly pass on some information on the Author U BookCamp. This is an online workshop intended to teach you how to launch your book online. It includes things like book blog tours, Kindle/nook links and customizing campaigns. Sounds like it could be quite valuable for someone about to launch their new book. I know that I was amazed by Beth Groundwater's book blog tour schedule, and that it made me wonder how one sets something like that up, to begin with. Here are the answers! There is a cost for this workshop, so check out the link HERE for more information.

While I'm here, I may as well update Project 52 and my progress.

Unfortunately, for soooo many reasons, I have not gotten much accomplished with editing and writing. I go to bed each night completely determined to wake up and get back to it, and it never ends up working out in the morning. Rawr. I did, however, get some more New Never News articles written up, so I am submitting those tonight. As such, I get to scratch out:

40. Write more New Never News articles

I didn't give myself a number I had to write, so this is good enough to mark something off. Anything scratched off is incentive to get more done. I don't know about you, but accomplishing anything from a list helps me to leap forward.

I'm tempted to write daily goals/to-do's on here just to get my butt moving. Instead, for now, I will make myself a major goal for November (since I have no intention of doing NaNoWriMo) and work toward that goal. It's time to get things done. Now to figure out what that goal will be.

Here's some miniature goal setting, in the meantime:

Today I will work in my office for an hour, minimum. What I'm working on is up in the air. Just getting my butt down there will be more than I've done in about two weeks.

This week, I will work on a short story. All the better if I finish the first draft.

This month, I will edit at least five chapters of Lonely Hollow: Synthesis.

How's that for a few mini goals to get myself back in the driver's seat?

How do you do goal setting? What's your goal for the day/week/month?

May you find your Muse. I hope it isn't hiding with mine.


  1. I try not to over-think my goals or else I get overwhelmed. I like your mini-goal setting, that's right up my alley :)

  2. Yeah! More news!!!! Kensington wants to promote the blog, so we'll get some eyes on how cool you are!

    Also that author U workshop looks great. Thanks for the tip. Any chance you'll be attending?

  3. J.A., I hope the mini-goal setting works for us both!

    Julie, that is so cool! I don't think I'll be attending this one. How about you?