Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Week Two of The Artist's Way

This is week two of the twelve-week Artist's Way process. Each week we're supposed to have an artist date with ourselves. This doesn't have to involve anything having to do with writing, though I hope I squeeze that in at some point. Last week my date consisted of me just sitting and reading for an hour without it being before bed (since I read nightly before bed to unwind, but it is often the only time I get any reading in).

This week we had to write down a list of things we missed doing. My list was mostly minor things that I simply don't have the time for anymore, but I chose two from it I haven't been doing often enough for other reasons to do for my artist's date this week: walks and photography.

I have been getting some walks in here and there, but I miss the daily walks I used to take. A combination of medical issues has made it much harder to achieve, as has limited time due to work and other responsibilities. I've been trying to push past the issues to take some short walks with a knee brace I got to help with arthritis in my knee. The most I've gotten done in one week is three. While it's not perfect, I think that three isn't too shabby. But that was only one week. I'd like to get to consistently getting in three walks a week and a monthly hike. It would do me a lot of good. 

In terms of photography, I find that I struggle with that before I struggle with writing. It takes a certain mindset to walk around and look at my surroundings with that joyful, creative eye it requires to see those images I want to photograph. I love nature photography, and would like to get back to doing it. So I set out on today's walk in my neighborhood with the determination to seek out photo opportunities. They aren't great, but it felt good to spy things I wanted to photograph. What I really need is a hike in a new place with things to discover, but I wasn't up for that today.

Buds popping out on the first day of spring

The blue, blue sky

The back of the stop sign no one pays attention to

Three signs in a row (the stop sign in back is harder to see)

Someone's cute lawn ornaments

Last year's dried berries still clustered on a tree, along with old, brown leaves

Trying to capture the fuzzy buds, but it was too windy and the phone camera kept focusing on everything but them

Peeling bark

Tree with character

Two of the roots are crossed at the base, looking like a creature with its legs crossed

Just an odd-shaped tree

The skellies in my yard clinging to the last bits of snow from last week's blizzard

The snow on the ground probably makes it look cold, but it was a balmy day. In fact, it was so warm I had on a tank top and sweatpants, and I deeply regretted the sweatpants. Short would have been better. It's supposed to be warm all week, and then we'll see what next week brings. It's my daughter's spring break, and we probably get snow about 90% of the time for the kids' spring breaks. We're probably due one more at least mild snow before it hangs up for the winter. Possibly more.

Next week's my book release! I'm sure the time is going to pass quickly.

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If you had to make a list of three items you miss, what would it be? What's stopping you from choosing one to make a point of doing this week?

May you find your Muse.


Pearson Report said...

I'm following your journey through The Artist's Way - I took my copy down, dusted it off and am giving it a soft revisit.

I can relate to the walking bit - I hurt my right knee and walking through the discomfort is not fun, but I'm doing it as part of my recovery.

Your photos are beautiful, congrats on snapping some on your outing. I used to do that, don't now, but... hey, I think I'll start again. (thanks for the motivation) I would take random photos for my Flash Fiction photo-prompt writing - which I did daily until life got in the way. Doesn't it always!

I wish you a week of great walks (and that hike too) and fun with your journey through The Artist's Way.
Cheers, Jenny

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wild to think you have snow and needed shorts!
That is a very blue sky.
And the skeleton photo wins!

ib said...

Shannon, I am not familiar with the Artist's Way but may need to look into it when time permits. My daughter has a great eye when it comes to photography but she didn't get it from me. I enjoy viewing her work. She has submitted entries in to her high school publications and has had a few featured. I am not sure why, but your picture of the stop sign grabbed my attention. It is refreshing to see the clear blue sky again. I enjoy winter and the beauty of the snow but only for a short time. Warm weather means golf and I like being out there hacking away.

Patricia JL said...

I miss walking, but the winter is the main reason currently. Once Michigan decides it's actually spring and not winter, I can get out and walk again.

Jennifer Lane said...

There's nothing like walking for inspiring the muse! Too bad your knee is limiting your activity.

I used to listen to music as I walked, which helped me plot out my novels, but now I listen to audiobooks. I need to get back to letting my mind wander in devious directions.

Best of luck with your release!