Wednesday, May 6, 2015

High Desert Spring, IWSG, & Links

Signs of spring are popping up here in the high desert. Here's a hearty little desert bloom I got a picture of on a hike a few weeks ago.

It's also the first Wednesday of May, which means it's time for the Insecure Writer's Support Group!

Originally created by Alex J. Cavanaugh, the IWSG is a way for all us insecure writers to get together and air our fears or provide support. If you click on Alex's name up there, you can go to the sign up to join in the monthly support. 

This month's co-hosts are  Eva Solar, Melanie Schulz, Lisa-Buie Collard, and Stephen Tremp! Stop by and visit them if you can.

Each month I post my progress as part of IWSG in order to keep myself accountable and hopefully encourage others by showing rejections mean YOU'RE WORKING. If you aren't getting rejections, you aren't trying hard enough! (Unless, of course, you aren't going for traditional publishing.)

In April, I:

Submitted 8 pieces
Got 1 short story edited and out with the others already submitted
Got 2 rejections
Have 1 piece that is currently short-listed
Have 12 pieces currently on submission

I'm starting to see more positive feedback on my rejections and I'm getting short-listed here and there. I'm taking that as a positive sign! Several editors have recently asked me to submit something else, even though they rejected the pieces I had sent. Here's where my insecurity kicks in, though...I've never taken one of them up on that. Somehow, knowing that they liked my writing, but that a particular story didn't work for them, makes me feel extra pressure. I'm afraid they'll be disappointed in the next submission I try, that I won't get that positive feedback again, and that will be a sign I'm not good enough. 

I really should get past that.

Eventually I will. And when I do, I have notes on who asked for more, and what their exact comments were. What they liked and what they didn't like. I love getting feedback. I just need to be brave enough to try another story with them and stop fearing that rejection.

Now for this week's links:

Accepting Submissions:

Vine Leaves Literary Journal is looking for vignettes in any genre except erotica. No more than 800 words. They take poetry, prose, artwork, and photography. Pays $5 AUD. Deadline May 31.

Raven Warren Studios is seeking pieces for "Winning: A Guide to Games That Never Were," an anthology of game guides for games that don't exist. 1000-3000 words. Humor. Pays $5 and a contributor copy. Deadline June 1.

Contrary Magazine is looking for short fiction of about 1500 words. They pay $20 per piece, no matter the length. Please note that they require you to send them an invoice for your pay or you will not get paid. Current deadline June 1 for the summer issue.

NonBinary Review puts out a theme and invites all manner of plays on that theme. Current themes are 1001 Arabian Nights and Woman in White. Pay is $.01/word. Arabian Nights theme is up to 5000 words. They also take poetry and artwork. Deadline June 1.

Blood in the Rain is looking for hot vampire fiction, all the way up to erotica, but it does not have to be erotica. Though they prefer pieces from writers in the Pacific northwest, or stories linked to there, I'm passing this along because they're open to all submissions--they will give writers from the Pacific northwest preference. 2000-7000 words. Pays 2.5 cents/word. Deadline June 1.

Paper Road Press is looking for novella submissions between 10,000 and 20,000 words. Pay is not specified. Deadline June 1.

Splickety Love is looking for romance flash fiction. Theme is Smitten Summer. Up to 1000 words. Pays $.02/word. Deadline June 5.


The new theme for the M.O. Short Story Contest has been announced: Wishful Thinking. It must be a crime story of between 1000 and 1500 words. Winner gets published online and in the newsletter, and gets $.05/word. Those who get short-listed will also be published in the newsletter, but not for pay. Deadline May 29.

Winter Tangerine Review is holding a contest. Winners will be published, receive cookies, and paid $250. Deadline June 1.

Write to Done is holding the Freeditorial Long-Short Story Contest. 10,000-40,000 words. Once submitted, your story is put online for free. Winning is based on quality of the work and number of downloads. First prize is $15,000. Deadline June 4.

What are your insecurities? What are your favorite signs of spring? Are you submitting? How many rejections did you get this month? Any of these publications or contests of interest to you? Anything to share?

May you find your Muse.


Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Good for you on getting positive feedback and on getting invited to submit more work! Try not to let the pressure paralyze you - take advantage of the opportunities and submit those stories. :)

Chrys Fey said...

Getting positive feedback with a rejection is always nice and encouraging. As always...GOOD LUCK! :)

Tonja Drecker said...

Those flowers are always so pretty - and inspiring. Good for you for getting the positive feedback and good luck on all those submissions. I haven't popped by for awhile, but it looks like you've been very busy indeed!

shelly said...

Thanks for the links. Confidence takes time. You'll get it.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I love when the geese fly north. Sometimes you can see and hear dozens of individual flocks in the sky at the same time.
Hope you send something more to those who ask for it.

Susan Kane said...

When the orange buds blossom out--favorite time. Scent is intoxicating.

dolorah said...

You "really should get past that!"

Andrew Leon said...

That's very colorful in the middle of the brown.
I need to get some of my recent pics up, but I've been kind of distracted. I haven't even pulled them from my camera, yet.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yes, you need to get past that and submit something else! Those might be golden opportunities. It will definitely be a no if you don't send anything.

Liz Blocker said...

Oh my god, totally submit to them again!! If they don't like it (which I doubt) you can always truthfully say they asked for it. And as Alex pointed out, it'll always be a no unless you resubmit :)

Diane Burton said...

If there's an upside to rejections, it's positive feedback. Congrats on getting your work out there.

Best wishes,
Diane IWSG #108

John Wiswell said...

I'm pretty stoked about recent submissions since I sold a pro-piece to Fireside Fiction! I'm in amazing company on the ToC list.

Good luck on the short-listing! That's so exciting!

klahanie said...

Hi Shannon,

I have total admiration for all you accomplish. Your attitude, despite your personal situation, is like a breath of positive fresh air. All the best with your ongoing writing endeavours.

And thanks for your empathetic comment on my site. I'm grateful.


Kimberly said...

I say go for it and submit new stories to those editors - you might be pleasantly surprised! :)

Sandra Cox said...

If editors are asking to see other work, that's huge. They wouldn't bother if they didn't like your style. Wishing you all the best.

Michelle Wallace said...

Thanks for the links, Shannon.
I have submitted pieces to two online publications.
However, I need to submit on a regular basis. It's just that I find there are few online places that cater for contemporary, non-paranormal stuff... or is that my imagination?
(Sorry you experienced technical glitches while trying to access my blog recently)

Michelle Wallace said...

P.S. Congrats on the positive feedback! Awesome!

Shannon Lawrence said...

I do need to. The problem, and where I freeze, is deciding which story is better to send.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Thank you! I do like hearing positive feedback.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Busy is good!

Shannon Lawrence said...

I certainly hope so!

Shannon Lawrence said...

I love that, too. And when they're flying back through to the south.

Shannon Lawrence said...

That sounds yummy!

Shannon Lawrence said...

I know!!! Sigh.

Shannon Lawrence said...

End of the school year craziness and book world craziness?

Shannon Lawrence said...

That last sentence is certainly true!

Shannon Lawrence said...

Haha, hopefully I don't have to write back that they asked for it. Too funny!

Shannon Lawrence said...

Agreed! I figure it's a step forward when they come with positive feedback.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Congratulations! You're doing great with your acceptances.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Thank you, Gary. Sometimes it helps to know someone else is dealing with it, too.

Shannon Lawrence said...

I would love to be pleasantly surprised!

Shannon Lawrence said...

Quite true! Thank you.