Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Rejection & This Week's Links

I was hoping to have good news to share today. I'd been short-listed for an anthology and knew today was the day I'd hear one way or the other. Unfortunately, I got the rejection email instead of an acceptance. But I took a few hours to mope, and I've already resubmitted that story and several others. So I guess that's good news.

I'm working on major sleep deprivation at the moment, so for [Mostly] Wordless Wednesday, meet Skip. He's my co-pilot.

Now for some links, just a few hours late, yeah?

Accepting Submissions:

Vandercave is seeking humor. Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or illustration. Deadline for first issue is December 17. 1250 words or fewer. Pays $10.

The Puritan is looking for fiction, poems, essays, reviews, and interviews. Deadline for the winter issue is December 25. Pays $15-$50, depending on submission type.

Simian Publishing is seeking submissions for their anthology Apotheosis: Stories of Survival After the Rise of the Elder Gods. 2000-7000 words. Submissions close December 31. Pays $.03/word.

Mocha Memoirs Press is seeking steampunk submissions for Avast Ye Airships!, and anthology. 1500-6000 words. Pays $10 per story. Deadline December 31.

The call is out for the Year's Best Weird Fiction anthology. They are seeking the best of your weird fiction published in 2014. Reprints. Deadline December 31. 17,499 words or less. Pays a minimum of $.01/word and 2 contributor copies.

Darkhouse Books is taking submissions for their anthology of historical fiction. Historical crime and mystery fiction. Deadline December 31. 2500-7500 words. Royalty share.

Infinite Acacia is seeking submissions for their anthology Infinite Urban Fantasy One. 1000-17,500 words. Flash fiction, short stories, novelettes, novellas. Deadline December 31. Pays $.01/word.

Another Dimension Magazine is seeking stories of 1000-3000 words. Horror and dark fantasy. Pays $.03/word. Submissions for Issue 1 close December 31.


The Were-Traveler is holding a Shinigami Stories contest. Some element of the Grim Reaper must be in the story. Flash fiction or short story. First prize is $15. Deadline December 20.

Blue Mountain Arts is holding a Poetry Card Contest. Deadline December 31. First prize $300, plus publication on their site.

Any of these of interest? Anything to share? Publication news? 

May you find your Muse.


Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

Sorry to hear about the rejection. Good for you, though, for limiting the moping then sending the story back out into the world. It will find its home! :)

Unknown said...

So sorry about the rejection. Just keep plugging it and you WILL succeed. ��

Andrew Leon said...

I bet he's not very talkative.

You're supposed to tell people it's your birthday!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm sorry!!
I bet your co-pilot gets some looks...

Maurice Mitchell said...

So sorry Shannon since that's not what you were hoping for but I'll bet Skip is great in the car pool lane.

shelly said...

Aw ... Sorry. Next time. Right?

Anonymous said...

I bet Skip is a great listener. ; ) Thanks for sharing the links. Sorry about the rejection email.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Sorry about your rejection. Good for you get it back out there.

Carrie-Anne said...

My condolences on your rejection. Hopefully you'll soon find exactly the right fit.

klahanie said...

Hi human, Shannon,

Hey the rejection does bring good news. You don't give up and that speaks volumes for your determination.

I see one site is seeking humour aka humor. That leaves my human out, then.

I just wanted to share you are one of my most favouritest bloggers. Arf!

Pawsitive wishes,

Penny :)

Shannon Lawrence said...

Madeline, it was a hard mope to get past. Really thought I had that one. But it's back out there, so we'll see.

Michelle, I will! That was the most interest I'd had in that story, so far, but it means there's something to it.

Andrew, I'm just glad I got the rejection the day before my birthday!

Alex, my co-pilot creates lots of smiles, which I love.

Maurice, ha! People keep telling me he doesn't count. What do they know?

Shelly, I sure hope so.

Susanne, he is, but he gives me some odd looks.

Susan, thanks!

Carrie-Anne, I'd love to find the perfect fit.

Penny, aw, thanks! No humour/humor from your human?