Wednesday, January 4, 2012

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday: A Refreshing Taste From Shoshone Spring

I live a couple minutes from Manitou Springs, which is sort of our local hippie, artist and pagan hangout. The arts are strongly respected in this tiny town, and the views are glorious. For readers and writers, they have some great book stores, and tend to be very willing to work with local writers.

One fun thing to do is to walk around and sample the natural mineral springs. They each have a different mineral makeup, and therefore a different taste. The photo above is of Shoshone Spring. These springs used to be bottled and sold around the country for their health benefits as sparkling table water (some are naturally carbonated). A couple of the springs produce water that is supposed to be super tasty to make lemonade with. I haven't tried it yet, but I think I've figured out one spring that would be fantastic in lemonade. It's just a matter of wandering over when the weather is nice and gathering it up!

HERE's a little article about some of the history, distant and recent, of the mineral springs of Manitou Springs, including a bottle label from 1910.

Ever been to a natural spring? Did you taste it? How was it?

May you find your Muse.


  1. Great picture! I've never been to a natural spring.

    I came over from Alex's blog and am your newest follower. Nice to "meet" you!

  2. Wonderful picture. I've never been to a natural spring before. Now I want to go on a hike!

  3. love the taste of natural spring water

  4. I went swimming in a natural pool once but I can't remember where it was. I do remember it was pretty cool.

  5. We used to visit a natural spring by Palisades State Park near the Mississippi River in northeastern Illinois. There was a spigot and handled pump roadside, and people used to stop all the time with their plastic jugs and fill them up. We'd bring a dozen bottles 1-2 times a year to fill. Now it's closed off, probably for health reasons (understandably). The water was delicious!

  6. I love Manitou Springs! I always try to get down there at least once a year.

    Best. Mexican restaurant. Ever.

  7. A village I used to live in (Sundridge, Ontario) has a natural spring in the heart of town and even though everyone has their own wells, the spring has a steady stream of local people wanting some of its crystal clear water. A real gathering place, where some of the best gossip is shared daily.

  8. Re: your comment - iPhoto isn't too bad, but I've never used it for actually editing pictures (not sure if you even can). Also it takes up more space on your hard drive 'cause it generates thumbnail-sized images. But it's useful for organising your pictures & being able to access them easily.

  9. Manitou Springs sounds like a really cool place! I've been to natural springs but mostly as a child. As a teen I went to hot springs in NZ, but they were located in a river. Oh, and also been to springs in a river in the Canadian winter. hehe

  10. I've been to Hot Springs, AR, but that's not stuff you drink; it's stuff you lay around in.
    Although, I grew up drinking well water, I'm kind of scared, now, of untreated water.

  11. I've never been, but it sounds lovely! Beautiful picture.

  12. Nicole, great to meet you!

    Christine, thank you. It's always a good time for a hike.

    Becca, it's super tasty!

    Liz, I have yet to do that, but plan to in the next few years. We've got plenty of those kinds of springs, as well.

    Dawn, unfortunate that it got shut down (except for there being a good reason, of course).

    SSS, which Mexican restaurant? I haven't been to it.

    Cathy, what a neat sounding place!

    Trisha, there are some located as part of a river here, too (not this city or Manitou, but in Colorado) that I've been looking at. Thanks for the info on iPhoto!

    Andrew, were there snakes in the well water? My mom talked about pulling up the bucket and always finding snakes. Bleuch! I want to go to the kind you lay around in, too. Some day!

    BragonDorn, each fountain is different, and each specially designed by an artist.

    Alyssia, thanks! Manitou is a neat place to hang out in. One thing during the day, another at night. Both are fun.

  13. Never found snakes in the well.
    Although there was this one time with a snake in my boot...
    no, I'm just kidding.