Thursday, June 30, 2011

She Writes Turns 2 and a Few Resources

Happy 2nd birthday to She Writes! They've made some changes to the website, so check it out if you haven't already.

Today's post will be a little more brief than usual. I just wanted to pass along a few things of interest.

The Cancer Poetry Project is taking poem submissions through December 31, 2011. This is the second volume in this collection and submissions will be accepted from patients, survivors, family members, friends, spouses and partners, and healthcare providers. They must have to do with cancer. There will be 150 poems published in this collection, with 12 poets winning a monetary prize, as well as getting to choose a cancer related charity for a donation. This is a worthwhile project and I'd love to see some of you featured!

This link will take you to a list of Pro Market listings in the Horror genre. I don't know how updated it is, but it's a great listing to use as a jumping off point, if nothing else.

Shelly, of Writing With Shelly, is hosting a poetry blogfest in July. Click on her blog name for more information.

Voluted Tales is taking submissions of "stories and artwork which cover the entire spectrum of speculative and Noir fiction in all of of their different genres and sub-genres." Click on "Voluted Tales" above for submission guidelines.

I hope you find something helpful in this post and that you submit something! I am hoping to have some tabs set up sometime in the not too distant future, which will include a helpful links tab. In the meantime, I'll post about it when I see it and get those tabs up when I have time. Time! Hahahahahahahahahahhahahaha gasp hahahahahahhahaha! Okay, okay, it will happen some day.

Any helpful links, blogfests or submission guidelines you know about that would be helpful? Post them here or feel free to post a link to your blog if you have already posted said information.

Happy Writing!


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  2. Wow. I've been hearing so much about poetry this summer. I've joined to do Dan Well's Poetry Summer.

    You can find discussion on Twitter under #PoetrySummer.

  3. Enjoyed the read, I love poetry and it's part of my life now.

    Have a good day.

  4. I don't know of any new stuff, but the charity Cancer Poetry Project sounds incredible. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Nice blog. Thanks for following mine :)

  6. Thanks for the great ideas! The Cancer Poetry Project seems very worthwhile. Hope you finally do get some free time. Julie

  7. Interesting post. So many useful links and so little time to pursue them. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will take part in your post A to Z blogfest just as soon as I've finished an urgent writing project.

    You have an interesting blog here :-)

  8. Donna, thank you for the link!

    Yvonne, you write great poetry!

    Alyssia, it really does. Cancer has been a big part of my life (not in me, but in so many friends and family members).

    Carol, thank you for coming by and for the follow!

    Julie, I imagine if I really did get much free time I'd complain about being bored. Isn't that the way it always works?

    Rosalind, thank you and good luck on your urgent project!

  9. What a great idea to visit A-Z participants! I missed so many...

  10. THanks for the awesome links! And for finishing the A to Z challenge. I need to join in on that, because I think I visited only 300 or so of the 1,000 participants. Great idea to continue!

  11. No, I haven't heard of any upcoming contests, but I'll keep my eyes and ears open!

  12. The Cancer Poetry Project has me thinking. My son has leukemia

    I shall get writing!

  13. thanks for the comment Shannon. I'm afraid life has been hectic recently and I'm way behind with comments. The cancer project sounds like a great idea, I'm definitely interested.

  14. Doreen, thanks! I also missed a ton of blogs, despite trying during the initial challenge.

    Elliot, thanks! I hope there was something useful in there for you.

    Tyrean, thanks! I hope you can participate.

    Samantha, thank you for keeping a lookout!

    JackSamMum, I hope you can find an outlet in the contest. I'll be stopping by with a link I hope will help a little.

    David, I can definitely understand being busy and behind on comments! Thanks for coming by.