Wednesday, July 16, 2014

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday: Refuse to Art & Links

Okay, I lied. No Chihuly pictures from the Fine Arts Center yet, as we didn't get a chance to go. However, I realized I never shared Hillside Gardens photos with you. Perhaps the word "garden" conjures up a certain picture to you, but Hillside is different (though I think they've got flowers in parts of the garden I haven't gone to). Instead, Hillside has an eclectic collection of all things old and antique. There's an antique washing machine graveyard, for instance. I go there on Wednesdays to listen to live music. Pretty cool place. And it looks good in black and white.

Now for some links! These are links to information I have come across, and should not be considered personally recommended. I have done no research, merely passed the information along. Always do your due diligence before submitting to contests or publications.

Accepting Submissions:

Monster Hunter Quarterly is seeking novellas about monsters and the ones seeking them. Pays in royalty shares, and is open until full.

Ruminate Magazine is open to nonfiction and poetry submissions through August 15. They do not take fiction or visual arts due to having open contests, but the next submission period begins August 16. Nonfiction pays $15 per printed page. Poetry pays $15 per poem.

Michael M. Jones is seeking YA urban fantasy stories for the anthology Schoolbooks & Sorcery. 2000-7000 words. Deadline August 15. Payment will start at $.02/word.

Inaccurate Realities is seeking short stories for young adults in all speculative fiction categories. The current them is "monsters" and closes August 15. 2000-5000 words. Pays a token fee of $15-25.

Luna Station Quarterly is seeking speculative fiction. This is a publication for female writers only. 500-7000 words. Winter issue deadline is August 15. Pays a flat $5 fee and a lifetime subscription to the e-magazine.

Fantasy & Science Fiction has a very short window for submissions. The next open submission window will be August 1 through August 15. If you go there now, it says they're closed to submissions, but it will open on the 1st. Up to 10,000 words. Pays $.07-.12/word.

Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly wants your romantic science fiction stories. 1000-7500 words. Cyborg theme. Pays $30. Deadline is August 15 for the current issue.

Noo Journal is seeking your contemporary pieces. Fiction, poetry, visual arts, and literature reviews. Pays in 2 contributor copies. No specific deadline or submission period.

That's Life is seeking humorous, positive contemporary stories of 700-2800 words. Pays $400AUS for the first page (varies for each following page). No specific deadline or submissions period.

Edwin E. Smith Publishing is looking for poetry, essays, short stories, art, and photography. $5 per published page for prose. Pay varies for other types of submissions. No specific deadline or submission period.

Plenitude Magazine is seeking literary writing and graphic narrative by LGBTTQI writers. Pay is to be determined as they work out sponsors. No specific deadline or submission period.

Thanks to Christine Rains for sharing the following: Brilliant Flash Fiction is seeking your flash pieces. 1000 words or less, all genres. No payment at this time, but your work will be considered for a future anthology.

Blog Stuff:

Samantha Redstreake Geary has done it again! Her collaborations inspire creativity and the intermingling of the arts. Her new project is Imagine: Epic Music Inspires. This time, though, it's not just about flash fiction and music. There are multiple related events going on at one time, ranging from steampunk viking flash fiction to t-shirt design, book trailer creation to book cover design. Bring your artistic self to the challenge. Going on now.

Elizabeth Seckman is hosting the Bella's Point Blog Challenge. Taking place July 15-31, she asks that you post something readers want to read. Entries will be judged, and there will be prizes.

Ever been to a place like Hillside Gardens (or heard of one)? Have you been enjoying any live music this summer? Any of these publications of interest? Anything to add?


  1. I love that old school bus, since it probably has tons of great stories.

  2. Rick from American Restoration would dig that place!

  3. What a strange, interesting place. Seems like a place one could spend hours looking around.

  4. I feel we're on the same wavelength. I took some similar photos recently. Yours came out awesome.

  5. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the links.

  6. Hi Shannon,

    What an interesting place. Anything old or antique gets my attention. Looks like an episode of The Antiques Road Show.

    Thanks for the links and blog stuff. Nice to see two of my adoring fans getting a most worthy mention.

    I would like to add that I'm hoping to find my Muse.

    Take care, Shannon.


  7. Some subjects beg for black and white. Yours certainly did. Wonderful images.

  8. Maurice, I bet it does!

    Alex, there is so much more than what I photographed (or posted).

    Susan, definitely! We wandered around, and now I want to take the kiddos.

    Mary, maybe there's something about the summer months?

    Susanne, happy to!

    Gary, you would love this place!

    Lee, thank you! The b/w just seemed right.