Wednesday, June 25, 2014

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - Behind Bars & Links

It being summer, the Littles and I like to go visit some new places every little once in awhile. One of our most recent "field trips" was to the Prison Museum in Canon City. It's actually adjacent to a prison that still runs, and was the female ward for the territorial prison. Believe it or not, this was not my first foray into a prison. My grandpa, a dental surgeon, worked in a prison sometimes, and he took me with him at least once that I remember. I got to eat in the cafeteria when I was about six or so. What stuck out most to me was that he poured milk over his cake. Yes, I was so disgusted by that, that it's all I remember of eating in a prison other than the trays and the noise.

The entrance to the museum/ex women's ward.

One of the guard towers. See that razor wire? On the other side of that wall are the real convicts.

The gas chamber, which they disassembled, moved out of the prison, and reassembled outside the women's ward.

A movie filmed in the prison about a real prison break from there. Note the slogan!

This probably amuses me more than it should. The iron horse was for prisoners to lean over for...corporal punishment?

Now for some links.

Accepting Submissions:

The current fall submission window for Jamais Vu closes July 15. Horror and thriller. Pays $.05/word. Short fiction, book & film reviews, poetry, and non-fiction.

Lamplight's fall reading period ends July 15. Pays a flat fee of $150 for short fiction, $50 for flash. Dark fiction.

Horrified Press has an anthology call out with the theme We Come in Peace. 1000-6000 words (flash or short fiction). Deadline July 15. Pays in royalties. Also closing July 15 is an anthology with the theme Biohazard--same requirements/details as above.

The Bearded Scribe Press is seeking submissions for their first anthology, Twice Upon a Time. They're looking for twisted fairy tales (see list for those already covered). Will pay royalties and a copy of the book. Deadline July 15.

Mystery & Horror, LLC has two anthology calls out with deadlines of July 15. One is History & Horror, Oh My! and the other is History & Mystery, Oh My! They want it to have taken place at least 50 years in the past and to be historically accurate. Up to 8000 words. $5 advance, plus royalties.

Cleis Press is seeking stories for their anthology, In Vikings' Arms: Erotic Romance for Women. Historical erotica. Deadline July 15. Pays $50 and 2 copies of the book.

FireGoat Fantastic Tales is seeking fairy tales, folklore, fables, and speculative fiction. Current deadline July 15. Pays $10 per story. 500-5000 words.

Belladonna Publishing is seeking stories for their anthology Strange Little Girls. Deadline July 15. Pays $120 flat fee, plus 2 hard copies of the book and 1 e-book copy. 2000-8000 words.

Tethered by Letters has multiple publications seeking seeking all manner of things. Noteworthy: Short stories, first chapters, and screenplays. Published online, with possibility of being in the annual anthology. The Bolide: flash fiction. Tethered Tidings: celebrity author interviews. The Phantom Script: poetry. Collective Perspective: community writing project. Always open for submissions. Payment unknown. They also have a contest with a deadline of July 15. $10 entry fee. $400 first prize.


Mash Stories has a quarterly writing contest. Current deadline is July 15. 500 words written to a prompt. No submission fee. Winner receives $100, publication on the website, a podcast made from your story, and publication in their magazine. No entry fee. The current three words are monkey, cathedral, and relativity.

Any of these of interest? Anything to share? Publication news? Ever visited a prison? 

May you find your Muse.


  1. Hi, Shannon. I like to eat my cake with milk poured over it. I've been doing it for as long as I can remember. My son likes to eat it that way too. : )

  2. Old prisons are so spooky. Even new ones look creepy from the outside. Thanks for the links. I've been sharing them with my daughter.

  3. I don't think I have any desire to visit even a decommissioned prison. Superstitious about ending up in one someday! Interesting post.

  4. I wanted to see our BC Pen before it was torn down, but hubs didn't. There are houses over that site now and I always imagine a 'Poltergeist' happening there. . .from all those deaths.

    There were a few uprisings in The Pen:

    Old prisons are interesting. My uncle showed us an electric chair when he was a member of the police force. (in the States) creepy but interesting for a writer.

  5. Bet there were no naked women escaping though.
    Funny the main thing you remember is milk over cake.

  6. Susanne, I've since met lots of people who prefer it that way, but that was my first ever time seeing it. (I still can't do it, but I don't find it so disturbing 30 years later, haha)

    Susan, there is most assuredly nothing lovely about prisons!

    Jan, when my kids learned there were real prisoners next door, they were freaked out.

    D.G., definitely interesting! I want to visit the prison of all prisons, Alcatraz (of course, I say that and I only live about an hour north of the Supermax where terrorists are kept, which I am not enthused about.)

    Alex, as far as I know, there were no naked women escaping. Ha!

    Andrew, will it fit in with your decor? :p

  7. Fabulous idea for a museum. That gas chamber is scary. Thanks for the links.

  8. The "Naked Fury!" That gas chamber is chilling, but you obviously have some powerful memories of that place.

  9. Donna, it did make for an interesting museum. There's a lot of history in our prisons.

    Maurice, don't you love the absolute drama of that poster?