Monday, June 16, 2014

Denver Comic Con

First, Happy Father's Day (Belated) to all you dads out there!

We happened across passes to the Denver Comic Con, so we got to go on Sunday for Father's Day. Alright, we didn't happen on them laying on a path out in the woods or anything, but a friend couldn't go for the third day and had a full weekend pass, so we got to use his family's passes. Yay!

I've never been to a comic con before, so this was another new experience. We took the Littles with us, and we didn't go into any panels. We just wandered around to see what a con was all about. I am also entirely unwilling to spend money to get an autograph or photo with someone, so we gazed from afar at Bruce Campbell (his line was INSANE), Lou Ferrigno, Edward James Olmos, Michael Rooker, etc. A bunch of Next Generation and other Star Trek cast members were there, but their spots were abandoned, so I'm thinking there was a Star Trek panel going on somewhere at the same time. So the Hubster didn't get to see any ST folks.

I tried to find James O'Barr's table (creator of The Crow comic, among others.) We never found it, though. I don't read comics, but I'm a Crow fan, so had hoped to get a comic. Even better if I'd gotten it signed. Ah well.

There were some great costumes, and it was interesting to see. There were way too many people there for me, and this was the final day, so I'm thinking it was probably much crazier the day before. I was tempted by a Cheshire Cat painting, but knew it wouldn't be affordable (it was part of such a cool series of paintings, though!)

I didn't get many pictures. Just some of various famous car replicas they had, which I'll try to post on Wednesday. I tried to get a pic of Adam West over people's heads, but it just looks like a guy with white hair far away on a stage (I only took my wide angle lens, not any zoom lenses, so was out of luck). 

It's pretty expensive to go to a comic con. Not sure I'd ever pay to go there, but I'm glad I got to experience it. Mile Hi Con, the one I go to in October each year, really does seem to be a little bit of a mid-point between a full blown writer's conference and a comic con. I think I'll stick to that one. Much cheaper and writer-geared. I wouldn't complain if Bruce Campbell showed up, though. 

Have you been to a comic con? Are you a comics fan? Walking Dead? Star Trek? Bruce Campbell?

May you find your Muse.


  1. Bummer you couldn't find O'Barr's table.
    I wouldn't pay and stand in line for Bruce Campbell's autograph either, although the dude does rock.
    I've been to a couple Star Trek conventions. They're a unique experience!

  2. I would love to go to a comic con someday. My significant other and I wanted to try for tickets for the San Diego event this year, but that didn't work out. It's on the list of things to do next year, though.

    It sounds so awesome. I do love Bruce Campbell. And the Walking Dead. And Edward James Olmos—although I would have called him Admiral Adama the whole time.

    The Mile-Hi Con sounds very cool.

  3. I've still never been to a Comic Con. Brandon's been to plenty, and apparently Lou Ferrigno is a bit of a jerk. Or so he says. Next year we actually want to rent a booth and be a part of the action. A ton of people, yes, but still sounds like fun.

  4. I haven't been to a comic con but it's on my bucket list. Too many people I'd like to see to list.

  5. I have some Crow comics somewhere.
    I haven't been to a con in more than a decade. I like Campbell a lot but probably not enough to wait in a huge line like that.

  6. Writer's conferences vary and a Comic Con is mainly to celebrate comics and all the permutations of that. A writing conference concentrates on the writers. It's a good idea to research the differences.

    I prefer writing conferences, rather than comic-cons but my crit partner in Florida loves them.

  7. I keep hearing about the fab time everyone has at comic con, but I haven't gone to one yet.

  8. Hey Shannon,

    I've never heard of such a thing. Sounds fascinating. I tried to be a naked funny guy. Made for a terrible um, comic strip.

    Ignore me, Shannon.


  9. Sounds like a fun experience I'd like to have maybe once.

  10. I've never been to one either. With the way I'm scheduled at work, it's almost impossible to do anything.