Wednesday, November 13, 2013

[Mostly] Wordless Wednesday - I Von' to Suck Your Blood & Links

I took the kids to Bent's Old Fort, a trade fort set up in south-eastern Colorado in the 1800's. I got some photos of the fort and the area around it, but I felt like sharing the leeches with I did! Of course, the original burned down and this is a re-vamp, but it was made from measurements a man had taken before, so they tried to rebuild the fort as lose to the original as possible. In one little cabinet in one little room on the second floor, there was a lovely container marked "LEECHES." You've gotta' be able to cleanse the humors and whatnot.

Before we get to the links, I'd like to thank E.J. Wesley and Roland Yeomans for e-books I won recently. Can't wait to read them! From E.J. I got a copy of the "Death by Drive-in" anthology. From Roland, I got "Her Bones Are in the Badlands."

Now for some links. (Please bear in mind that I am not personally vetting any of the following. I find information and pass it along. Always due your due diligence and research a possible publication or contest before submitting.)

Accepting Submissions:

An open audition is being held for travel writers by Great Escape Publishing and International Living. No experience necessary.

Match Books is taking submissions for their Fantasy Anthology: Urban Legends. They're looking for kick-ass female protagonists. Deadline December 6, short stories. Pay unknown.

The Head & The Hand Press is accepting submissions for multiple publications. For Asteroid Belt Almanac, they're looking for short fiction, narrative non-fiction, and visual art. Pay unknown. Deadline December 13. The Breadbox Chapbook Series is open to literary fiction and non-fiction essays of a certain length. Ongoing. They also take manuscript submissions.


Spark is holding a contest with the theme "Winter." Either poetry or prose. $500 1st place prize, one for each category. No entry fee. Deadline is midnight, December 2.

Zizek Press is holding an ongoing contest for fiction and non-fiction, as well as a Bad Fiction Contest with the deadline December 10. Cash prizes.

Harper's Bazaar is holding a short story competition. Their theme is "Spring," and the deadline is December 13. The winner will get to choose an antique book and spend a week on a private island.

Blog Hops:

M.J. Joachim and Tina Downey have put together The Holiday Food Drive Blogfest. November 18-20 blog about a local food bank or charity to bring attention to them. Donate or do something to help them and let your fellow hoppers know what you did.

Julie Flanders and Lexa Cain are holding the Dream Destination Blog Hop December 5-8. Just post about where you would travel if you could go anywhere in the world.

Any of these of interest to you? Anything to share? Ever shared a pond with leeches (I have)?

May you find your Muse.


  1. Thanks for mentioning our Hop! And I'm happy to say I've never shared a pond with leeches, LOL.

  2. Leeches are nightmarish things. I can't believe people ever believed they would make them feel better.

  3. I have hated leeches since I saw African Queen. Bloodsuckers are gross (ticks, etc)

    I won a audiobook of Roland Yeoman's too, and I'm really enjoying it! I like the way the characters lives thread and intertwine through several novels.

  4. Thanks for the mention, Shannon and D.G. No leeches for me, please! The doctors killed George Washington with those things, trying to "make him better!" :-)

  5. Can't participate. Leeches? Yes, I have been in ponds with miserable leeches. Worthy of a squeaky scream.

  6. EJ and Roland rock. :)

    And thanks for mentioning all these fun events and providing the links--it's so nice and fun and helpful!

  7. Thank you for the links.

    Hugs and chocolate!

  8. Now I'll have nightmares about leeches! Thanks for all of the links Shannon!


  9. Oh, right, leeches live in ponds. Let's just further add to my fear of the water, why don't you.

  10. Leeches-- shivers. But weren't they considered of medicinal use at one time? Blech. Thanks for the links.

  11. Demi Moore said she used leeches in Australia as part of a cleanse, but they'd have to tie me down for that.

  12. Eeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuw, leeches! ::shudders::

    Mind you, my middle-aged brain seems to recall reading an article about leeches being let loose on arthritic joints, as something excreted in their...uh...saliva was it? Anyway, something they excreted in the sucking process helped alleviate the pain of arthritis sufferers. Or something. I'm probably making that up, so just ignore me. :-)

  13. I like Joachim and Downey's drive. I'm filling a box of donations for the local Methodist church pantry.

  14. Thanks so much for advertising our hop! We really appreciate it.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  15. Julie, lucky you, lol! I have, blech.

    Susan, that and bleeding people out to heal them. Yikes!

    D.G., I'm glad it's good! I've got to finish two books I'm currently reading and then I'll read Roland's and E.J.'s. Can't wait! And I'd forgotten that scene. I always think of Stand By Me when I think of leeches.

    Roland, glad to! Thank you for the book.

    Susan, no doubt. I think back to what all I swam with in Maryland and consider having nightmares about it.

    Morgan, they do! And I'm happy to.

    Shelly, back at ya' with hugs and chocolate!

    Julie, nah, the ones I've seen were way smaller than in the movies.

    B&B, haha. Well, maybe not in Colorado? I've only dealt with them in Maryland.

    Julie, they were! I think that's what the jar must have been about, though I never associated them with wild west history. Makes me want to look into that a bit. Maybe someone was just amused by it and wanted to put it in there?

    Maurice, ew, no! I hadn't heard of that. On purpose!?

    Mina, that's worth looking into out of curiosity. Maybe they really do have some healing properties. Still...ew.

    John, that's wonderful! I hope to give to Care and Share. They've had their hands full with helping fire and flood victims on top of those who are poor, homeless, disabled, and our military who need help.

    Tina, of course!

  16. Leeches. Now THERE'S health care we can all believe in.

  17. Yuck, leeches. Thanks for all the info and links!

  18. Al, you betcha'!

    Kimberly, glad to share! Leeches and info. ;)